Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hi, Virginger here and welcome to Garden Thursday.  The summer has come to and end, the days are getting shorter.

We have a grape arbor, that normally mum just leaves along. It provides a screen between us and one of the neighbors. Mum doesn't worry about the grapes but this year someone asked about getting the grapes to make jelly. 

 Mum said fine and let her know that the grapes were getting all ripe and to come get them. But she couldn't get here and the fevvers, chippies ated them all gone!
Just one or two left when mum took the pictures. Her furiend said, oh well, maybe next year. 

The roofs have gotten all frosty here this past week a couple of times. Makes for good snuggling times to stay all warms. Soon it will get so frosty that the outside stuff will stopped growing. 

That is all for now. See you next week. 

Love, Virginger.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Night Feetsball Report

Yowza, what a game. It came down to the last minute but The Pack were screwed by the replacement refs. We has a mad and a sad.

ManCat Monday

The purr - the most relaxing sound in the world. - Author Unknown

We had a nice sunny day on SUNday, so the two of us actually shared a napping spot
for a little bit. We had sunshines and shadows to snooze in.

Mum stayed home most of the weekend, so we gots lots of snuggles, treats and just general loving. So mum gots lots of purrs from us!

We are sending out purrthday wishes to our Uncle Flip, mum said he is now old enough to be on the dole from Uncle Sam.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - they don't play until Monday night out west against the Seahawks. Mum isn't happy with the weird playing days so far this season.

The Broncos - well, Mr Peyton losted but they did get a lot closer towards the end. Mum was not happy as she missed the first part of the game cuz they kept showing the end of games in OT. Games she didn't care about.

Oh and Shaggy and Scout mentioned I hadn't made any reference to Grampa Brett. Yep, still retired!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well, I think we have mum home for the day! Hooray! She was booking her face and found out the library is closed due to a power failure, so she can't go and hang out there. Will need to stay home and play with us for a change.

She didn't go day hunting for the past three days but she didn't stay home with us. She went running off to the Runoffs, then chasing like crazy on Friday.

This is a picture from just a few days ago, windows open and the two of us enjoying the fresh airs. It got all cooled off and maybe a freeze tonight. Mum has yet to turn the heaty monster in the dungeon on. 
Oh yeah and she was gone all Tuesday evening too. And when we get a peak out to the metal monster room, there is a different metal monster now. It is red!

 All clean and shiny at the dealer on Tuesday PM.
Dirty the next morning! Sheesh mum, couldn't you even keep it clean for one day! Mum says she hit some road work, yeah right. It is back to being clean an shiny.

Mum is saying it is treat time. Gotta run! Happy Caturday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy and avast ye matey's, 'tis that time of the year to Meow Like a Pirate.

Tis I your Captain Derby, Dread Vane Pirate along with first officpurr of Ducky, Dirty Kidd Jack.
Iffen  ye not be prepared to party with us, you will be walking the gangplank of the GoodShip Sassycat.
Joining us this year is our first wench and tortie enforcer Dora, Iron Morgan Kidd. She rules with that iron hook of hers. Do not mess with us, 'cuz you don't want to mess with her!

So come aboard if ye dare and host some grog to toast the pirate brigade. ARRRGGGHHHH. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mini ManCat Monday

Is there any animal that can move with such stealth and silent grace as a cat? - Author Unknown

HiYa Ducky here. Well I have continued to play with the duckies I got from Laila and Minchie. They are just the right sized to whap around. 

Mum on the other paw didn't whap things around but did move some furniture around. Says she needs to get rid of the excess stuff that has been here for two years. 

Moved one piece and found all of our furs on the long drapes by the big windows that went to the floor. She removed all of our furs from this. Oh well, tomorrow we start putting them back.
She moved this piece over here by the fevver watching chair. Says she didn't want to lose the storage in the bottom. So she has more room for her fevver books, fancy flashy box and all.
She move from that spot this thingy, says it holds an old sewing machine that used to be her mum's. Our mum never uses it, it was there to hold up the lamp and all. 
That opening up this space to put the fake plant back, and she can get at the big rug cleaner and the electrical outlets. 
Mum didn't watch feetsball during the day, it was too nice and she was outside, but did at night and worked on the new blankie. The new mum says she wanted green.
We hung out in the open window enjoying all the fresh airs!

