Saturday, March 30, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. We finally got rid of the last little bit of snow in our yard. Mum even put away the little snow person that has been sitting out. Says once we get no snow, they go back into hiding.

Plus I can report that the girls have made a brief appearance on the patio. They got a good look at the changes that happened while they were having their winter naps.

So mum has been trying to do little things outside, then she comes in and I am waiting for her. I don't always meet her at the door. Sometimes I do.

Just checking on what you might be bringing in the house. Shopping? Anything for me? Ahhh, lots of rolls of litter box paper. If you only would let me play with the stuff.
This was me the other afternoon while mum watched the basey-ball game, first one of the season that counts. I got bored and did a nose plant for a nap. Mum watched the game, she cheered (really yelling) at the good spots. They won, she was happy.

Last weekend of official counting of birds for feeder watch. Mum says she is now seeing female robins, not just the boys. How can you tell? The head color. Females have pretty much the same color as their body, the boys have darker heads. So now they can start making baby birds!

Our weekend is going to be a quiet one. Mum only has to show up at the final event of the big read it thingy here. Eat some snacks, watch a moovie. Everyone have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Mum had a talk with the girls, they will make their debut next Thursday. While mum had been doing a bit of stuff outside, it really hasn't been much.

Mum checked out the stump of the mulberry tree that they took down back in January. At that time they sprayed something blue on it, but that has washed away. Not sure what they sprayed. 
Beginning of the brush pile. Mum walked around and picked up stuff that had come down out of the trees on the windy days. Our village people will come and pick this up in May.
Snow is almost gone in our yard, this is all that is left of the snow now.
Today's throw back is Derby getting a box from his furiend Fat Eric. Hey, is is the cat who came before my sweetie Dora!

March 27, 2009

Local Cat Makes Good

A local kittie, Asia-Veau, is now the face on the can of senior Friskies! So I have a celebrecat nearby!

A little box showed up on the doorstep, mum brought it in but didn't open it for me right away. Said she need to go out and fluff up the grass outside before it got dark!
She finally came back in, it was from Fat Eric, our return treats for sending him Greenies. So we had some of these Waitrose cat treats. Waitrose is a store for those who don't know. Chocolates for mum and tea too. Fancy tea from the Duchy of Cornwall, from HRH The Prince of Wales. All organic and all and profits go to charity!
Oh cool, some of the cheese balls that I liked the last time, they are tasty and chewy.
Thanks so much Eric and your mum too. We will enjoy!

Well mum just has to get through today at hunting green papers, then we can snuggle for the weekend. They are talking rain/snow on the weekend, so that means mum will have to be inside.

Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Yes, flowers. Finally.The blooms opened this after noon. Nice to see a bit of  color again in our yard. Spring really is here!

Monday, March 25, 2019

ManCat Monday

If God created man in his own image, you've got to wonder; in whose image did he create the nobler cat?

Hmmm, makes you think about that point. Who were we cats imaged upon?

Me and mum had a quiet rest of the weekend. It was nice on Caturday afternoon and she took herself for a nice walk. All the snow and ice is off of the trail. So no worries on slipping. Lots of people coming out and enjoying the trail again. 
 Mum also ussed the griller machine twice on Caturday, lunch and dinner and yep I got tastes of both.
 First bratwurst of the season and the first steak too. Mum also did eggy plant, but I don't eat that stuff.
 A long delicious nap in the sun in the back. Soon I will be napping here all the time. This is my summer place to nap, the ham-mick is the winter place to nap.
Have a wonderful week everyone. Spring is here!

Saturday, March 23, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. It is the first Caturday of spring. Little bit of frosty-ness on the ground, but it won't last long. The sun is out and shining brightly.

