Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Squillion Day is Here

It was one year ago today, that mum and I introduced Vir-ginger you all of you. Above is the firsted picture we showed. Mum liked the picture of me looking over her head.

Little did we know at that time what a phenomonon these guys would become. They are now all around the world. Mum actually gotted Vir-ginger on February 26, a Sunday, but we didn't post our firsted pictures until February 28th. So to Cellybrate the day for Vir-ginger and all of her brofurs and sisfur from the little of Squillions, we have SQUILLION DAY.

So to honor Vir-ginger and the rest of her litter, we are posting pictures that we have of our little sweetie.

Vir-ginger outside in the snow recently.
Vir-ginger, me and some of the other little kittie statues that mum has.
Vir-ginger and I enjoying the outside on the patio. Me in my screen porch, Vir-ginger sitting in the plant stand.
Me inside, Vir-ginger and Phat Flower Eric (PFE) on the windowsill outside.
Vir-ginger up in the crab apple tree.
Chatting with mum and Vir-ginger through the window screen.
Sitting outside waiting for the daffodils to bloom.
Vir-ginger checking out the grapevine and all of the grapes growing.
Plus the six Squillions that we fostered out, who now have happy homes all around the blogoshpere. From left to right

Mandy emigrated to the UK and lives with Fat Eric
Mango lives with my sweetie, Princess Mia
Inky joined the mob, well the Tower Hill Mob
Blackie is being schooled by Zeus
Ashes now hangs out with Abby at Manx Mnews in Floriday
Storm Cloud lives with a bunch of Texcats at Le Trois Chats

So break out the champage, let's give to toast to the Squillions.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Update

I missed ManCat Monday. Mum, after moving snow around all weekend, kept falling asleep on me on Sunday night. Mr. Oscar had to go on without her. So no posts etc. Today when she gotted up, her head didn't feel well so stayed home from work and stayed in bed. So I had to be by her, doing my duty as Dr. Derby. Sending her lots of purrs.

We have our first members of the DreamCats. More DreamBoats than DreamGirls so far. No button yet for the sidebars for our members. I will have to have mum work on that when she has time and her head doesn't hurt.

Plus, Diva Kitty sented my post of the hawk to someone who really know about fevvers, BirdChick. She said the hawk is a Cooper's Hawk, not a Sharp-shinned hawk. Either way mum gotted some furry good pictures.

Princess Mia and I are going steady, we have an exclusive relationship. So no engagement or wedding. Kitties don't get married.

Mum found an interesting article on kitties who are helping with research into eye problems, both in kitties and humans. Bionic kittie eyes.

Lastly, in our local paper, some cemeteries are making room for pets. Humans in one area, pets in another. Except if you get buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


OH MY! You won't believe what happend in my very own back yard. Right by the fevver feeders. If you are faint of heart or have really soft spot for fevvers, proceed with caution.

It had snowed overnight (Friday to Saturday) and mum cleared the snow and wented outside to make sure the fevvers could get their eats. They were doing just fine, but we noticed that lots of times they would all just fly away furry quickly.

Mum wented to get some house work stuff done, she pulled out the big sucking machine. When she gotted done she needed a bag to dump out the canister. She walked by the big windows that go to the floor and just stopped and said. "OH MY!. Come look Derby".

What did we see? A Sharp-shinned hawk, but a hawk that had caughted a mourning dove who was feeding. Mum keeps the wire over the feeder to keep the squirrels out. But the dove could not get out fast enough and Mr. Hawk caught it. You can make out the lighter tan/brown of the dove along the lower breast of the hawk. Click on the pictures to biggify.
Mr, Hawk finally gotted the dove free of the feeder and landed with it on the snow by the back gate. He pounced on it a few times to probably finish killing it. You can see the extra feathers down by the snow, that is the dove.
After 30 seconds or so, Mr. Hawk flew off with the dove in his claws. He flew way up high into the neighbor's evergreen tree. Mum was refilling the feeder today and found feathers stuck to the wire and BLOOD in the snow!. Yikes. I feel sorry for the dove, but understand that Mr. Hawk has gotta eat too and he doesn't eat seeds. He could eat one of the squirrels and leave the fevvers alone.

