Monday, August 31, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Oh heaven will not ever Heaven be, Unless my cats are there to welcome me. - Author Unknown, Epitaph in a pet cemetary

Yep and we will wait for you at The Rainbow Bridge until you catch up to us since we usually go first.

We had a marvy weekend. The weather cooperated and we had lots of sunshine, nice cooler temps, no humids. Which means mum could open the windows open wide for the whole day. Plus none of the fans were going either! Nice. 

The nice brought out mum's cleaning streak. Part of it she noticed I hacked up a hairball and hit my little cat cup. So she decided she better clean it up for me so I wasn't sleeping it the icky spots. She even set it outside for a while to help it dry!

 So while my beddie dried I did my snoozing on the tower and I made sure I sat in mum's lap as much as possible as well. If my nice heated cup wasn't available I would steal her warms while I waited for my bed to return. As of right now the bed is back but I haven't used it yet. I did sniff at it.

Two more hats mum finished up with that neato yarn. The one on the right is a kids hat and mum ran out of yarn, but used what was left from the blankie to finish it off to get the right size. 

Spitty wanted to know if I was actually guarding the yarns or waiting to play with it. Well, when you have these lumpy things that mum calls skeins, they aren't that good for playing with. Although she was getting it into a ball shape that would be good to play with. 

That is OK, there is a bag of all sorts of little balls of yarns to play with. Mum will take all of these odds and ends and make kids hats since they usually like funky combos of colors. 

Trust me, mum has gotten up some mornings and had to pick up lots of little yarn trails over the house. She thought she had pics of this but couldn't find them. Too many pics to look through. 

Everyone have a wonderful week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Saturday, August 29, 2020


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Well we had some rains and today it will finally get nice enuf mum can open up the windows again. The hots and humids are gone! Likely to be gone for a long time. Yay!

Mum decided to start to work on a blankie a couple of weeks ago. So I  have been sitting and guarding the last of the yarns she needed to finish it. 

Up close and purrsonal inspection of her work. Doing good mum and keep at it so it will be ready to give someone who needs a blankie to keep warms. .

She finished it yesterday and waited to get a bit of sunshine outside afore she tried to take a picture. She draped it over her reading chair and got lots of light from the big windows that go to the floor. 

Plus enuf yarns to make a hat to give away too. 

Plus another hat she only has enuf yarns to make a couple of hats, not enuf to make a blankie. But she likes this so might try to find more of this color so she can make a blankie. 

So what are we up to this weekend, not much. Mum will probably get out the grass eater since the grass decided to grow again since it rained. So everyone have a grate weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Well, we had some thunder boomer storms the other morning and got over 2.5 inches of rain. The grass is less crunchy but mum says the grass hasn't grown enuf to get the grass eater out. 

Mum spied this nest in the front tree a few weeks ago. These are baby mourning doves. They have flown the nest already and the nest is so loose it just falls apart and you can't tell it was even there!

Plus we have seen a little bun in the back yard with us for the past week or so. Mum got a couple of pics the past few days. The bun doesn't get too far away from the thick growth of the sunflowers and Joe Pye weed plants. If the bun gets scared it runs back and hides in the plants. 

Venturing out just a little bit farther to get some munchies from the other part of the yard. 

Amember the nest of wasps from a few weeks ago. Well mum got some spray stuff and sprayed the inside of the lid where they were hanging out. Now we haven't seen them in a few weeks. That makes us all happy. 

The hots are just about over, another day or two and then mum says it will be back to nice temps and humidity. Fall is coming guys and mum  is happy about that. 

Miss Megan, who knows why mum likes racy cars, guess she just does. Maybe she just likes things that go fast!

That is all this week. Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Looking at a cat, like looking at clouds or stars or the ocean, makes it difficult to believe there is nothing miraculous in this world. - Leonard Michaels

You got that right, I am a miracle! We all are miracles. 

Quiet weekend, we did hear rumbles of thunder last night but it never rained here. It all moved away from us. 

Mum and racy stuff. She says she always like racing stuff, cars, horsies. So when she finally got out on her own she could do stuff she wanted. She ended up working with someone who had a furiend who did this, so invited her to come out and check things out. So she did and she is still there. We watched the cars turn left at Indy yesterday on the moving picture box. 