The snow is gone from the front of the house. WOOHOO and getting gone from the back. The back of the house doesn't get as much sun.
 Here you can see what is left of the big piles on the patio. I can now easily see out my windows to see what is going on without sitting on the chair or mum. I like watching from the floor as I can lay on the heaty spot there.
 Yesterday was cat and wine day, so mum had a glass of wine with me on her lap. They day was proclaimed by a racy furiend and well, why not just cellybrate.
Mum is going to try to do a little bit of stuff outside in the yard today. Pick up the sticks and such from the trees. Still too soft to rake. She wants to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Everyone have a happy weekend.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

It might be spring, this is the first full day of spring, but mum checked with the girls and they don't want to come out yet. Not that I blame them. Not much going on in the garden yet. A few hints of green and future flowers. Still snow on the ground in a few places yet too. Mum thinks the front of the house snow will be gone by Friday. 
 So I am keeping an eye on the snow, slowly watching it go away. I hope it doesn't come back for a very long time.
 Today's throw back takes us back 10 years again to Derby. Napping in the sun and distracting mum from trying to read. He wanted treats!

From March 23, 2009

ManCat Monday

You can't own a cat. The best you can do is be partners. - Sir Harry Swanson

Just a regular weekend here, the usual happened; mum did the laundry, cleaned, went out to eat twice with different furiends, but brought fish home to share!; shopped

On Saturday she was at the back door and was just about to go outside and I appeared wanting to go outside too. So mum scooped me up and out we went, mum would not let me walk around on my own, said it was too mushy in the grass. But as we enjoyed some of the afternoon sunshine and being just under the patio roof, the hawk swooped by! He landed on the back fence at most 30 feet from us! He didn't stay long and flew off where we could not see him.

But mum hugged me tight and said that is why I am not allowed to wander around by myself outside. Mr Hawk my think I am a good target to have for lunch! Mum left me sniff the dirt in the empty planters, soon we will have flowers again.
Mum moved my one bed to back by the big windows that go to the floor. In the late afternoon the sun comes in and gives me a nice spot to nap.
Plus mum read her book for a bit, I was trying to distract her so I could get some treats. I was successful, plus she finished reading this book too.

Sunday after she went shopping and was putting all of the stuffs away I was checking things out. Well I managed to get to get my head through the handles of the bag, mum realized this and reached out to get it off me, but I jumped down off the counter before she could reach me. What was in the bag was not heavy but it sort of scared me. I didn't realize that I had my head through the handle, and when I jumped I didn't expect the bag to come with me. But mum came right over and ripped the handle from around me and I took off. She managed to get to me before I really freaked out. Mum warns me when I get too close to the bags but I always gotta check them out. Guess I live dangerously.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Another beauty-full day. Lots of sun. Mum has been out getting sun and I have had a bit of open windows too. It is a bit breezy out, so cool, even with the sun.

Mum went shopping and came home with goodies for me! Lots of little tins filled with gooshy foods. You can see on the left what I still have to eat afore we did into the new stuff. Mum said the lady checker ask how many cats mum had. She was surprized that mum said only one. She thought this was way too much food for one cat. Pffft. What does she know!
 A few questions I have to answer. Miss Megan from Sydney is a curious human and often asks questions.

1 - About the naked lady in the moovie. She didn't know it was coming either, so couldn't shield my eyes.

2 - About our harsh winter. We only got the same amount of snow we usually get, but it all came between January 18 and late February. So we got dumped on for 6 weeks. Plus some really cold stuff and ice!

3 - That I have to sit on her more and make her relax. She is relaxed. If she is crow-shaying it is relaxing, plus it keeps her hands bizzy and then she doesn't snack.

4 - No it wouldn't be nice for mum to make me a small purple hat. I don't do human clothes. She has tried to put one on me, it doesn't last and no way she can put a hat on and take a picture. She might get a bitey for that.

So that is about it. Mum says she is off to the library soon to watch a moovie.

