Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Pressie

I did get a pressie for this holiday. Mum is not working this week, so that means extra snuggle time. Yay!

Now what all has happened this week. Well first the purrade. Mum and Grampie went a little early and could get their chairs right on the street. So here is some of what they saw on the purrade.
An old fashioned fire engine.
Woofies! We kitties know better than to march in a purrade.
A furry tall person, plus there were lots of clowns.
An older car and Grampie used to have one just like it and mum remembers this car when she was a little wafer.
A special treat. A small portion of the UW Madison Marching Band.
Then mum was gone a long time today. She picked up Grampie and then they went up to the town where they used to live. They visited with lots of people and stopped by the church.
Here is the church, mum says it looks good with the red, it stands out from the white of the altar and the wood. Plus matches the red carpet.
Grampie up in the pulpit where he looks right at home. He should, he preached here for many, many years. Mum said he didn't actually give a sermon.

Then they went out to visit Grammie's grave and brought home the flowers that they ordered for the Memorial Day holiday. Mum now has them out on the patio, but they need to perk up a bit. No rain and out in the wind. So she watered it good when they got home. Hopefully in a few days it will be picture worthy.

Lots of our flowers are opening up, but I will save those pictures. It is time for me to get more lovin' from mum. I have missed her today and she has missed me too.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Honor and Remembrance to all who have served our country.
Thank you.

ManCat Monday will return next week. Mum says that thanks for the nice remarks on the garden. She has done this before so knew how much time it would take her to do this. She was a little stiff when she got out of bed yesterday morning, but once she got going she did OK. Did all of her normal Sunday stuff and watched cars turn left. Including bouncing from one to the other when they were both on at the same time.

But during the down time she sat outside and enjoyed looking at her nice garden. Plus she talked with the neighbor beans and met their new woofie. The old one went to the Bridge a few weeks ago. It was the new woofie's first day at her new home and she doesn't have a name yet. Mum says the it is a golden doodle.

We are going to have a quiet day, mum is going to get Grampie, go see a purrade. Then I think chill for the rest of the day. Mum shared a little bit of her ice cream cone last night. Yum.
Hope that all of my furiends and their families have a great day, whatever you are doing. Be safe.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

busy, Busy, BUSY

First of all I forgot to post a picture for Flower Friday. So I am making up for it today. It is a furry purrty light pink iris.
But for a holliday weekend mum is certainly busy. Yesterday afternoon a big motor monster backed up into our driveway and hurled a huge hairball!Look at this huge pile of stuff, right in the middle of the drive, which means mum can't get her monster back into its room. What in the world is this stuff for? Oh, mum says it is not a hairball but bark mulch for the garden and flower beds.
Well mum got out a shovel and a cart, loaded the mulch on the cart. Then took the cart to the back and dumped the stuff, spread it out around all of the plants. She did this over and over and over and over and over....well, you get the picture.

But after many trips she had the whole back garden all covered. It looks furry purrty and makes the plants stand out so much more.
I just snoopervised the big mulch pile from the front window. I can't believe she moved enough of the mulch stuff to cover the back garden in just about three hours.
So this is what was left after she was done on Friday night of moving the stuff. Mum says she went through about half of the stuff, so the pile was a lot smaller.
So today Grampie came over and helped. He would load the cart while mum spread the stuff in the rest of the flower beds in the front.
This was about half way through the morning, the pile is getting smaller. Then soon Grampie was loading the last few shovelful of mulch into the cart.
So here is the biggest flower bed in the front. You can see the last of the tulip and hyacinths. Mum planted some other plants in here the other day, but they are still so hard to see as they are small.
So looky, no big pile of mulch. It is all put into the flower beds and mum can get the metal monster back into its room.
I just did my normal job of snoopervising. Considering that they finished getting rid of the whole pile of mulch, I think I did a good job.
But mum gets soooo dirty when she works outside. Just look at those feet, nice painted toes, but dirty feets.
She fixed Grampie lunch and then took him home. When she got back she jumped in the hot rain room and got rid of the dirt. Then she was a furry smart bean and took a long nap. I even joined her and made sure she napped a long time. She did for over an hour which was furry good for her.

Now she says she has most of her weekend work done, she can be lazy and watch cars turn left for hours and hours tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

The wise cat does not nap with its back to the door. The wise cat knows that this is a good way to wind up stepped on or kicked.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

So you can see me facing out, I don't want to get stepped on. These are the big windows that go to the floor, but mum sometimes walks in and out here. This is he door that she uses when I get taken outside in my porch.

It gotted warm here and furry windy, but now the breezes are cooler and some rain drops came down. With the wind mum's chiming things and the ribbon thingy made for lots of good entertainment.