Plus she worked on her crow-shay while she watched too. She hadn't done crow-shay in a few weeks, so needed to get back at it. 

Mum flipped the calendar page and guess what?! Nothing schedule! So I guess I get to have mum home with me all week. 

Happy week. Stay home, stay safe and please wear a mask. Be healthy. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Glad the weekend is here. Not that mum and I are doing anything special this weekend. No racy cars etc. Mum did meet up with Miss Lynn on Thursday for a lunch outside at a restaurant. Got there as soon as it opened to get a good table in the shade. They hadn't actually seen each other since February! Mum gave her a purrty orchid for her purrthday.  
Well my annual vet visit is early in the year near my Gotcha Day. That way mum amembers to get me there. Plus while you are there your human needs to talk to Dr Stabby about what immunizations are right for you. 

OK, I gotta explain this again. Mum does not drive racy cars. At best you could say she directs traffic! What she does is make sure the drivers are properly belted into the car, the car has a proper tech sticker afore they go on the track. Then for the actual race all those cars need to be put into proper qualifying order. So getting these people into a proper line. 

So these two pic show they putting the cars in order for one of the largest fields of the weekend. 58 cars so they had to use the third line. Usually they don't have to do that. In the below pic you can see mum furiend Miss Jane. I have met her and she is a nice lady who likes kits and woofs. 

One of the cars even showed that they had a pet crew named Enzo. Yeah, the woofie got named after the dog in the book The Art of Racing in the Rain. The dog mum found out is a King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise dog. 

Bumper sticker on the same car on the other side. Mum got a chuckle out of this one. 

Plus mum met this little guy. She was walking to the litter box building and this guy kept barking at her, trying to scare her away. The next day Miss Jane worked her majic and was able to give him belleh rubs! Mum didn't get his name but he is a rescue and Pomeranian mix. Mum thinks he is pretty cute but not as cute as me!

So a quiet weekend for us. Cuddles, treats, reading for mum, plus her chores. She needs to clean her litter box room this weekend. And use the sucky monster. 

Happy weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy and please wear a mask. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Kinda quiet around here. With the hots and not much rain around here in the past week the grass is getting kinda crunchy in places. Mum says that is OK, then she doesn't have to mow it as often! She did do the longer parts the other day, but that was less than half of what is grass!

We have been seeing more butterflies in the past week. On the cone flowers and the Joe Pye weed. Mum got a pic of a yellow swallowtail. We also have been seeing monarchs flitting about. Seeing the butterflies makes us happy. 

Otherwise we girls aren't doing too much. Just hanging out in the patio. Wishing the skeeters weren't quite so bad so mum could spend more time out here with us. 

Thanks for visiting. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear your mask. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

A black cat dropped soundlessly from a high wall, like a spoonful of treacle and melted under the gate. - Elizabeth Lemarchand

We loves all of our furiends who are black cats, but remember Orinch is the new black! MOL.

Mum went off to play with racy cars this weekend. Likely the last time for this year. The weather was good and it was nice to see her furiends. The event was a merging of two events. The Cat and The Kettle, so the event got nicknamed. The Cat in the Kettle!

So the official stickers that had to go on each racy car showed the name.  . . . 
. . . .with a cat in a kettle and wearing a mask. It has been a crazy season for her with with things getting cancelling and getting combined. Hmmm, mum just noticed that the stickers have the event date of JULY 15 and 16 and not August. Somebody goofed! MOL!
The the badges that the officials wore had a cute pic with a kitten inside a real kettle. Doesn't look to happy. Don't boil the kittie!
Mum will be getting caught up with her chores today. Laundry and such. Probably a nap too and she gets tired with doing these events. 

Have a good week everyone. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Please wear a mask. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Hope all is well with everyone. Me and mum are doing just fine. She is doing her chores and reading. I am playing, bugging her for treats or just hanging out in her lap. 
Yesterday I was on the sewing table behind where mum was sitting and she got the phone flashy box out to take a pic of me. 
She got more than one pic and caught me flying over to the chair to join her and then sit on her. Do you like the way I fly?

