Saturday, July 31, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Mum needed to get out and get foods early, so that has delayed my post. 

The hots have gone away. Lots of big storms on Wednesday night, some really bad where twisters broked trees and blew apart buildings. Amazing, nobody was hurt or killed! The worst of the storms were well away from us. So not even tree twigs to pickup!

Mum didn't get much sleep that night. She slept good the past two nights and says she feels more awake. Maybe one more night of really good sleep then things will be back to normal. 

So the foods are all stowed in the big cold box. I know there is ham in that, maybe I can get some when she has lunch. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Garden Puzzle Thursday

I made it! The inner-webs were acting up and mum didn't think she could get this done for me. Thankfully the webs came back in time to do this. 

First we are supposed to get scary storms in the night. So mum is hoping nothing bad happens here. 

Mum has been bizzy cleaning out things. She made a huge pile, then put it all in the metal monster. Giving away stuff she doesn't need. As long as she doesn't give away my toys I am OK with that. Plus she is washing things like my sleeping blankies. So I have lots of re-furring to do. 

Flowers from the garden. Well the one above is from our garden, the one below is the naybors.


preview80pieceIMG_4812(1) preview48pieceIMG_4761

Monday, July 26, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

If stretching were wealth, the cat would be rich. - African Proverb

I like to stretch, all us cats do. Mum says I am doing a side view of the sphinx.


Mum even found some pics of Derby doing good at stretches.

Mum says this week will be a quiet week for us. We both like quiet weeks. Have a good one all.

Saturday, July 24, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. 

Been a crazy sportz week. First our local team won the bucketball championship, now the Oly-lympics are starting. Mum and me did watch the parade of nations, plus the fancy drone made globe. The flame lighting was cool too, but not as cool as the one in Norway where it was lit with a flaming arrow years ago. 

It is hot and humid but mum says she will probably have to work outside to get the grass eater through the backyard. It shouldn't take too long, then mum can chill for the rest of the weekend. 



That is me in the front window, but after the sun goes away. Yeah we cats like warm but I don't like hots. Mum either. Hope you can find a cool spot to hang out this weekend. 

Happy Weekend to all.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Garden Puzzle Thursday

 Mum is happy with the cleaner house. She kept it clean enuf that you didn't have to call the health department! MOL!

I am not going to worry about re-furring everything as these people will be back every two weeks to clean. So I won't stress it, although mum says she isn't taking me to the spa for the next cleaning as that will be shorter. 

The hots are coming back. Mum and I will be taking it easy. 

Our local bucketball team won the championship the other night. Mum tuned in for the end of the game, then stayed up to watch them present the trophy. Then she stayed up even later to finish her book. She is now tired. Mum, you are old, you need more sleep!

One of our pretty day lilies and handsome me after the cleaning and we were back home. Mum noticed the one pic is crooked on the wall. She got it straight now!


preview90pieceIMG_4773 preview77pieceIMG_4782-1

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tuesday This and That

 Well, the spa day was for ME! Mum was up early yesterday, then she scooped me up and put me in the PTU. Off we went in the metal monster. Short ride and I sort of recognized the building. This is where the stabby guy works.

We went in the other door and mum left me there! She did say she would be back later in the day, but wow, no warnings. 

My little suite was nice. Just inside the windows on the far left. There are more windows just around the other side. So I could see outside. Watch the fevvers at the feeder and such. I had a couple of other kits just down the row from me. A cute torti and a house panther! 

Mum included some crunchies so I just settled in for a while. Noshing and napping until early afternoon. 

Then the girl came to put me back in the PTU and well. I didn't want to get in! Hey lady, I just don't let anyone put me in this box. So she finally gave up and went and got mum. She came back and found me just sitting in the litter box! She reached in to get me and gave me a good cuddle. Said she was here for me and I was all safe. We were going to go home and chill. 


I still gave mum a bit of a struggle to get me into the PTU but she knows how I react and it wasn't long before I was inside the box and then outside and into the metal monster. 

 Short ride home and another surprize when I got home. The house was super clean! No mum didn't do it while I was gone. A whole bunch of peoples showed up and really cleaned for hours. Hey, no more cob webs and spideies to catch and eat. Mum is happy and she says they are coming to clean again in two weeks. Only thing then is she won't take me to the spa! The first clean is the longest one and mum figures I was better off gone for the day. 