Feetball Report. 

The Pack - well they won last week like we reported earlier, beating down Da Bears. 

Broncos - Mr Payton doesn't play until Monday night. That means mum will have more time to work on the blankie.

Thanks it is for now. Happy week everyone.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ducky, Duckies, Duckee!

Rubber Duckie you’re the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you

Rubber Duckie, joy of joys,
When I squeeze you, you make noise,
Rubber Duckie you’re my very best friend it’s true
Oh, every day when I, make my way to the tubby
I find a little fellow who’s cute and yellow and chubby!

Rubber Duckie you’re so fine,
And I’m lucky that you’re mine.
Rubber Duckie, I’d love a whole pond of,
Rubber Duckie, I’m awfully fond of you!

Oh, every day when I, make my way to the tubby
I find a little fellow who’s cute and yellow and chubby!

Rubber Duckie you’re so fine, 
And I’m lucky that you’re mine, 
Rubber Duckie I’m awfully fond of you! 

 Words and music by Jeff Moss

HiYa, Ducky here. We have our own little rubber duckies! Yep, mum won the bid to get these little guys just for me and helped out Ann & Vic a little bit. (Sending purrs to you guys)  Sorry d'Artagnan Rumblepurr at RumbleBum that we outbid you on this, Ducky needed duckies!

 Here is the box with the duckies all wrapped up in protective bubbles! Plus some glitter balls.
 Derby horning in and checking out the box first. It had my and mum's name on it, not yours! Four ducks, a calico, meezer, ginger and a tuxie!
 Now I get my chance to check things out and the first thing I did was to snatch the glitter balls out and take them to the floor.
  Mum didn't even have a chance to get them off the card.
 So I jumped up and the couch and mum put the glitter balls between my paws, so I had a chance to play with them.
 Then I came back to greet the little ginger duckie.
 So what am I looking at? Yep, where to land!
So I could spend more time with my little ginger duck.
Then mum wanted to see if they would float, so she filled the sink with water and put them in. Yep, they float. Mum usually takes a shower, so no bath times with ducks for her.
Again, Derby mooching his way to the front of the line to check things out first.
But he was more interested in the fact that he had a whole sink full of water to drink from!
Me, waiting my turn....... as patient as I can be.
Finally, my turn to check out the little guys on water. I don't like to get my paws wet, so I didn't even take a swipe at them.

Thank you Laila and Minchie for donating these for the auction. They are lots of fun, we like the glitter balls too.

Oh, and here is mum's version of the song, just for me.

Little Ducky, you're the one,
You make naptime so much fun,
Little Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you;
(boop boop boop de do)

Little Ducky, joy of joys,
When I pet you, you make noise! (purr, purr)
Little Ducky, I’m so in love with you.
(doo doo doo doooo, de doo)

Every day when I
Wake my eyes to the sunny
I find a little fella who's
Cute and ginger and spunky
(spunk, dunk de bunky!)

Little Ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Little Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you.
(repeat chorus)

Little Ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Little Ducky, I'm awfully fond of -
Little Ducky, I'd like a whole house of -
Little Ducky I'm of -
Little Ducky I'm awfully fond of you!
(doo doo, be doo.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Night New Kittie

Hey everyone we found a new kittie who left us an email. She is new to blogging, lives in the YouKay and is a tortie. Her name is Feebee. Stop in and give her a wonderful CB welcome.

Mum has the windows open and you can feel the nice coolness outside. Mum says it will be wonderful for sleepings tonight and she doesn't have to get up for anything tomorrow.

Feetsball Report

The Pack beat down Da Bears. It wasn't a flawless game but that doesn't matter. We won!

Plus we got our little duckies in the mail today. Pictures in a day or so.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. The weather guesser says it will be a cool and rainy day today. We shall see.

