Monday, October 31, 2011

ManCat Monday - Halloweenie Edition

When you next step in a small mammal's guts, remember, it's just your cat's way of saying, "I love you". - Author Unknown

Yeah, just a few creepy, crawly, mushy somethings for the Happy Halloweenie Day. We loves you, you know we do.

We kitties will be chillin' during the day, then mum will put us in the sleepy room while the sticky little things come to the door looking for candy. Thankfully we have our own treats that they don't get.Mum says they even shortened up the hours the kiddies can come and beg for candy. Last year it was three hours, this year only two. She didn't have many takers last year either. Probably will be a quiet night for her.

Mum put the outside fur-niture away over the weekend. Now we have an open view to the fevvers, sqwerls and chippies. We thinks they run and fly by just to bug us. Plus mum says that in another weekend we will start out counting fevvers on the weekend for Project Feeder Watch.

A movie for the day, we have our black kitties that play funky songs. The new one mum got plays the same song as the first one, so we have stereo. It wiggles its tail while it sings.

Feetsball Report

Packers - had the week off. So mum did other stuff and really didn't watch much feetsball.

The Colts - same results as all the other weeks. ::sigh::

Grampa Brett - still retired

Friday, October 28, 2011

How Many Kitties

Mum came across a thing that said how much room a kittie needs and we quote,

"Cats of all ages need stimulation, but what can be done to keep them lively in a rescue shetler? Studies have determined that appropriate housing should include a minimum of 18 square feet of floor space per cat, perches and toys to prevent boredom."

Now what caught our eye was the minimum of 18 square feet of floor space. Well, yes we have more than that. So we tried to calculate how many more kitties mum could bring in. It took us a while, even with 8 paws, divided by a tail, carry the ears. We came up with elbeventyseventytwo! Mum time to hit the shelter! No, two is enough for you?

We know not everyone can be like the Katnip Lounge, with that wonderful Catio they get to spend so much time on. They have a baker's dozen, so shmaybe you could open your heart to another kittie? Space and green papers permitting of course.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden Thursday


We skipped our garden tour last week since it was Derby's purrthday. Nice to have so many of you visit. This week our garden is getting ready for the cold season.
This planter is still looking good with tphe pink impatients. The other planters are starting to slow down, but we have been frosty but not a bid hard freeze. Mum says she sort of would like that, she hates to cut down things if they haven't frozen.
We saw this little guy in the metal monster room. Maybe looking for a place to stay the winter? Mum says she hopes not!

That is all for now. Love, Virginger

Monday, October 24, 2011

ManCat Monday

As every cat owner knows cats are individuals - some cats are skittish, some grave, some lazy - all lovable! - Author Unknown

Mum gave me my purrthday prezzie over the weekend. It is an ESS. We have seen other kitties with these and they look neat, so mum figured we needed one too. We both jumped in and checked it out right away. Heck the first shots she didn't have have the chance to get the store tags off.
We haven't had a moovie lately either, so here we are with our new toy.

Feetsball Report

The Packers - beat down them Vikings. Mum was worried at first, rookie QB and all for the Vikes. But the Pack came back in the second half, intercepting the rookie. Now they get next weekend off.

The Colts - playing late on Sunday, mum won't be staying up for the end of the game. We hopes they win a game one of these weeks.

Grandpa Brett - still retired, wondered if he watched the game between his two old teams?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


HiYa, Ducky here. Decent Caturday for us, lots of sun to nap in today. Here is mum taking my picture from outside when she got home. She didn't spend much time at home with us today. Said she had to cover a lot of territory today.

Here is what she did today, get up, eat brekkie, get dressed and left. Stopped at the foods store and bought big bags of kitties foods, but not for us. Then from there she drove way away to a special place and got this bag of bright yarns. This was the only store that had what she was looking for and she was willing to drive to get it.
The one on the left will be made into a baby blankie for a bean at work, same blankie pattern as she has made before, just changes the yarn. But she also likes the one on the right so she bought that one too.

Then hopped back into the car and went to our shelter. She took all the foods she bought to the shelter. They had foods on their wish list and urgently needed kittie foods. So mum figures that rather than just giving them some green papers to got ge some foods. Plus she looked to see if my brick was out, but she didn't see it.

She stopped to say hi to some of the furries, not really visiting hours when she was there but she said hello to some buns.
This big dude was in a special enclosure all by himselves.

Then she came home, did her walk, crunched up leaves on the grass with the grass eating Monster. Then she did sit down long enough to inhale some lunch and watch outside with us.
Mr Squirrel somehow managing not to slide off and feed his face on the suet cake.
Then mum caught Mr Hawk coming through and sitting in a nearby tree. Looking for some lunch too. Mum says the junco birds are back too, they come here for the winter from way up north.

