Monday, March 31, 2008

ManCat Monday

Since each of us is blessed with only one life, why not live it with a cat? - Robert Stearns
Why not indeed! You know we cats are good for you. Pet owners live longer, we help keep your blood pressure down and all of that good stuff.

Mum spend a lot of time playing with the washing machine this weekend. She said it was time to rotate the clothes from one closet to another, plus get everything clean. Nice pretty colored clothes that make you think of spring and flowers. She sorted through stuff too and put some of into bags to go away. Otherwise the closet would be stuffed!

Mum watched bracketball over the weekend while she helped me read through blogs. Our Whiskerconsin team gotted beat, so now we are just watching for fun.

Good news that both Miral and Momo are beginning to feel better. Continuing purrs for full recoveries.

One of our old furiends, Kukka-Maria is back to posting. She faded away last summer and many of us have missed her pithy social commentary! If you haven't met Kukka before, go over and check out her archive of old posts.


Cat Friends Helping Friends is going to be a real 501(c)(3)charity!!!! Yipee this is good news for lots of reasons. One hopefully we can raise more green papers to help kitties, but now when your beans give green papers they would be able to deduct this on their yearly green paper taxes! Mum says to be official you only can deduct if you itemized your stuff. But you probably already new that!

To help raise money to get this started their is a contest to name the kittie on the logo! So go over to the website and check it out. For 2 green papers you get a chance to propose a name for the kittie in the logo. You can suggest more than one name, but each suggestion will cost ya 2 green papers.

I could think of lots of names, but mum says I can't play! Bummer and why not? 'Cuz mum says we are part of the board of the new group. But we will have a vote for the final name. Plus by being on the board that means we get to help out making decisions!

So go right over and check it out!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Balance in your life is important. Do no roll off the couch by mistake.
Not to worry I didn't fall off the couch. Mum says it would be like her falling out of bed. Doesn't happen as you know you are near the edge.

Continuing purrs for all of our furiends who are not feeling well. Momo and Miral.
Mum was a little better coming home from work but kept saying, "one more day". Yep it is Friday and the weekend. I guess I will have to do lots of purring and snuggling her to get her all happy. I know she was happy as the weather guy was wrong, we didn't get any snow at our house. Mum says yippee for that.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MidWeek Musings

We need a miracle for Miral. Everyone purr!
Thankfully our big snow from last week is going away furry fast. Mum happy that it is going away, although the talky box guy is saying we will get more on Thursday. But mum says only a little bit!
Mum came home tonight all crabilated, muttering things about work, most of which I dare not repeat. I had my paws full purring at her to make her happy. But after I did my majic she felt better. Plus she just kept saying "Two more days."

The gang at Forty Paws commented about my frozen gull bird. He is always there, always frozen. He never flies away. Mum says it sort of looks like he is sitting on top of a post of a dock on the water, cept we have no water pond here. Someday when mum remodels the front flower beds, this thing will go bye-bye. Mum has fun with it and puts its feets backwards! If you biggify the picture you can see this.
Here you can see our little bird guy covered with snow during one of our many storms this year.
Plus we have had some nice days, sunny, a bit warmer. So mum comes home and opens the kitchen window for me. Thanks mum.

Monday, March 24, 2008

ManCat Monday

The cat sees through shut eyes. - English SayingUpside down too if needed.

Mum and I had a good Easter. She didn't have to get up early which was nice, then she left to get Grampie and go to church. Then they came home for lunch. She fixed some roast beast and I got a little bit too!

Then they relaxed and watched some bracket ball. Mum is happy as the Whiskerconsin team will still be playing next weekend. Keeping paws crossed that they continue to do good.

Plus yesterday we had lots of sun and melty temperatures. But in the evening the white stuff stared falling from the sky again. Mum was ready to say cross words.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

For those of you who do not know how they pick the date when Easter falls, mum says it goes as follows.

The first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the first full day of spring. Easter can fall from March 22 through April 25. It is rarely this early in March. It won't be this early again for a furry long time. Easter of 2035 as a matter of fact, I don't think I will be around!

But I looked back to last year when Easter was in April. We again had snow and cold and Easter was nearly two weeks later. Here are my linkies to post last year showing our terrible cold we had last year. April 7 and April 11 It was the middle of April before we got rid of our snow. Actually it was gone in March, then all of a sudden we got cold and snow again.