We needed entertainment. Mum was working from home yesterday when the puter just didn't want to be hooked up to the network. Mum called and they had to send a guy out to fix it. He had to put a bright red cable outside. But the thingy is just laying on the ground. Some special guys have to come and bury it. I wonder if I can help them do the digging. The guy said they aren't allow to have their hookups be above ground any more. Mum will have to be careful when she gets the grass eating monster out.

Mum put in a few more plants tonight but still has a few to put in. Plus the stuff she put in the other day looks good. The portulaca in the front boxes are putting out lots of blooms already. That makes mum furry happy. She will need to take more pictures to show off her green fingers.

I keep hearing talk about a holliday. Hmmm, does that mean pressies? Don't kitties always get pressies when hollidays come around?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mum's Plantings

Here are a few pictures of what mum got planted the other night. Here is the front of the house with all of the little boxes full of new flowers
Mum says they are called Portulaca or moss roses. They are good in the boxes as they get lots of sun and can take the sun and heat. Plus they give all sorts of different colors of flowers when they bloom.
This is most of the impatients in a flat. Then mum took some of the out and put them in the big white hanging pots.
Then who should appear to hang out with Virginger but Phat Flower Eric! For those of you who didn't meet Eric last year, he is named for my good ginger furiend Fat Eric. Fat Eric loves his garden and flowers, so our little rotund guy got named for him.
Theses two little guys are so strange. They keep smiling even when the water is getting sprayed on them.
Mum didn't get the rest of the flowers planted today. She came home and used a big buzzing type of thing that chews up grass near the fences. Not the usual grass eating monster, mum says it was a weed wacker.

Maybe tomorrow she will have time to work on planting the rest of the stuff and take more pictures. Plus based upon last years posts mum is actually ahead of schedule from last year.

Not to worry about my 'Fat Paw Syndrome' or FPS. It isn't catching and can be cured by the user of a spellchecker. Mum says that is why God had them invent a spellchecker, so those of us with FPS can catch stuff like this. If you use a correctly spelled word in the wrong way, even a spellchecker won't help. That is what happened here. But mum thought it was interesting that some of you didn't catch it. She says our brains fill in the correct stuff even when it is wrong.


Precious of the Big Piney Woods and Speedy of the Kattonic Cats tagged me, so here I go.

Time Of Day: Feeding Time

Day Of The Week: When mum is home all day

Season Of The Year: Open window season

Holiday: Any one where I get pressies!

Beaches: Don't know, never been to one.

Song: The song Mr. Cardinal sings

Flower: roses, very tasty.

Talk Show: I am in bed for the late night ones and the moving picture box is off during the day.

Movie: I sleep through them.

Soaps: No thanks.

Beverage: Water

Fruit: No way

Snack: Pounce, Temptayshuns

Food: Yes, meat please!

Restaurant: Never been to one, but mum has brought stuff home.

I think this is a furry strange thing for kitties. I think this was made for beans not us kitties. So I am not going to tag anyone specifically, but play along if you like.


I have fat paw syndrome. On yesterday's post I wrote the following

"Parker asked if the there was a dumbwater, no that is an opening to drop dirtly clothes to the basement."

Well I got my paws on the wrong keys I meant to type DUMBWAITER. Not the stupid kid at the local resteraunt, but a thingy that carries food between floors in a house. I think I confused the The Meezer Gang when I typed in dumbwater. I forgot the 'i'.

Bombay asked if I liked the old house. I wasn't around at all when mum lived at this old house. She sold it in 2002 and I wasn't even borned until 2003. The house I live in now is the only one I have lived in with mum.

Mum came home tonight and left pretty quickly. But she came home with lots of purrty flowers. She gotted lots of them planted but I will save the pictures for another day. She still has more to plant tomorrow or whenever. Back to napping for me.

Monday, May 21, 2007

ManCat Monday

"Cats pride themselves on their ability to do nothing." John R. Breen.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent it doing as little as possible. Just chilled out for a change.
Mum went off early on Saturday to hang out with her furiends. So that meant I didn't have anything to worry about until Sunday night when she got home. The I snuggled up with her when she got home. She look furry tired, seems she was in charge of her part of the event this weekend. Which meant more work.

Mum says thanks about the remarks about her old house. She says yes it was a cute little house, with nice woodwork and thankfully the people didn't wreck it. Parker asked if the there was a dumbwater, no that is an opening to drop dirtly clothes to the basement.

But mum says the did the biggest changes in the kitchen taking away most of the storage by removing the island. Then repainted the nice wooden kitchen cabinets white. So a few things they did mum found strange. Maybe they didn't cook much, but from the pictures she thinks that in the past five years they had two babies. So that they don't fit in the house anymore!

