Thursday, July 29, 2021

Garden Puzzle Thursday

I made it! The inner-webs were acting up and mum didn't think she could get this done for me. Thankfully the webs came back in time to do this. 

First we are supposed to get scary storms in the night. So mum is hoping nothing bad happens here. 

Mum has been bizzy cleaning out things. She made a huge pile, then put it all in the metal monster. Giving away stuff she doesn't need. As long as she doesn't give away my toys I am OK with that. Plus she is washing things like my sleeping blankies. So I have lots of re-furring to do. 

Flowers from the garden. Well the one above is from our garden, the one below is the naybors.


preview80pieceIMG_4812(1) preview48pieceIMG_4761


  1. Take your time with that refurring project, Ducky. You don't want to leave yourself balding!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Really, she washed your stuff, Ducky?
    As Megan's comment says, take your time.

  3. Such pretty flowers. I hope the nasty storms don't mess with you Ducky!

  4. Aww Ducky you look gorgeous :-D

  5. You are a cutie. Thank you for the puzzles.

  6. Great flowers but we like your picture best, as always, Ducky. Now get to furring things up!

  7. You and your neighbor have some really beautiful flowers. We are laughing about your comment on re-furring the blankets after they are washed. Thanks for sharing. We hope the storms weren't to bad if you had any. Have a great upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  8. It sounds like you will be busy with your refurring, Ducky.


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