Here are pictures from Saturday morning of the snow piles and the yard. Mum says the snow piles off the patio are about the same height as they were back in February after the big snow.
I hope this is it for this year. As of now at the official measuring station this is the second snowiest winter season in Milwaukee. Mum says that with the sun being higher in the sky and the longer days helps melt the stuff faster. Even today she said it was getting nice and melty in places. Just harder to tell.

Everyone have a good Easter Day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It may say spring by the calendar but you wouldn't know it by the look of of our yard. Remember those nice pictures I showed you yesterday how nicely our snow melted? Well the snow is all back! Mum says we have gotten 12 inches of snow so far when she was outside last about 6 PM. Plus it is still snowing.

Our last big snow storm came on Ash Wednesday and today's storm is on Good Friday. What a way to bookend Lent! Lots of churches canceled their services. Mum and Grampie decided since it was so nasty out to just stay home and be safe.

Front yard at 9 AM, then 3 PM, then 6 PM.
Patio back of the house at 9 AM, then 3 PM, then 6 PM.

We had all sorts of birdies around eating our foods today, so the party was in my yard. The little guys on the ground, robins in the tree eating the left over crab apples and brown headed cowbirds at the one feeder. These last two birdies have come north already, I don't think they expected such a storm. At one point mum saw three robins in the tree eating the left over little crab apples.
Smudge made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. He was just a young cat of 2 and his family misses him furry much. Godspeed Smudge.

I got tagged for the middle name meme by
Captain Jack and Sir Dante, also by Chance for the Middle Name Meme.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.
2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name).
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

Hmmm, now what is my middle name? I guess it is SASSY!

S = Sexy. 'nuf said!

A= Athletic. I can jump and race around the house. I am a thundering herd of elephants all on my own.

S = Soft, my furs that is.

S = Sophisticated. At least I think so.

Y = Young. Hey I am only four. That is just a really young, when you think that some of our revered catizens are over 15 years old.

I am going to skip tagging anycat. Play if you want to. I am going to go nap and hope that the snow goes away (again) really soon! I want the windows open and nice weather is here all the time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Enjoy your playthings. Turn them into new toys by moving them in unusual ways.
I turned my tunnel of tents on the side when I was playing with them. So mum just left them like this for a few days. Eventually I pushed them down myself by playing with them even more.

It has been nice as mum has been home Thursday and Friday. She took a few days off from work. She took Grampie to his doctor report and his doctor says he is doing fine after being in the hospital last week.

This is what our yard looked like on Thursday between 5-6 PM. Nice and sunny, the snow piles are going away.
We are supposed to get lots of snow during the day on Friday. Mum is glad she won't have to drive to work. Mum is also spending time watching bracket ball on the moving picture box. We have to keep track of the Whiskerconsin teams that are playing. Both of them won today so they will play again on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A New Sleeping Spot

Hehehe. I had mum all crazy the other day. She always likes to know where I am before she leaves for work and she couldn't find me. Well I found a new place to snooze.
This is a basket that mum puts paper into after she runs it through the confetti machine! It is soft and snuggly in this basket.
Just let me snooze will ya? I will see you when you get home from work!

Mum's green fingers are a little suspect. She made me some grass since I was chewing on the flowers she got. But will all of the excitement last week with Grampie she forgot about the stuff. So this doesn't look all that great.

But mum brought it out and put it where it got some light and it turned green and now she will let me nibble on it. Guess I had my green stuff to eat for St Patty's day this week.
I had a great time at all of the parties, but mum is again spending her nights talking with the other side of the world. But she says soon she won't have to do that any more. That will be nice, then she can devote all of her attention to me when she is home in the evening.

Monday, March 17, 2008

ManCat Monday

Nature breaks through the eyes of the cat. - Irish ProverbHappy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Partake of green foods and beverages as you see fit.

I got a box last week from Siamese Rescue, I didn't rescue any meezers but it was my pressie for winning third place in the Siamese Spring contest. Thank you Kaze, Latte and Chase. I loves what you sent.
I attacked the pink thing first. I didn't even give mum a chance to get it off the card!
More signs of spring. The birdies are acting all crazy. You see them flying and chasing each other, and this morning we had two male cardinals fussing over one female! They are singing like crazy too they are as happy as the rest of us that spring is coming.

Mum is working way too hard again. She is up late talking with the other side of the world, she should be playing with me.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alaxing Saturday

It has been a nice quiet day here. Mum did a little shopping in the morning buying herself a few new springy clothes.