The cleaning people did find a bunch of my mousies! These guys are my favorites to play with. Plus some stuff got moved around. Mum says this will help her to get rid of stuff, less clutter for the cleaning peoples to work around.

Mum got a laff from the sign on the floor. Stay apart peoples, if you don't know what 6 feet is, you now know it is 2 great danes or 7 little yappie dogs!

Yeah, peoples are still getting this nasty sickness. Mum is still being careful about where she goes and who she hangs out with. She still carries a mask with her just in case!

So, that was my Monday.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

The only identification that would be inscribed on any cat's collar would be "This is the cat's cat." - Elmer Davis

Quiet weekend around here. Mum used the grass eater, did a little more in the yard. Then she was inside and reading books and watching some of the moving picture box. 

 Here is where I spent a good deal of my time. Sitting on mum whenever she sat down. She also finished up some hats.

Plus I think something is coming up, either today or really soon. Mum keeps talking about a spa day. Hmm I hope mum will like her spa day!

Have a good week everyone.


Saturday, July 17, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy weekend all. Me and mum are going to take it easy. Well she does have chores to do, including  using the grass eater. Then she can goof off with me!

Mum is staying home from racy cars this weekend. She says it is a long event with old cars, most of which she has seen afore. Plus all of the races are super short so they don't get much time to sit and relax! At least mum says it isn't super hot this weekend like it usually is during this event. 

 Hurry up mum and finish your chores, then come sit with me!

Happy Weekend all.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Puzzle Garden Thursday

 YAWN, STRETCH. Yeah, sorry. I am late. I forgots to remind mum to set up my post last night. Oh well, guess we were both tired. 

A bit rainy but that is OK, helping the drought situation. Things are growing and blooming. The grass isn't crunchy anymore. 

Oh yeah. I mentioned mum had leveled off the grass. No, she didn't put down dirt to make the land all level, she just was using the grass eater to chop the grass off. Mum knows where the lumpy parts of the yard are and steps carefully there. 

Our one planter out front, filled with all sorts of plants. Looking very lush!

Hmmm, nice handsome lad here! Mum's favorite kittie!


preview70pieceHandsomeLad preview63pieceIMG_4725 preview80pieceIMG_4726

Monday, July 12, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

Some people say man is the most dangerous animal on the planet. Obviously those people have never met an angry cat. - Lillian Johnson

I am not much of a cat for getting angry, things are pretty good around here! 

Mum had a bizzy weekend. Caturday went smoothly but Sunday not so much. Crashes, extra pace car laps, a car on fire. Mum thought they would be done early but no. She didn't get home super late, but later than she expected by 30-45 minutes. 

So mum took some moovies. One of her furiends drives the pace car. A super cool new Corvette. 

First moovie is how a race is supposed to start. The pace car pulls in and away the racy guys and gals go. 

 This second one the pace car doesn't come into the pit lane but keeps the racy cars behind it. Somebody managed to crash on the pace lap and they had to clear that up afore they could race. 

Finally, they got the broke car gone and the racy cars could actually race.

This is the race they call The Cat and the theme this year was sock hop. Mum did not get a costume together but they did play cool music during the dinner. 

Below is what was found after the fire, the car was leaking oil. Mum didn't take pics during the fire. She stayed away and let the fire guys to their thing. The car was not badly damaged but it didn't run again during the weekend.

Me? I stayed home and napped!

Saturday, July 10, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Mum is off to play with racy cars for the day so I am on my own. Hmmm, lots of napping. She left me with good foods too. 

Lots of purrs to Sawyer and his humans. Hoping he gets found all safe and gets back home. 

Me, like I said, I will be napping lots until mum gets home this evening. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Garden Puzzle Thursday

 Welcome. The hots have gone for now, so nicer temps and the windows are open. A few rain showers as well. Mum got part of the grass evened off on Wednesday and needs to finish the job today and/or tomorrow. 

Lots of new flowers coming. It is that time of year when we got lots and lots of flowers. The day lilies are starting and mum is planning to go to the sale next month to get some more. 

Here are a couple of the current day lilies that are blooming.

Lots of future flowers too!

Looking good!


preview35pieceduckytoweragain preview80piecedlili2 preview70piecedlily1