Then she jumped in the hot rain room, got all clean and fresh clothes on and went off for a surprise purrthday party for this furiend of hers. Said she was a whole 40 years young. Well compared to mum it is young.
She got home way after dark, put on her jammies and is just chillaxin' on the sofa. I am going to join her and cuddle.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Purrthday Dear Derby

Yes, it is my purrthday, I am a whole eight years old now. Not quite a geezer cat, I still feel like a kitten.

Since it is my purrthday, that means today is the day we reveal our tocks. Just for me. Thanks guys.

Puddin's (from where Grampie used to live)

I would be a terrible host if we didn't provide some noms and refreshments for our guests. So step right over to the buffet for some foods and drinks. Then we can visit and enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, October 17, 2011

ManCat Monday

There are as many different characters of cats as there are colours - and all utterly captivating. - Author Unknown

Just us orinch kitties in this house, but we kitties do come in all sorts of colors and mix of colors. So pick your favorite color and go find a kittie in that color. Give them a good home.

We are sending lots of purrs to our lovely lady furiend Parker. She hasn't been feeling well and now her beans have found out she has tummy cancer. You can head over to her blog to read more. We will be sending lots of purrs and purrayers to Parker, her fursibs and beans as well. Hang in their Parker, we loves you. Around here this weekend we did lots of playing. Mum still has today off so another day to hang with her on Monday. She finished her washing marathon to move the summer clothes into the closet and bring out some of the fall and winterish stuff. It was sunny so we had lots of sun puddles to sleep in, extra cuddles and treats from mum. We will next post on Thursday, that will be Derby's purrthday day. So we invite all of you to stop over for refreshements and don't forget to post your tock pictures. Mum has been going through the pictures finding lots of our tock pictures.

Feetsball Report

Packers - still unbeaten, we beat them Ram guys from St Louis, Misery state. Plus them Lion guys from the Mitten state losted, so now the Packers are the only unbeaten team.

The Colts -
still winless, sorry guys. We wish Mr Peyton would come back. But at this rate maybe you will bet first pick in the draft next year and get a new quarterback.

Grampa Brett- still retired

Our baseball team also played against the redbird team from St Louis, Misery. However the Brew Crew didn't do so well. Heck the St Louis baseball team scored more points than the feetsball team. So for us the baseball season is over. Better luck next year.

Find the fevvers answer. We saw five and have them labeled on the picture below, so biggify to see. We only counted those on the plant, not those in the background on the feeder sock. Mum knew she saw five when she took the picture, but even she had a hard time finding them all to mark them for you. Biggify to see the number marks.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Many Fevvers

HiYa, Ducky here today. We have picture for you to study and report back to us on how many fevvers you can see sitting on the plant. You can biggify the picture to help you count. We will report the number we see on Monday. No prizes, just for fun. You don't need to count the fevvers in the background on the feeding sock.
Plus next week Thursday is Derby's purrthday, so that means, it is SHOW YOUR 'TOCKS DAY. Mum has been following us around with the flashy box to get new tock pictures of us.

We are having a sunny but windy day. So we are napping in the sun puddles, mum is on a laundry marathon. Up and down to the dungeon lots today. But she did sleep in today. She was off chasing around at a charity event with not real racy cars but at the race track. She had a good day, her furiend drove them, she said she got to go riding in a convertible at the end of the day with a real race car driver. He went fast, but smooth all around the track. Mum liked that. Plus they raised lots and lots of green papers for charity, which was the point of the day.

So we guess we will just go back to napping.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday with me Virginger. It may be fall but we still have things happening outside. One thing is that we are happy the mess is gone with the road work.
Here is a picture of our Russian Sage, sort of going downhill and mum says she needs to get a couple of new ones planted.
Our little maple tree has already losted all of its leaves for the season. Then we get to a plant that shows up on the side of the house. Mum says they are called Chinese Lanterns. Well a few weeks ago we could see the little lanterns starting to form.
This week we went to check on them and something ate all the plants, little lanterns and all!
We do still have our impatients are still blooming, so that is something is pretty still in our yard.
Thanks for visiting. Love Virginger

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, This and That

Yes, that is us, together watching the worker guy TV. It is finally coming to an end, and mum says HURRAY!
Monday they put down one layer of black stuff, which left a bit of a lip to drive through, but mum still parked off on the side street so she didn't have to get out early when they started working. That way she got a bit of a walk in every morning.
Today on Tuesday the put down another layer and finished off the end of our driveway. So mum could bring the metal monster into its own room again for the first time in over a week. Plus she says she can finally get the metal monster all washed and cleaned up again.
They still have to finished up the dirt on the edge of the road, smooth it out some and put grass seed in it. But all of the big, noisy and smelly work should be all gone.

Mum came home after day hunting and then left again. She went out to eat on a day hunting night no less. We smelled crab on her breath and she didn't bring us any! Said it was a farewell dinner for one of the library board members who is retiring and leaving the area. She said she got to try the restaurant at the new hotel in town. Mum said it was OK, but not outstanding. Figured they need to support the local businesses though.