Spring is really coming, we can see the grass in front of the house again! It has been hiding for the longest time. Mum says she should put the springy wreath up on the door! Just do it mum.
Then mum looked in front of the house and she saw that the tulips are starting to push their way up from the warmth of the house.
This is the big pile of snow in the back of the house is getting smaller but this is the last bit of snow that disappears each year as it doesn't get much sun on it. Mum says it is half as high as it used to be a few weeks ago.
Grampie gets a little better each day. Mum calls him every morning and evening to check on him, but he says he is feeling more normal. So thanks to all who purred for him.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Funky Fang Shui Friday

Beware of super powers that you might have. Flying is best left to the birds.
First thank you to all of the Cat Blogosphere who purred for Grampie. It worked, he is back home. They had to give him medicine to get his inside all working right again. Then slowly get him back to eating real foods.

Mum would get up early and work, go to the bean hospital, come home and work, go to the bean hospital, come home to work, then go to bed. I think she will be happy the weekend will be here real soon.

Second thing, it was nice enough that mum could open the window for a bit. It was so nice to smell the outside again.
Because it was so nice to open the windows it was all melty. There are a few patches where you can begin to see the grass again in spots. Plus the people across the street were outside playing catch in the street. Mum even went outside without her coat on to check on things. Maybe spring will finally get here!

Belated Happy Purrthday to Uncle Stormy in OK. His purrthday was yesterday.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Purrs Needed

Mum has been gone soooo much the past few days. Yesterday she went to work but didn't home home until way after dark time. Then today she went to work but came home early, worked for a while then called Grampie and left.

So here is why we need purrs. Grampie is not feeling well. Mum took him to the ER yesterday, they did all sorts of test, found nothing and sent him home. Which meant mum came home after midnight. Today mum is home earlier but they decided to keep Grampie in the bean healing place.

So what's wrong? Mum says nothing that couldn't be fixed if he could let out a few good poots! Mum says his belly is like a big balloon and it is painful for him. Mum says she's gotta get some sleeps tonight.

Thanks for purring for Grampie everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2008

ManCat Monday

Cats are designated friends. - Norman Corwin Yep, me and mum are furiends. I am sitting next to her while she looks are her newsy paper. Waiting for her to give me a few treats! But like all furiends, we need our space. So sometimes I will be in one room and she will be in a different one! Sometimes we snuggle.

I didn't get the call to go stork hunting from
Ramses, he was too busy kitten gazing, but Isis did have her kittens over the weekend. Mom and babies are all doing well so far.

I didn't win the Big Gizzy Quilt, bummer. But hey it was for a good cause for Project HAM. Concatulations to Mary Kay M on winning and thanks to all who entered to help out our Meezer furiends and Bill the GingerSnap too.

Simply Spring contest. I made the top 10 in the Simply Spring Contest, which, with all of the entries made me furry happy, thank you for your votes to get me into the top ten.

Then the judges gotted involved and picked me for third place after
Baby Mao and Dorydoo. Thankfully one of the judges appreciates the long snowy winter we have been having and related to my plight of white this winter.

Mum finally threw the flowers out yesterday. I knocked them over twice yesterday and they were beginning to fall apart.
Mum will not be buying any more fresh flowers anytime soon. Bummer for me! Guess I will just have to knock the fake ones on the floor instead. Bye flowers, it was fun to have you around for a few weeks. The official talky box weather guy said tonight that we have had 84 out of 100 days since December 1 with one or more inches of snow on the ground. This is the forth snowiest winter on record around here.

The past few storms have missed us, thankfully, but some of our furiends on Ohio and other places got lots of snow, so they know what I have been dealing with for the past few months. It is supposed to be a bit melty here this week. Yay, some of this white stuff will go away.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stork Hunting Squad

I am joining Ramses and other kitties to catch the stork or storks when Isis has her little kitties sometime in the next few days. I am ready to teleport at a moments notice to help the gang catch these big fevvers.

VOTE FOR ME! Simply Spring Siamese Contest

Voting is allowed through today, Saturday March 8. To vote, click on the link above to the Simply Spring Siamese Contest. Leave your vote in the comments. They are deleting comments so you don't know who has voted for whom or how many votes anyone has. Winner to be announced on Sunday. Tomorrow Darling Millie's mum will announce the winner of the big Gizzy Quilt auction for Project HAM. You still have time to buy your tickets to the auction. I've got my tickets purchased, I have crossed paws that I win.