It is Check Your Chip Day. Just to remind you all to make sure your chip works. That way if we get lost we can find our way back home! When I visit the stabby place they check mine each year during my appointment. Ask if your guy or gal will do the same!
That is about all from here for today. Everyone have a wonderful weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your masks. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Yes, we are late. Mum forgot to get our post together last evening before she went to sleep she remember in the middle of the night but didn't get up to do it then. So here we are now. 

Something bit poor mum on the foot! It has been this was for over a week so not likely a skeeto. It was itching lots but that is going away finally but the red bumps are still there. 

Flowers, we thought we would show you the Joe Pye weed. It is as tall or taller than mum! So she done good on this stuff this year. 
You can see the pretty flowers below. This is a natural or native plant and the bees love it. 

A couple of the sunflower heads from the plants that are growing from  the seeds that the fevvers spilled out. The flowers are so big that the plants get top heavy and flop over. 

Oh yeah and Blogger just switched mum over to the new set up. So hopefully things look OK for this post. 

That is all for today. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

[A cat's] Nine lives added to my one life makes a perfect 10.

That is a purrfect quote, me and mum equaling a purrfect 10.

I want to send out huge comforting purrs to Miss Lynn. Her Daddy died yesterday at the grand age of 99. Plus her mum died just over 4 months ago, so she is feeling super sad. Mum will try to help her through this as best she can.

Mum moved the feeder up higher but both the chippy and the sqwerls have been able to climb up here. So mum thinks she will take the feeder down until winter time. The chippies will have gone off to hibernate and the sqwerls may forget that this was here.
 Me being mysterioius hiding behind the curtain in the front window. I like being mysterious now and then.
Not much happened over the weekend here at Casa de Ducky. Hope all of you had a quiet weekend too.

Have a good week.

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask.

Saturday, August 8, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday and Happy Cat Day. Isn't every day cat day?
Things are quiet at Casa de Ducky. Mum did her foods and other shopping yesterday so lots of good stuff in the house. I know I spied ham!

Mum got some wasp spray for the box. She sprayed a bit on where they were hanging out and hopes that discourages them from hanging around anymore.
 Can you spot me in my tunnel? I like to sit here and hide from the fevvers and such outside. I can see them but they can't see me furry well. So I get some up close looks.

 Mum put a small seed feeder out that sticks to the big windows. No fevvers but Chip the Monk found it and was chowing down.. But then the big bully sqwerls showed up and were stuffing their faces too.
 Mum has moved the feeder higher so that hopefully the fevvers will find it to eat and we can keep the sqwerls out. As of this AM Chip the Monk has gotten up into the feeder, we haven't seen the sqwerls make it up there.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Stay safe, stay healthy and please wear a mask.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. We have been enjoying some wonderful weather the past few days. Cooler and much less humid. It was even cool enuf that mum wore long sleeves while she worked pulling weeds. That helped keep the skeeters from biting her.

Last week when mum came out to clean the birdie bath she opened the box to get out the scrubby pad and noticed this! Yep, wasps creating a comb of cells. Mum could tell that one of the wasps was bigger than the other, that would be the queen. She laid eggs in the combs that are closed off with the white stuff.

 Mum discovered using her scraper thingy that the wasn't super tight to the plastic box. She was going to just pry it off but thought better. She got out the hose and sprayed the thing into oblivion!
 See those little white things, those are the larvae of future wasps and we don't want those around.
 Even a few days later they were hanging about but mum was leaving the top open as much as possible which made them fly away. Plus she is going to get some spray that will kill them if they keep hanging around. She thought she had some but she can't find it.
Mum also put out a little feeder for seed that sticks to the window. So she put it on the big windows that she sits by when she is in the reading chair. Ducky is normally nearby. Mum figures it would help to attract fevvers to keep him entertained. 

It was all full and mum only saw one fevver by it for days, then Tuesday morning mum could tell that the seed had been eaten, but we didn't know who had been dining.
Also, the clocky thing that mum has between the doors was knocked out and laying on the ground! Now that wasn't likely to be fevvers doing that.

Mum finally discovered who has been chowing down yesterday. It was Chip the Monk! She didn't have her flashy box handy so no pics. She will work on that. 

Hope all of you are doing well. We are. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask.