Thursday, January 31, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Deep freeze is still here. Mum went outside yesterday long enuf to grab the newsy paper, less than 30 seconds. The less than 5 minutes to add hot water to the fevver bath and top off the foods.
Yeah, nice and sunny, but super cold out. Mum was all covered up and all you could see were her eyes. Somehow the fevvers and sqwerls seem to do OK even when it is super cold.
Me trying to get a bit of sun. Mum lowers those shades when the sun isn't coming in when it is super cold. She even let the heaty monster at its daytime temp all night. She heard that is is better on the monster if it doesn't have to work hard in the AM to bring it the temps back up. Maybe on Friday we will be out of the deep freeze.
Today's Throw Back, takes us back 10 years to Derby, well being Derby.

From January 30, 2009

Finally Friday

Woot, we made it to Friday. Lots going on to tell you about.

First lots and lots of purrs for Moki, he isn't doing well with infection and blood in his urine. Purrs needed.
A few weeks ago mum sent of a box to my sweetie Princess Mia, sort of an early Valentine's Day prezzie. It included treats and such for Mia and Tigey. Plus there is a babybean that will be coming soon. Mum made a blankie for the baby bean, not the one that she finished last week, that is for someone at work. Plus booties she boughted that were hand made.
Last night when mum came home I made her stay put for a while by putting my paws down on her leg. So she sat for a while before she make her quickie dinner, she said she didn't need to eat much as they had a Stouper Bowl lunch at work. Just quick sandwiches and lots of foods stuff that everybody brought.

The other day I told you about all of the kitties that mum sees as she drives to work. Yesterday morning as she drove she saw a lump by the side of the road, all smooshed up. At first mum thought it might be a squirrel but as she got closer it was a little white and gray tabbie kittie!

Mum said there was nothing she could do, the kittie had gone to The Bridge. I know my buds who are already there welcomed the newbie. If the kittie was a feral kittie it now has a wonderful place, warm and safe to be in. If a family losted their kittie because it got outside, we is sorry about your loss, but remember to keep your kitties INSIDE.
Mum had the last bit of this yummy drink the other night. I helped myself to a few licks as well. But mum only buys this stuff once a year, so no more until Christmouse time!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Me and mum are keeping warm. She did go outside to clear a bit of snow from the driveway. She was all bundled up and wasn't out for more than 10 minutes. After lunch she put in warm water to fill up the fevver bath.
 It looks all shivvery out there. Cold white snow, clear skies. Schools are being closed cuz of the really cold weather, even the library will be closed. Everyone is to be home and safe where it it warm.
Mum sits, sort of naps and I sits on her to help keep her warm. She puts a big fat blankie on her lap to help keep her warm. We feel sorry for those who do have to be out, emergency peoples, the mail people. Mum says she would be OK missing a day of mail when it is this cold. Heck, today we got one little piece of throw away mail. That could have waited a few days. We have our own heaty monster peoples to call on. Our heaty monster was checked out and tuned up months ago!

Stay warm and safe gang.

Monday, January 28, 2019

ManCat Monday

Cats are dogs with a college education.

Yeah, we kits are smart cookies. We don't have to go outside to do our bizzness in the winter. We get to miss the cold and snow. Snow, yeah, we are going to get dumped on, the weather guessers are saying 10+ inches here, then it is supposed to be super cold on Tuesday to Wednesday.
 Mum double checked that we had enuf foods, she did go out for a few things, mainly to get bread as we don't have much left. Gotta be able to do toast.
 She wasn't outside long, but she said it was cold out and she made sure the metal monster got all heated up before she came come and she made sure the gas tank was all full.
Mum got pics of the two little red tailed sqwerls. They were both sitting on the trunk of the naybors tree, or at least what is left of it.

 Mum got a pic of the top guy and cut it so you get a nice close up of the little guy. Sort of cute.
Mum did drive by the falls and they are pretty frozen. No place close to park so she didn't stop to take some pics. Maybe another day.