It was just five years ago that she sold them the house and moved here. The house is nice, but mum thought the neighorhood was getting less safe. That is why she moved.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Rotate your ears when necessary to deflect negative energy in a more positive direction.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Somes times you just move your ears, sometimes the head and the ears. We kitties don't really sleep deeply. Mum says she can watch me move my ears as she makes noise, even though I may appear to be to be napping. So we can always move the bad vibes away from us.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. In keeping with wht the theme that The Big Piney Woods cats we are joining in on Flower Friday too. So here is one of our iris.
Plus yesterday evening mum looked out the window and saw a birdie at the feeder that she doesn't remember seeing before. She quick got the flashy box thing out and got a picture. Then got out her birdie book to figure out what is was. Mum says it is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. The books says it sometimes comes to feeders, so we are happy it decided to come to our feeders.
Plus mum was out looking on the internet tonight and saw that her old house is for sale. They even had pictures of the inside, they didn't change much. So mum will be watching to see how much it sells for. They publish the prices in the paper when houses get sold. I am not sure that the house would be kittie friendly. It had lots of windows, but mum says not lots of birdies to watch. Oh well, mum is happy where we are not. Not planning on moving back!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Answer Cat

I have had a number of questions again in my comments, so Iwill use this spot to respond to your questions.

Clawless but not clueless (hehehehe).

First about being clawless. I don't remember much about having them out, I was just a kitten at the time. Some people would rather have our claws removed than deal with teaching us proper use of scratching posts and all. More often than having all four paws done, most people just do the front. My first owner did this and mum knew that I had to be an inside kittie because of this. I do ok without them. But I do use my teeth to defend myself versus just sratching someone.
Opus & Roscoe's mum Cyn asked about playing in the tub and finding water in the tub. Mum normally uses the hot rain attachment, not sitting inside the water. So while she is in there the doors are closed. When she is done the doors open, she comes out and sometimes I jump in. Now the only thing that is really wet is the bottom, so my feets gets wet. Mum warns me if it is a little deep, but then I just wait until the water finished going away.
Both Virginger and I like heights. She climbs up in the trees and stuff, I jump on top of the big cold box. So no issues. The other night when Grampie was here I made myself comfy on top of the big cold box while they ate dinner.
My rainbow ribbon thingy. Mum hung it outside and it blows in the wind.
You can see me inside the big windows. I seem to be paying more attention to something other than the ribbons. But I can see it just outside, it is next to the wind chimes. Mum has a windsock out front too. But this ribbon thingy hangs under the patio roof, mum doesn't think it is really made to be out in the weather and get wet. That is why it is under the patio roof. But it sure is pretty. Below you can see me sitting at the big windows, watching the outside.
Sexywhiskerlumps or whisker humps or facical bosom or pouches. What ever you want to call them. It isn't actually a bump or a lump, just some of us kitties have a slightly different color of fur where our whiskers come out of our faces. So it makes us more manly looking and attractive to the lady cats.
About Virginger and the two little kitties. Do you think they might be her kittens? She is outside a lot, could she have met up with a mancat? I don't think mum took her in for her operation! What do you think?

Monday, May 14, 2007

ManCat Monday

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. - Garrison Keillor

Yes, so we don't have to explain why we are here, we just are. But we kitties do help our beans by being good for their health. Lowering blood pressure and all. How can you look at things like a nice sleeping kittie and be stressed out.
We had a quiet mum's day. Grampie was over and he helped mum clear out dead branches from the trees in the yard. Someone will be by to pick them up, which means mum doesn't have to take them to the special drop off point. Which would mean several trips with the car.

So not much to report for Monday. Hope everyone had had a good weekend. Purrs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Day to all of the mum's out there with human or fur kids. We thank you for taking care of us, feeding us etc. Love you so much for giving us good homes and just loving us period.

I would like to nominate as best cat mom this lady vet who lives near us. She took a Katrina kittie home to love. The story was headlined as "Even clinging to life, his eyes blazed gold". I don't want to retell the story, so you can go read it here.

I thought spring was really here, now it is back to being cool and the windows are only open just a little bit. I don't like that at all. It is nice and sunny but cool, mum even put on heavier clothes today to go outside. And real shoes, not just sandles.

Mum went shopping yesterday. Some new stores opened nearby so she went to check them out and pick up a few things. I had to check out the bags.
But the bag I was checking out wasn't the Petco bag but some Linen place. Mum didn't really get much at Petco, a new scooper for the box and another spare collar.
Then she went next door to a market and came home with this colorful ribbon thingy. I thought what a great toy for me and it didn't even come from the kittie store. She brought it out of the bag and I wanted to play with it right away. So for a little while mum held it so I could check it out, but then she went and hung it outside on the patio. So I can't play with it, but can watch it flow in the wind.
Mum also went to the Green Walls shelter to see if they had any new litters of Squillions this year. Sad to say no Squillions, and the only kittie things she found were these two. Well that is me and my tuxie Princess Mia.
But these new guys are so much smaller than Virginger and mum says they will need to be inside only kitties like me. So the shelter didn't have much to choose from this year. Mum says these were the only two there. But there were lots of frogs. Guess it is the year of the frog and not kitties this year.