Monday, September 10, 2012

ManCat Monday

A kitten brings a home to life. - Author Unknown

We don't have any kittens around here, but the two of us certainly brings this place to life. Heck, if it was just mum here, things would be pretty deaded most of the time.

The hots are gone, the cools are in, windows are open. Just lovely. Sleeping is great, even for mum. She loves sleeping all snuggly under the covers with a cat or two on top for additional warmth.

The two of us hanging about, watching mum watch the feetsball game and working on a new blankie for a new baby coming to someone at work.
Plus we sends tons of purr to Sweet little Mini of the Hotties. Her heart is going wonky and she has to take medicine for it now. She was it the stabby place for a few days getting treated but is back home again. Plus her sisfur Gree's back is all wonky too. Check here for updates. Purrs Miss Mini and Miss Gree, we loves you.

Olivia, William of Mass Destruction's sisfur went to The Bridge on Sunday, so we has a sad too. 

FeetsBall Report.

Yes it is that time of the year again. Mum can sit and yell at the TV on Sunday, we go and nap sometimes for most of the game.

The Packs - They stunk up Lambeau big time. Defense is bad like last year, this year even the offense didn't look sharp. A bit of a spark in the last quarter, but too little, too late.  Short turn around, they play Da Bears on Thursday.

Them Broncos - yes, we will be reporting on these guys instead of Colts. See QB Peyton moved teams and mum likes Peyton. Mum is turning off the puter before the game is over. The Bronco guy were winning last we checked. We wish the Colts lots of Luck ;). 

Plus mum says she thinks the refs stink too. Inconsistent, slow like they don't know all of the rules and all.

So happy Monday one and all. 


  1. It's definitely easier to sleep when its not so hot. We love to snuggle under the duvet :)xx

  2. We are still hot here! Waiting for cooler weather and more open windows.

  3. We hear rumors that we might get open windows HERE too. Oh, the hope...

  4. the hots have finally left here too - enjoy the open windows

    (and mom mumbled something about NFL refs being on strike and them using fill in types and it slowing down the games)

  5. What a snuggle spot. We had rain and chilly weather last night too.

  6. We wish we had your weathers! Our Moms will be rooting for the opposite teams on Thursday...

  7. The weather is definitely shifting and it's the perfect time for cuddles!

    The Chans

  8. It is getting quite chilly here at night and we are snuggling on the bed with the Beans too.

  9. We got cooler weather too...almost to the point where the mom closes the windows because it's too cool!


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