Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Honor and Remembrance to all who have served our country.
Thank you.

ManCat Monday will return next week. We have had a quiet weekend so far. Mum has done some work outside and Grampie was over yesterday to again, just sit outside. The hots were here on Sunday, mum turned on the AC for us to stay cool.

Today mum and Grampie will be doing the purrade, pictures to follow. Everyone continue having a safe holiday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This and That

OK, so I got scolded by the lady. She still loves me and unlike Derby, I don't go yakking up all over the place which mum has to clear up. So there.

Stuff that happened during the past week that we haven't talked about. I am sitting in the window as I had been snoopervising the lady doing stuff outside. I can do a good job snoopervising, the outside looks good.
Our hummer birds are back. The lady has no pictures but we saw them zipping around the feeder.

Tuesday night / early Wednesday AM, we had bandits. Two very large bandits. We were both in the sleepy room window making noises. The lady got out of bed and looked out too and noticed a dark figure in the back yard. She wented and turned on the lights and then we could clearly see two raccoons raiding the Oriole feeder of its jelly! It has been knocked down alot and now we have proof. The lady has moved the feeder slightly to put it farther out on the tree branch which might not support the raccoons weight. The feeder has stayed up since the lady moved it.

The flowers that the lady planted last weekend are doing OK. No new pictures right now but we do have pictures of other flowers.
The pee-o-knees are opening. The white one is the first to openup.
The allium near the pee-o-knee.
Alien head flowers, oh the lady say these are the poppies and the flower hasn't opened yet.
The red pee-o-knee getting ready to open.
The roses opening up too, cute little pink flowers.

Happy weekend, plus we get an extra day with the lady this weekend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He's Not Purrfect!

Yeah, the little runt got yelled at this morning. OK, mum didn't actually yell, but she was not happy with Ducky.

Just after she got up, the runt jumped up on the sleepy room's window perch and started chewing on the sticky strips that hold the curtins back. Mum said no don't chew on that and moved it around so the ends weren't sticking out at him.
Then he started chewing on the curtin. That got him a big "NO DUCKY" from mum. Then he ranned off. I feel good about this, cuz at times it seems he could do nothing to upset mum. Now he has. Yeah, this is good.

Monday, May 24, 2010

ManCat Monday

A creature that never cries over spilt milk: a cat. - Evan Esar

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It got all hots here this weekend. Mum keeps the windows open so we get to enjoy the hots. She doesn't like to run the house chiller on the first warm day of the year.

Since it was such a nice day mum went and got Grampie and all they did was sit in the backyard in the shade. Then they had a quick bite to eat and then she took him back home. Then she found Ducky and I just chillaxin' by the big windows that go to the floor.

Recently Ducky decided I needed a massage. It wasn't a bad job by the little runt.

Mum got all of her planting done, so now she just needs to water and wait for all the pretty flowers.

I got all cuddley and purry with mum last night. She had just gotten out of the shower and was air drying in front of the fan. So I jumped up and the bed and head bonked her. I got lots and lots of cuddles and scritches. See, I can be all lovely like the runt.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Purrthday ML

We loves you ML for all you do for us kitties on the CB. Plus keeping your own Sherwood Bunch happy. Have a wonderful purrthday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Prez Needs a Cat

See that little four legged creature in front of the podium? Yep, the White House needs our help kitties! Let's go! Biggify the picture if you need to or go to the real story.

I know Ayla and Iza would be happy to get there quickly, they are good hunters and live close!

In other weekend news, mum did more pots and plants last night.
Getting the stuff sorted out for what goes in each planter, plus what you don't see is the plants she had left from the other night.
Two fancy pots by each side of the metal monster room door. She was going to by the cheap geraniums, then she saw these and decided to go all out. Bought the spikey things and all.
Two more hanging baskets with pet-unias in them but no flowers yet.
Another pot of impatience, plus another one that went in the back she didn't take a picture of, and now she needs to go plant the purr-ennials she bought. But she better get dressed first, she would look funny planting in her PJ's!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Weekend

Well the flashy box isn't totally broken, it works outside, which leaves us alone. She has been busy outside, using the grass eating monster, going out and buying flowers and planting them.
The stuff sitting in the metal monster room waiting for mum to get them planted.
It's Virginger and PHE (Phat Flower Eric) keeping watch on the front porch.
One hanging basket done
PHE full of flowers and with a dirty face. Boxes on the porch rail done.
The big planter in the front done.
Gosh mum you do get dirty when you work outside. Good thing you wash up well and the neither Ducky or I have to clean you up.
Mum found an empty robin's egg shell when she was using the grass eating monster. I of course was snoopervising at all times. Get it right lady, things have to look good.
Ducky was off playing under the couch. He needs more work on his snoopervising duties around here.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Broked the Flashy Box

Mum got this one shot, then the flashy box wouldn't take any more pictures! Hehehe. Well at least until she got the battery charge, at which point it took one picture with a flashy. heheheh. She ordered a new battery on line tonight. So we may get a couple of days of few pictures.

So I was just doing best to squish the runt, maybe clean his ears out too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mini ManCat Monday

If you want to write, keep cats. - Aldous Huxley

Well the lady abandoned us again this weekend. I miss her so when she is not here, no feets to pounce on in the bed at night, no lady to sleep on either.
See how I like to lay on her, gotta cuddle at night with the lady. Sometimes I even get under the blankie and snuggle with her.