Monday, March 18, 2019

ManCat Monday

I have a kitten,the drollest of all creatures that ever wore a cat's skin. - William Cowper

Hmm, droll? Mum says that means curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement. I guess I do amuse her sometimes. Although she is not amused when I join her in the sleepy spot and stick my spot 13 in her face! MOL.
 I sat on mum last night while she was watching a moovie last night. She was watching something with a crazy person in it. Oh, mum says that was somebody called Gaga, Lady Gaga actually. She liked it enough, but at times thought they mumbled or talked over each other. Plus I saw naked!
 Mum did get the griller machine all fired up yesterday too. She did a burger and also reheated some leftover meatloaf on the grill too. She ate the burger with a big salad. She got a few more things out of the freezer to do later in the week.
 Here is the moon from last night too. A nice clear night to see it rising in the sky. 

Have a good week everyone.  

Saturday, March 16, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Me and mum are super happy becuz we can finally see our grass again. The snow is almost gone! Just mostly where it has been piled up or where it doesn't get lots of sun. 
 Here you can see what is left on the patio and that she moved the griller machine out where she can get at it to cook. Maybe this weekend! If not, really soon. 
 Once the snow went away we could see some green shoots coming up. This pic was taken on Thursday, but mum could see even more on Friday, but didn't take a pic as it was getting dark.
 My view is getting better from the big windows that to to the floor. I can see things other than white snow piles now.
The view from mum's lap is even better and from the tower it is really good. We are seeing lots of the spring birds, robins, red winged blackbirds and grackles.
Have a wonderful weekend. Cellybrate responsibly if you are doing the Irish thing on Sunday.Don't drink and drive!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Finally we are getting melting! The snow is going away, slowly, but still leaving. We can start to look forward to warms and open windows.
 So the strip along the driveway is getting where we can actually see grass and below in the street we can see the curb again. On Tuesday there was still snow over the curb.
 Me sitting on mum while she tries to read, she just finished a big fat book and started to read two others, but didn't find the story or writing to her liking. They are all on the pile to take back to the library. Mum has been there a lot this week for various programs.
With the nice weather soon we will begin to have flowers and maybe some flying flowers too. Today's throwback was the answer picture of how many butterflies were in the picture.

From March 13, 2009

How Many?

Mum biggified this and went over it as carefully as possible. She says three. Biggify to read where mum says "here". Mum is looking for some other pictures that she might do something similar soon. Nice to see green plants, flowers, butterflies etc.

A big shout out to Uncle Stormy, happy purrthday to him. This is his last purrthday in this decade of numbers, next year is a zero purrthday for him.

Plus spring must be coming. Wednesday before mum left for work she came to say good bye to me and we saw all of these fevvers outside. This was only what you can see on the ground, lots more were up in the trees. Mum counted over 30 of these big black birds. Mum says they are summer birds, birdies that come up to live here in the summer. Most of these are grackels but a few red wing black birds too (both male and female). If the birdies know it is OK to come north, that is a good sign.
Mum says she will be sort of busy this weekend. Grampie will be here for lunch tomorrow after he gets taxed to death.
Plus play time!!! Oh good the sparkly toy will come out. Happy weekend one and all!

Monday, March 11, 2019

ManCat Monday

In my mind it strolls, as well as in my apartment. A cat, strong, sweet and delightful.. - Charles Baudelaire

Hmm, sounds like me. Strong, sweet and delightful! Yep, that is just me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a bit of melting going on this weekend, but we also got a bit of sleet, slush, rain from the sky. Mum didn't shovel and it melted off on its own. Now that is nice. Weather guessers are saying really good melty weather coming this week. That will be so nice, plus that means open windows for me!
 More signs of spring, we finally got the first of our spring birds to show up. Three red-winged blackbirds showed up on Caturday and ate at the feeders at various times during the day. One even got close on the bath!
 So when we get lots of sun I like to take advantage of it and snooze in the front window. I get nice and warm on one side, then flip. Then I go sit on mum to share my warms. Belwo you see me waiting for her to come sit in the chair so we can have some quality time together.
 Here's to a wonderful week coming up.