Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Squillion Day is Here

It was one year ago today, that mum and I introduced Vir-ginger you all of you. Above is the firsted picture we showed. Mum liked the picture of me looking over her head.

Little did we know at that time what a phenomonon these guys would become. They are now all around the world. Mum actually gotted Vir-ginger on February 26, a Sunday, but we didn't post our firsted pictures until February 28th. So to Cellybrate the day for Vir-ginger and all of her brofurs and sisfur from the little of Squillions, we have SQUILLION DAY.

So to honor Vir-ginger and the rest of her litter, we are posting pictures that we have of our little sweetie.

Vir-ginger outside in the snow recently.
Vir-ginger, me and some of the other little kittie statues that mum has.
Vir-ginger and I enjoying the outside on the patio. Me in my screen porch, Vir-ginger sitting in the plant stand.
Me inside, Vir-ginger and Phat Flower Eric (PFE) on the windowsill outside.
Vir-ginger up in the crab apple tree.
Chatting with mum and Vir-ginger through the window screen.
Sitting outside waiting for the daffodils to bloom.
Vir-ginger checking out the grapevine and all of the grapes growing.
Plus the six Squillions that we fostered out, who now have happy homes all around the blogoshpere. From left to right

Mandy emigrated to the UK and lives with Fat Eric
Mango lives with my sweetie, Princess Mia
Inky joined the mob, well the Tower Hill Mob
Blackie is being schooled by Zeus
Ashes now hangs out with Abby at Manx Mnews in Floriday
Storm Cloud lives with a bunch of Texcats at Le Trois Chats

So break out the champage, let's give to toast to the Squillions.


  1. Happy Squillions Day to Queen Vir-ginger! - luf Seville and the Meezers

  2. Happy Squillions Day, Derbs and Vir-giner and all the Squillions. Those are great photos.

  3. Wow Vir-ginger gets around a lot. Pinky doesn't do much but lay around ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  4. Oh that was fun to see, Derby and Vir-ginger! ::waves 'ramic paws to their sisfur:: You're pretty as ever, Vir-ginger. You don't look a day over 1! We're very glad Derby adopted you and taught the blogosphere kitties about us so we got good homes!
    your brofurs
    Onyx & Mac @ HotMBC

    Pee Ess. KC setted up a grate Squillions day linky. Will you ask Derby to add yall's linky there?

  5. Yeah, Derby & Vir-ginger... i'm also very glad that you started the Squillions "craze" on the blogosphere. It meant the entire Litter of Squillions was able to find great homes where we are highly valued by our cat bloggers.

    We have become something of a status symbol in our own right, thanks to you, Derby and Vir-ginger.
    Your brofur, Theo

  6. Happy Squillions Day to Vir-ginger and all the other Squillions.

  7. HI Vir-giner

    This is your foster sister Ashes. I thank you for finding me such a wonderful home. I really enjoy all of my new furrfriends down here in Florida. Maybe you could come visit me sometime!


  8. Happy Squillion Day!!

    love Mia and Squillion Mango

  9. Happy Squillions Day, Vir-Ginger! Looks like yoo haf been haffing fun 'venshers. We can't wate to lern more 'bout all the squillions, and hope dat maybe da Green Wall Shelters neer our howse will haf more dis spring.

  10. Vir-ginger, you're beautiful and I wish you lived with me! Can Squillions still be adopted? We feel left out :-(


  11. I just sent an email to adopt a virtual squillion, but I would really like one to have in my home. I think I could get along with a squillion really well. Are there any left to adopt?

  12. Happy Squillions Day from you Squillion buddy Sioux!

  13. Happy Squillions Day, Derby and Vir-ginger! Fat Eric and I are furry happy together.

    from Mandy Squillion.

  14. Happy Squillions Day! I've got my pictures up today too, plus more to come.

  15. Happy Squillons Day!

    I see I'm not the only one who wishes they had adopted one...

  16. A toast - a toast - yes!

    Vir-ginger is one cool squillion! (Did I spell that right?)

  17. Happy Squillions Day! We remember when Storm Cloud came to live with us. She sits in the window sill overlooking and back yard. She's taken up the job of scaresquirrel (like scarecrow except with squirrels, cause we don't really have any crows). Sometimes she helps me straighten my whiskers.
    ~ moose

  18. Happy Squillions Day. Looks like all those Squillions have very good homes now. Well done.

  19. Happy Squillions Day to you two, too! We're slow on our post cuz Mom's got a bad cold. Lots of sleepin together is good...
    - Charcoalie

  20. Happy Squillions Day! I love the Squillions! I wish I had one too!!

  21. Happy Squillions Day Derby!!! though we're a day late. You did a good job finding homes for all the squillions. We hope we can find a squillion to live with us.

  22. Happy Belated Squillions Day! Derby... we LOVE that picture of you and Vir-ginger!!! You really started a great thing here. We are a little sad that we don't have a squillion of our own, but then we wouldn't be able to give it nearly the exciting life you've been able to give Vir-ginger. Hope to see lots more of her in the future!


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