But when she got home she had foods. Both Derby and I got some lamb that was in somethin mum called a gyro. Then she had some long warm sticks of potato. I kept trying to paw one out of the little package, so the lady gave me one. I whapped it around, then knocked it on the floor, jumped down and ate it. So then the lady gave me another. Derby was there, but he didn't want any part of if.

Thanks for all of your comments on the ASPCA and SPCA, you are probably right on the relationship. The best thing we can get the lady to do is donate local! She does, she gives green papers to our shelter.
She bought a brick for Derby, you can see it ablove, and she says she will do one for me too soon. The Plus for Derby's comment-a-thon for his purrthday she donated green papers to get a special traveling shelter carrier. Sometimes she just gives green papers for no specific reason, like helping to make the shelter better like the new kitties rooms.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Weekend

Well we all made it to Friday night. Mum came home from work, changed clothes and went right back outside. She had to drag all of the tree pruning to the street so they will pick it up next week. She says she won't have time to do it the rest of the weekend.

OK we has a question for all of you guys. Mum got two requests for green papers in the mail. One for the ASCPA and one for the SPCA. The first one we know, the second one not so much. Mum likes to help but also wants to make sure she sends her hard earned green papers do the most work. So what do you guys know about the SPCA? Mum has read the website stuff, but has anyone sent them green papers or dealt with them?
More ear washing for Ducky by me, followed by some more wrassling. Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nap Time

It is cold, it is rainy. It is a great time to nap. Or maybe a little friendly, grooming and wrassing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

ManCat Monday

Cats are the tigers of us poor devils. - Theophile Gautier

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I certainly hope that you purred nice for your mum's. We were good for mum, we didn't fight, at least not too much. No yakking etc. When we woke mum up she even thought of our kittie mum's, thanking them for having us. Faint memories for both Ducky and I, mum was happy we were here.
Mum did get a picture of us both snuggling with Mr Bear. We stay on seperate sides of the bear so then we don't fight!

Mum did lots of cleaning on Caturday and when she sat down for a few minutes and looked outside this is what she saw, Mr Oriole!
He is back along with Mrs Oriole and visited several times on Caturday and came back on Sunday. Grampie was here on Sunday so he got to see Mr Oriole too. The Wren's are back too.

Mum and Grampie spent most of the day outside sitting in what sun we had. Mum also used the grass eating monster for a bit, but didn't do the back so that Grampie didn't have to move from sitting in the sun.

Thanks for all of the Gotcha Day wishes. I had a good day and got a dish of stinky goodness to munch on as a special treat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Gotcha Day - Five Years On

Gosh how time has gone by. It was 5 years ago on May 7 that mum came to the shelter to get me and bring me home.
This picture was my mug shot from the shelter website. Helped mum to fall in love with me.

If you would like to read my full Gotcha story, you can go here, here, here and here! You have four chapters to read!

So there is lots of stuff left over from my Derby Day party, so come on over and let's cellybrate some more.

Happy Weekend and Happy Mum's Day on Sunday to all of the mum's out their, if you are a mum to a bean, a cat mum, or both. Thanks for being their for us 'kids'.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost Wordless Wedneday

Happy May the 5th. Stinko De Mayo or something like that We don't do Spanish furry well!

We will be making the rounds to the parties!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini-ManCat Monday

Cats are so sleek and perfectly groomed, they can make one feel a little ashamed of one's appearance sometimes. - Author Unknown

Yeah, shape up lady. Although overall you probably aren't the worst dressed cat lady in the world. Your clothes are clean and you bathe.

However this cold/sinus/whatever is affecting your brain. My name is not Derky! That is what you called my Caturday night when you were letting me out of the closet. Derby and I do not look at all alike, other than both being feline. Sheesh.

On Sunday the lady took us outside in the little enclosure. At first we were both in it, Derby did not like that so he got sent inside. After a bit the lady changed places. At the end when I am inside the big windows, you can here me squeak!

The lady did mow the lawn on Sunday before she took us outside. Made her tired and cough lots. She had to rest and drink stuff so she could finish.
Here is our pink confetti tree, the crabby apple one. All in full bloom about 2 weeks earlier than it has ever bloomed. The lady checked last year and it didn't really bloom until May 15 last year. She looked a posts from past years, at this time some of the 'early' flowers were just starting to bloom like the hi-ya-cynths.
Close up of the pretty flowers.

Plus thanks to all who stopped over on Caturday for the horsies races. We did have fun, we even got in a bit of THoE, we can show those thoroughbreds how to run! But I don't want to run in the mud! Too much bath time required to get all clean again.

Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby Day

Yep, it is my day and the day they get horsies to chace around for roses. So come on over. lots of good foods, treats and furiends.

For the adult kitties we have catmint juleps, for the younger set, mint milk shakes or tuna jooce. Then foods and foods and foods. Ham, real live dead shrimps, turkey, chick-hen, roast beast. If you have any other requests, just let the wait staff know.

Then we will watch the horsies run fast. I love having this day to share with my furiends each yearr, just to hang out and have fun.
Happy Derby Day!