Mum says Mr. Hawk is why I am not let outside. He might want me for lunch! I don't want to be Mr. Hawk's lunch, so I guess I am OK with staying inside.

It snowed again overnight and lots of wind. Guess this is the 'lizzard they were talking about. It stopped for a while and Mum moved the snow off the driveway and away from the doors. She has gotten help from the neighbors with their bigger snow eating machines. But is looks like it is starting to snow again.

Mum can't really say how much we gotted as it is drifted so bad. The drift in the back of the house is around 3 feet high and the snow pile at the end of the driveway is about 4 feet deep from all the plowing and shovelling. Mum's guess is we gotted around 12 inches of snow since Friday night. Hope all of my buddies are safe, warm and dry

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Decision

I have been pacing the floor for many days. Mum is getting worried about me. After much thinking on my own, plus discussing with Vir-ginger, I have arrived at my decision in regards to the attention that Skittles has been giving me, wanting to be my girlcat furiend.

It is my intention to remain a one girlcat ManCat. I am staying with my beloved Ms. Princess Mia Bella. My heart belongs to the Princess.

Skittles is a furry nice kittie and I wish her all the best. Maybe I can hook her up with some other blogging mancat? At first I was tempted, but my heart has told me to be with Mia.

I understand that Skittles will be unavailable for comment for a few weeks. She is moving with her beanmom to someplace new in Catifornia. So the rest of you will know before she does. Please be kind to her. If I hadn't had Mia as my sweetie already, this might have worked out.

Plus I must keep in mind my potential position as Vice Presidential candidate with Cheysuli. I don't want to have a scandal that might affect our chances at election.

Skittles said my relationship is not official since I haven't given Mia a ring. So I will do so. Matter of fact, I will give her two. I couldn't make up my mind so she will get them both. Mia, if you would like something else, a different stone cut, a different stone type, let me know. I will see what I can find for you.

But because I seem to have a lot of special furiends, both girlcat and mancat, I am starting a new site. Derby's DreamCats. There will be two divisions one for the ladies, the DreamGirls. And for my ManCat furiends, DreamBoats

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Mirrors should always be framed to contain their active energy. Unframed mirrors creat dangerous energy.

The cat reflected in an unframed mirror is an evil doppelganger. Attack it immediately.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.
I don't attack the kitties in the mirror. I know it is me, I will just admire me and Vir-ginger too.
And then me and some of the squillions that we fostered last year. Remember Feb 28 is Squillion Day.

Lastly, I will announce my decision in regards to the ladies tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Squillion Day is Coming

Get ready to celebrate next week.

February 28.

Still deciding on what to do with the ladies. Vir-ginger has given me an idea. But I have to decide for sure.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Man Cat Monday

Even a Man Cat can have a softer side and enjoy the comforts of life. Like a nice soft, warm and fuzzy teddy bear to curl up with.

Still pondering on my dilema. So many girl kitties, just one of me. ::sigh:: What to do?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Dilema

First, mum says thank you for your greetings on her birthday. She had a good day, worked from home and was very nice to share her special dinner with me.

But on to my dilema. I have another admirer. I got a comment from Skittles yesterday.

I am heartbroken.

I have fallen in love with you from afar.

You are sooooooo handsome.

I don't normally like boy cats.

But you seem really cool.

Life is good here in California. No snow.

Forget the princess. I am all you need.

Luv, Skittles, The Cat

Now I know some of my fellow kitties have kidded me about being a chick magnet, but I never expected this! I know Chase has his Charmers, Rocky has the Spicey Vixens. But me, I never even expected to have one girlcatfuriend, now I have two. Princess Mia and Skittles who wants me too. What to do? Guess I need to think on this for a bit. Talk things over with Vir-ginger. Oh dear, what to do?!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Energy exits the home through an open window.

The wise cat will lie in the open window to absorb the energy before it leaves.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

It is a little cold to have open windows these days. But when they are open I loves to sit in the windows, and absorb the energy, thus keeping our house in harmony.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. I teleported down to be with my Princess. We had a nice day, just chatting and snuggling etc. It is strange, last year, I gotted my sweetheart, but no other kitties really paired up. But this year, love was definitely in the air. AAAACHOOO.

Plus, and a big drum roll here please. DRRRRRRDRRRRRRRDDRRRRRRRRR.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Wonderful Valentine

It was just a year ago today that I posted for Valentine's Day. Just a picture of a card that we gave to Grampie.

But I gotted a comment that day on my post
Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Derby. purrrrr

Your Secret Admirer

February 14, 2006 9:15 AM

So began a few days of trying to figure it out, which I did with a hint from Bonnie Underfoot, I finally figured it out. It was our own darling Princess Mia Bella.

So this year, I want to shower my Princess with roses. Happy Valentine's Day!

Plus Happy Valentine's Day to Mum, Grampie and all of my fellow blogging kitties.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Man Cat Monday

Don't mess with me and my toy.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here Kittie, Kittie

This is something mum read recently.

"Have you noticed that sometimes kitty answers to his name and other times acts like he doesn't hear you? The general belief amoung behaviorisst is that cats do recognize their names, but come running only if they think it's work their while."

True, you have treats and such for me and call me I will come. If I think you are calling me for something else that I don't want to do, I will ignore you. Here I am coming to get one of my treats.
Do you respond to your name?

Now that we gotted the 'puter back, I think I have caught up on all that is happening on the Cat Blogoshpere. I made the Valentine's party last night, but missed Skeezix's 'incident'. Seems he had a bit of a malfunction. hehehehe

And, I almost missed Appreciation Day for Mom Robyn. I would have been furry sorry if I had.

Friday, February 9, 2007

In Appreciation

For Mom Robyn of Hot(M)BC, for all you do for the cat blogoshpere. Mum and I send lots of love your way. Purrs and headbutts.

Fang Shui Friday

Harmony in relationship with humans is essential.

Tell them how much you appreciate them - loudly - at 3 A.M.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Most of us are furry good about appreciating our humans. Sadly our humans do not always appreciate us, at 3 A.M. When we want to play, get fed or otherwise interact with you. Or when I break your Galileo thermometer at Oh Dark Thirty.
But you love me anyway, don't you?
'Puter update. It is back. Yes, already. Mum says it came back much faster than she was told originally, which was 10-14 days. It was only gone 2. Mum came home and the box was waiting for her on the porch. It was a furry nice surprise.

So we did some catching up on our furiends tonight and will finish up this weekend. Plus I have to squire my pretty Princess to the Valentine's Party tonight. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Quick Update

Thanks for your comments on my tribute pictures. Mum says the frame was custom made to fit the mat AND the metal frame that she picked it purrfectly matched the mat. It hangs in the house here, it is too nice for mum to take to work. She says she doesn't have a good spot to hang it at work either.

Plus we gotted a message on the talky thing that the 'puter has made it to the repair shop, so guess we just have to wait. It had to get flown to the repair place out of town.

Mum let me use her work 'puter here. So I did a quick trip around the blogosphere and checked up on stuff. Sounds like we have lots of romancing and match making goin on for Valentine's Day. I got my sweetie last year on Valentine's Day, maybe you could meet yours this year.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Man Cat Monday

A Tribute to ME

A long time ago mum got a cute picture mat at the sheter where she got me. She finally worked on this, taking lots of pictures of me, getting real pictures made, cutting them down. Then arranging and re-arranging them until she had the look she wanted.
Here I am inspecting the finished product, I think it turned out furry well. Now everyone who comes to visit can see how much mum loves me, her very own ManCat.
I had fun at the SuperBowl parties last night. I was teleporting between Opus and Roscoe's in Italy and Hank's party here in the U.S.

Plus we may not be around the blogoshpere much. Mum's home laptop 'puter died. We went to turn it on Saturday and it wouldn't work. Mum did all of the obvious things to see what was wrong, then we called the help desk. We have to send it in and get it fixed. While mum will let me use her work 'puter, it doesn't have all of my pictures and such.

So, what I was working on to enter Skeezix's Valentine's contest, can't get at that. Guess I won't be entering that contest. Bummer.

Stay warm everyone. It has been furry cold here is Whiskerconsin. Doing lots of snuggling with mum to keep her warm.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Leaking faucets in the home represent money and energy flow away.

To keep money and energy in the home, drink from leaking faucets. Approach the faucet from the southwest, taking care not to dampen your spirit.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.