Have a good week everyone. Take care and stay warm.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday. I have just two words for you today...



Yep, the bottom fell out of the temperature! Right now as mum types this for me it is NEGATIVE 14 Degrees Fahrenheit!  That is NEGATIVE 25.5 for my non-US furiends. Overnight it was a low as NEGATIVE 20 (-28.9C). Yikes, me and mum are staying inside today for sure.

Mum says if she were to go out and check out the water falls they would be all frozen again. Maybe if there is a day when it isn't sooooo cold she might do that and get some new pics.
 With all the snow the creatures are around to get foods. The sqwerls look for stuff underneath the fevver feeders. You can see a regular gray sqwerl and our little red tailed one too.
Mum think he is so cute, but the deep snow covers him up sometimes in the mess of the footprints out by the feeders.
 Plus we are seeing Mr Haw more too. Several times mum has not had the flashy box handy, but the other day he stopped to rest in our crabby apple tree for a few minutes. Looking for something to eat most likely.
 Me, I am going to stay all curled and cuddled up to stay warm. You do the same.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

It got snowy and cold. Mum even had to break out the snow eating machine. Here is the nice clean drive, and we got a tiny bit more later.
 I carefully snoopervised from inside. I have no wish to get out in that cold, white stuff. 
The sun came out and mum got the little bit that came down, plus moved her big recycling bin to the street. It is full, it had to go out. Plus the plow guys came by one more time. So mum got that cleaned up too.
Our Throw Back today takes us back to when we had a super cold time and things got all freezy on us.

From January 21, 2009

Frozen Falls

Last summer the falls looked like this, lots of water going over the falls after we had lots and lots of rain.
What they look like under 'normal' conditions when there hasn't been a lot of rain. They are all nice and pretty.
Now they are all frozen in the cold! With all of the furry cold weather the water got stuck in one place, but they do sneak out underneath and keep going.
Guess it is a good thing mum makes me stay inside! My water dish wouldn't be water anymore but ice.

Monday, January 21, 2019

ManCat Monday

Dogs teach you how to love. Cats teach you how to live.

Woohoo, let's live it up gang. Mum does purrty good at living it up. Not crazy live it up, but she gets out and does stuff, sees people, and all that good stuff.

First, mum's lip is doing OK and healing up. Sort of like she let her lips get all dried out in the winter and they crack open. Mum has some really good cream to put on the for that from her doc. A few years ago her lips were so dry nothing she could buy on her own worked. So mum uses this cream a lot during the winter. So she is using it now to help her lip heal. She says it isn't hurting.
 We had a sunny Sunday and you can see our snow on the ground. First time it hasn't disappeared the next day. It has gotten cold here, so it will be here a while.
 Me enjoying the sun puddle in the front window, checking things outside.
 Mum went out to get a picture of the moon behind the tree afore it went into being eclipsed.She was taking pictures during the eclipse, but we won't share them just yet.

Feetsball Report

The teams are set for the Stouper Bowl. Exciting games, so mum got lots of crow-shay done! Both games went to overtime. She didn't really have favs that she wanted to win, although she was sort of hoping that teams that don't get there often would win. So she got that with one of the teams, the LA Rams. They will play the Boys Named Pat, who have played in the big game way too often.

Going to stay cold here and we are supposed to get more snow this week too. So stay warm everyone, we will stay warm here. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Winter has decided to be really winter. We got snow, enuf so that mum had to get out and use the snow eating machine. Mum guesses maybe 5-6 inches, hard to tell as it blew around.
 Afore mum went out to move the snow around. It still is sorta snowing lightly, but then again the clouds are breaking up for a bit of sun.
 After pics, mum does not shovel the whole patio once the snow gets deep. Enuf to get to the fevver feeding stuff. Drive is clear, she could go places if she had to, but she says she doesn't need to go anyplace today.
 You can see from the naybors across the street how the blowing moved the snow. Part of the roof bare, the other side, more snow. Me by mum after she came in from snow clearing.
MOL, Now I sort of am in a bit of trouble, although I didn't mean to do this. See I was doing biscuits by mum's head while she was in the sleepy spot. My back paw slipped and caught her lip. Ahhh, sorry mum. There was blood but thankfully mum covered her lip with her hand and it didn't get on the sleepy spot stuff. The top pic is from last night at 12:33 AM! Below is from this AM. Mum cropped the pics so you don't see how icky she looks in the middle of the night with bed head and such! Mum kept the pics really small.
Mum thinks as long as it isn't infected, and it doesn't look infected now, that it should heal up nicely. Guess she can't kiss anybody either, that might hurt.

Have a good weekend everyone, be good. I need to be super nice to mum.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Me and mum are having a quiet week. The tree guys came back for a little more work, taking the trunk of the mulberry away. It did sorta scare us as we heard the buzz of the saw, then we heard a crack and felt a big thud. It broke as the were cutting and it was enuf to shake the house when it hit the ground.

Plus they sprayed the last of the stump with something oily. They are still working way down the trail, but all quiet here.
Today's throw back, Derby again, hanging out in a sun puddle with lots of stuffies.

From January 14,2009

Here I Am
Here I am! Just napping and hanging out with the stuffed bears. Close up of yesterday's picture. Mum was looking for me one day and didn't see me at first either. She gets worried if she doesn't know where I am before she leaves for work or being gone a long time.

Mum had an adventure tonight. She got home but before she came inside she cleared the bit of snow off the driveway. Then she came inside and had closed the big door to the metal monster's room. She then went out the back door to fill the birdie feeders. But she got a surprise, she didn't get the door unlocked so she locked herself out of the house! On a evening when it was maybe 5 degrees!

So I didn't see her for a couple of hours, she said she spent it inside at the neighbors chatting and waiting for the man to break her into her own house.

She is back inside and all is well. She says she won't do that again.

Monday, January 14, 2019

ManCat Monday

If you call a cat and it comes running, what you have is a dog.

Me and mum had a quiet weekend. She did some chores around the house, some cooking, cleaning. A bit of fevver watching. As you can see from below I also kept one eye on mum too!
 The big snowstorm missed  us to the south, still no snow on the ground. We can see some small piles of snow where it was shoveled into a pile.

Mum also watched some of the feetsball. Some teams she was happy won, others not so much. Our Packers are not in it this year. But the team does have a new coach. We will have to see how he does next season.

So mum has stuff going on this week, so she will be out and about. You all have a wonderful week.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Mum says we will have a quiet weekend. Nothing much going on. She wants to watch some feetsball and work on her crow-shay.

I will be happy for quiet. The guys continue to work on the trees. They are done with what is close to our house but we can see them just down the trail. 
 You can see what is left of the ash tree on the left, the naybors have to get the rest of it take down. Almost done with the mulberry, but that belongs to the county.
 Here is the main trunk of the ash, still about 12 feet left. They picked up the rest of the wood that was left for them. They have a fireplace.
 Then the two main trunks of the mulberry. It was the male mulberry, who knew they had male and female? Mum said she did! So no icky berries to mess up the yard. 
 One of mum's younger furiends came over on Thursday to put in a new garbage disposal. They had to take off to get a part so I was inspecting. When they came back to work, I left to hang out in the living room. New unit works just fine, much less noisy.
 To do the work mum had to turn off the power, so she went to the dungeon and in that area of she found two deaded mouses. Up on top they are on the far left and then one on the right. Below is a closer pic. Mum got some paper towels, picked them up and took them outside to rot in peace.
Plus we want to give a huge thank you to the guy upstairs for bringing a girl home this week. Miss Jayme Closs, we are so happy you are home.

Happy weekend all.