Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Decision

I have been pacing the floor for many days. Mum is getting worried about me. After much thinking on my own, plus discussing with Vir-ginger, I have arrived at my decision in regards to the attention that Skittles has been giving me, wanting to be my girlcat furiend.

It is my intention to remain a one girlcat ManCat. I am staying with my beloved Ms. Princess Mia Bella. My heart belongs to the Princess.

Skittles is a furry nice kittie and I wish her all the best. Maybe I can hook her up with some other blogging mancat? At first I was tempted, but my heart has told me to be with Mia.

I understand that Skittles will be unavailable for comment for a few weeks. She is moving with her beanmom to someplace new in Catifornia. So the rest of you will know before she does. Please be kind to her. If I hadn't had Mia as my sweetie already, this might have worked out.

Plus I must keep in mind my potential position as Vice Presidential candidate with Cheysuli. I don't want to have a scandal that might affect our chances at election.

Skittles said my relationship is not official since I haven't given Mia a ring. So I will do so. Matter of fact, I will give her two. I couldn't make up my mind so she will get them both. Mia, if you would like something else, a different stone cut, a different stone type, let me know. I will see what I can find for you.

But because I seem to have a lot of special furiends, both girlcat and mancat, I am starting a new site. Derby's DreamCats. There will be two divisions one for the ladies, the DreamGirls. And for my ManCat furiends, DreamBoats


  1. Nice ring Derby. That's amazing. You must get paid much better than I do!

  2. I'm with you Derby, I'm a one gerlcat kinda mancat. The ring is beyootiful and something maybe I should think about! I wouldn't want some other boycat stealing my Misty away, and she is so beyootiful and sweet what boycat wouldn't try!?! Mom sez dat it's to soon fur me to talk marriage wif her, and dat she is still young. Maybe a ring to signify we are going steady. Concatulations - Princess Mia is beyootiful and furry nice as well.

  3. Derby, I am very proud of you. Even though I agree that Skittles is a great kitty, it is very good and loyal of you to stick with the beautiful Mia. Loyalty is an important quality. I like that.

    I never met Skittles before this week, so now I have a new friend, too.

  4. Those rings are wowwowowowow We are sure Princess Mia will luv them. You made a wise decision to follow your heart Derby ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

  5. Dat's so nice of yoo Derby to stay wif Princess Mia. Those rings are beeeeeuuuuutteeeeuuuusss!

    And fanks fur the tip bout keeping somefin on da stove so I won't burn my pawsies anymore. Mom didn't efun fink of dat till you said it.

  6. Mia, sweetie, you OK? I take it this means you like the rings!. Purrs.

  7. we finks you maded the right choice Derby. Concatulations!

  8. Oh man, yoo gotta luv ALL THE LADIES, Derby! Nevurtheless, Skittles is HOT and shuld have no problum finding a malecat too woooo hur!!! -Cheeto

    Wow, Princess Mia Bella...yoo sure are speshul to win Derby's hart! -Rosie

  9. Those are beeyoutiful rings Derby!! We are so excited for you and Princess Mia!! Very considerate of you to remain faithful to your first love too.

    Luf, Us

  10. Derby, you are a cat of your word, an honorable cat. Princess Mia knows she can count on you to be true.

  11. We is furry purroud of yous!! We stopped by to say concatulations on Matt's Busch win tonight. We no you am happy!! :)

  12. We knew you'd make the right decision, Derby. Those rings will look beautiful on the lovely Mia. We think after a year, a couple that's perfect for each other should be engaged.

    You know, if Skittles has a thing for ginger cats, you could introduce her to some of the eligible young bachelors in the GG's. There's lots of handsome guys there!

    Tipper & Misty

  13. Derby

    Noos we needs to knoos when the big day? WE needs a wedding to all go to!


  14. a furry good decision! oh, and our Lady really loves the ring pictured last.

  15. You made a wise decision when you decided to follow your heart. The rings are gorgeous. I'm sure that you and Mia will be very happy together.


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