Two weeks ago we had a comment from NNM which is below.

NNM said...
These are beautiful flowers! I'm starting building up my own garden, it's hard work. Do you know any plants that need low maintenance?

On a side note, whilst I was researching garden tips, I came upon these garden cruises I didn't know such thing existed!

NNM, since you don't appear to have a bloggy that we could comment on, here is our reply.

Well , NNM, yes starting a garden is hard work. Mum had this all going before Derby and I arrived. Of course now we snoopervise her to make sure she works on things. She does get lazy.

Low maintenance plants, may we suggest purrenials and other native plants to your area of the world, since we don't know where you are. They usually take a bit less work, although weeds have to be controlled, fall and spring cleanups are needed. But often you don't have to water a great deal once the plants are established.

Garden cruises? I supposed they have a cruise for most any topic with getting speakers or do you cruise, get off and see fancy gardens someplace? Hope this helps you NNM.

So on to what we see around the garden these days. Below are two pictures of the Chinese Lantern plant with the unripe seed pods. Last year something ate these all to the ground before they ripened so waiting to see what happens this year.

Our little maple tree in the back, did OK for the dry summer but not very green, but if you look at the center of the picture, you see a bit of red.
Yep, the leaves are starting to slowly turn. Might be a poor year for fall color with the drought. Some trees we see are just dropping leaves and not turning neat colors first.
The cone flowers, these pictures were taken last week and now all the flowers are gone, just the seed heads left and the goldy finches are eating those up pretty quick too.

The last few blooms on the trumpet vine.This is where we see lots of hummer birds coming to get some foods. They should be heading south pretty soon, but we did see one late last week.
Guess that is all for this week everyone. Tonight we will sit with mum and watch the Packers and Bears play feetsball. I will nap, I don't care.

Love, Virginger.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot Day

To all who serve, protect and defend our nation. We are grateful for all you do. 

We will never forget.

Monday, September 10, 2012

ManCat Monday

A kitten brings a home to life. - Author Unknown

We don't have any kittens around here, but the two of us certainly brings this place to life. Heck, if it was just mum here, things would be pretty deaded most of the time.

The hots are gone, the cools are in, windows are open. Just lovely. Sleeping is great, even for mum. She loves sleeping all snuggly under the covers with a cat or two on top for additional warmth.

The two of us hanging about, watching mum watch the feetsball game and working on a new blankie for a new baby coming to someone at work.
Plus we sends tons of purr to Sweet little Mini of the Hotties. Her heart is going wonky and she has to take medicine for it now. She was it the stabby place for a few days getting treated but is back home again. Plus her sisfur Gree's back is all wonky too. Check here for updates. Purrs Miss Mini and Miss Gree, we loves you.

Olivia, William of Mass Destruction's sisfur went to The Bridge on Sunday, so we has a sad too. 

FeetsBall Report.

Yes it is that time of the year again. Mum can sit and yell at the TV on Sunday, we go and nap sometimes for most of the game.

The Packs - They stunk up Lambeau big time. Defense is bad like last year, this year even the offense didn't look sharp. A bit of a spark in the last quarter, but too little, too late.  Short turn around, they play Da Bears on Thursday.

Them Broncos - yes, we will be reporting on these guys instead of Colts. See QB Peyton moved teams and mum likes Peyton. Mum is turning off the puter before the game is over. The Bronco guy were winning last we checked. We wish the Colts lots of Luck ;). 

Plus mum says she thinks the refs stink too. Inconsistent, slow like they don't know all of the rules and all.

So happy Monday one and all. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mo Cats Day

It is I Derby, the suggester of Mo Cats Day. Yep, I am. I am certain that the whole thing was purely a typo. Not "No Cats Day", but Mo Cats Day.

 So here are "Mo" of the two of us. Have a happy day everyone.

Plus we want to send big, healing mega purrs to Ann of Zoolatry and ML of KC and the Sherwood bunch. Get better soonest. Purrs.