Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here Kittie, Kittie

This is something mum read recently.

"Have you noticed that sometimes kitty answers to his name and other times acts like he doesn't hear you? The general belief amoung behaviorisst is that cats do recognize their names, but come running only if they think it's work their while."

True, you have treats and such for me and call me I will come. If I think you are calling me for something else that I don't want to do, I will ignore you. Here I am coming to get one of my treats.
Do you respond to your name?

Now that we gotted the 'puter back, I think I have caught up on all that is happening on the Cat Blogoshpere. I made the Valentine's party last night, but missed Skeezix's 'incident'. Seems he had a bit of a malfunction. hehehehe

And, I almost missed Appreciation Day for Mom Robyn. I would have been furry sorry if I had.


  1. You are looking so very handsome in that picture, Derby. Your whiskers show up nicely.


  2. Derby,

    I'm so sad I missed the Party. I hope you can forgive me, you know I was there in spirit with you. I've been feeling sad all day about it. I do answer to my name, but I usually give a blink blink. I only come running if I know something good is gonna happening if I do.

  3. Derby,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the attention (and the temptayshuns and the Niptini) at the party last night!

    Meow for now,

  4. Derby,
    I don't answer to my name it's usually followed by "NO!".
    The food lady does make a whistle that she does for food time or lap time.

  5. Hi Derby!

    I respond to my name when 1) I know it's food time, or 2) I hear the word Whirlybird and see someone heading for the closet.

  6. I respond to my name when I feel like it. The People KNOW I know my name, but I like to annoy them by ingoring it when they call me sometimes.

  7. I will only come running when my Mommie shakes the treat container.

  8. That is a very interesting topic, Derby. My brotha from anotha motha, named Kitty (mammacat was not very original with that name) is 12 years old and he is the only one of us that responds to his name being called. Mammacat doesn't remember how long ago she noticed that he knows his name..

    I personally have to agree with Daisy - I come running for treats only.

  9. I do recognize my name and will come running if I hear mom or dad calling out to me from another room. If I'm in the same room as them, though, I'll often ignore them calling my name. Since they are in the same room as me, they clearly know where I am!

  10. I do and if mom does a high pitched whistle I also come running.

  11. Dis iz a furry intristing topik. Hmm, none of us will come or answer dad when he calls. He only calls when we're in trubbul. Zippy and Sadie come when dey know it's fur treats, food or lap and if it's not they say I'm bizy (mrow mow)I will come effury time. I luv mom and alwayz come running when she sez my name. Ushually I'm in da same room wif her tho, cuz I like being neer her.

  12. Hay Mr. Derby! I had a fun time doing binkies with you!

  13. We respond to our names. When we hear them, it almost always means something good. Food, scratching, lap-time, The Big Thing in bed, outside walkies, strange animals on the deck, etc.

    He is careful not to call us when it is time for bad things like a visit to the v-e-t or a nasty med, so we know it is always good to hear our names.

    An we know the difference between our names, too. We are very proud of that! We can tell the sounds apart...

  14. We all respond to our names. Eddie will actually talk to Mom when she says his name!

  15. We always come fur treats. Bonnie sumtimes comes fur her name. I come fur my name, Bonnie's name, and treats.

    I answer to "Victor," "Treats," and "Bonnie... not you!"


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