Saturday, January 12, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Mum says we will have a quiet weekend. Nothing much going on. She wants to watch some feetsball and work on her crow-shay.

I will be happy for quiet. The guys continue to work on the trees. They are done with what is close to our house but we can see them just down the trail. 
 You can see what is left of the ash tree on the left, the naybors have to get the rest of it take down. Almost done with the mulberry, but that belongs to the county.
 Here is the main trunk of the ash, still about 12 feet left. They picked up the rest of the wood that was left for them. They have a fireplace.
 Then the two main trunks of the mulberry. It was the male mulberry, who knew they had male and female? Mum said she did! So no icky berries to mess up the yard. 
 One of mum's younger furiends came over on Thursday to put in a new garbage disposal. They had to take off to get a part so I was inspecting. When they came back to work, I left to hang out in the living room. New unit works just fine, much less noisy.
 To do the work mum had to turn off the power, so she went to the dungeon and in that area of she found two deaded mouses. Up on top they are on the far left and then one on the right. Below is a closer pic. Mum got some paper towels, picked them up and took them outside to rot in peace.
Plus we want to give a huge thank you to the guy upstairs for bringing a girl home this week. Miss Jayme Closs, we are so happy you are home.

Happy weekend all.


  1. Chainsaw noise is almost as bad as fireworks! Glad you get some peace for the weekend. You did a great job checking out the under sink work, Ducky. That's always important.

    The return of Jayme was amazing, and wonderful news (for a change).

  2. You surely do deserve a quiet weekend with all that noise going on. We are so happy Jayme is back home! Truly a miracle!

  3. It will be nice to have a peaceful weekend after all that noise.

  4. Geez Ducky - your mum keeps you busy, doesn't she? Bringing in someone to replace the garbage disposal means you've got a lot of snoopervising to do. I'm sure you did an excellent job of it.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Ducky, did those mice die from fright, worrying that you might terrorize them?

  6. Enjoy your peaceful weekend ! Purrs


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