Friday, March 31, 2006

Inside Spring Flowers

Mum has a plant that normally blooms around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Guess what, its got a few new blooms on it now! Below is what they looked like in December.
No open windows today, it gotted cold again. Bummer, come on spring, get here and stay here!

Miles posted about getting stepped and sat on. Mum didded the same thing to me tonight. She got home from work and wanted to set down her 'puter bag, nearly got me with that and then managed to get her big foot on my tail. And she wondered why I was suddenly in such a bad mood. You wouldn't be happy if your tender parts were getting stepped on!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yummy, Fresh Air

Here is the latest batch of kitty grass. Mum broughted it out tonight and was going to give it a little water before she put it down where I could eat it. I wanted it now and jumped up to start noshing. Yum.

No, I never did find a way to get to the top of the thingy to eat it early. But I will keep thinking about it. She has another batch growing up there.

What I call the dungeon, mum calls the basement. The only thing there that breathes fire is the big metal thing that warms the house. So, no dragons that I can see. I think I am pretty safe. Lots of kitties said they didn't have a dungeon, so I will share mine. I gots lots of room.

Plus mum finished reading me Max's book last night. We both liked it, towards the end I began to remember the posts that I first read on the 'puter. That is when I started to get into blogging. Furry good Max.

And tonight when mum came home from work she opened some windows in the house. I was so excited about this I almost jumped out the window to the outside. Mum just caughted me before I got loose. She was happy as she didn't want to run outside to try and catch me. Here you can see me sitting with the open window as it gets dark. It was nice to smell the fresh air and all of the outside smells of spring.
My dear Princess Mia won a contest. She gave a wonderful thank you speach at the Diva Kitty site. She even thanked me, I'm dreamy. Thank you PMB.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Dungeon Pictures

Sorry to hear that not every kitty has a dungeon to play in. I like mine, I go down all of the time. My box is down there where it is nice and quiet. I can jump onto the shelf that holds the laundry and then up to the next storage shelf. Mum keeps all the stuff she doesn't ever seem to use here. I don't think we have an attic here, or I haven't found it. Mum says we do, but nothing up there but air and insulation to help keep the house warm/cool.

I can sit here and supervise mum as she does the laundry. I always think she needs my help. Make sure she gets all of the stuff washed and dried.

There is a part of the dungeon I that is closed off. Grampie keeps his tools in there. I think if I look hard I could find weather stripping for William to have. Mum says there is too much stuff for me to get into trouble with in there.

This shelf gets me close to the heaty duct and beam, which is just above my head. I haven't gotten stuck yet. The spaces are big enough to let me crawl around, even turn around. So when I need some space to just hang out, I can just head down here. Not much to see, the windows are very small.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dungeon 'Sploring

Since I have the run of the house, I can go wherever I like. So at times I go down to the dungeon and check things out. Lots of interesting smells, even old smells of mousies. But I have managed to get myself up on top of the heaty ducts and beam down there. Mum has seen me up there but never managed to get a picture, until now. She was sneaky and took the little flashy box with her when she wented down to work on the laundry today.

Sitting on the heaty duct is warm when the house is warm, so it can be rather cozy sitting up there. It is a bit dusty, so sometimes I come up from the dungeon with spidey webs and such on my face. Mum helps me get the gunky things off my whiskers and ears.

What is nice is that she doesn't get mad that I am up her. Sort of like she expects me to check everything out that I can. Smart mum.

Also, as of late yesterday afternoon, all of our snow in our yard is gone. Plus we have lots of sunshine and nearly 50 degrees in temps(that 10 C for my Brit gang). Mum sees lots more of the tulips and daffs starting to come out of the ground, but no flowers yet.

Plus we have a new group of cats, The Coats of Many Colors,
A Social Group for Bi-color, Tri-color & Solid Coated Cats. Our founder, George of Crew's Views, is hosting the site for kitties. I am one of the charter members!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ch, Ch, Ch,Changes

As you can see mum changed the format of the blog. It is now all one color, eliminating the numerous boxes, divisions and such. Mum thought it looked chunky and liked the look of the all black blogs, but didn't like all black.

So we have the unified look of the same background colors. Links in dark blue, I rather like the look myself. Mum thinks we may still have to do a few tweaks on some little things. So thanks mum for the update.

Plus we added a number of new links. Puff found a new Puff in the UK. Plus lots of other kitties who have joined and have been leaving comments on lots of blogs.

Puff the Cat
Top Hat & Tails
Sweet Ariel
Furry Paws
Buddy's Place
Lone Star Purrs
Puss a Lapigus
A Blog Purr-Say(per-se) - Tahoe and Winston
Hara and Lulu on...
Gatubelas - Luna (en Espananol)

Wow, look at all of the new kitties who have joined us blogging. Drop in and say hello.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Growing Grass

Mum keeps the grass coming, always seem to have a dish to eat from and one more growing. But it does have to grow a bit, in the light, before I can eat it. So mum hadded to find a spot where she could put the stuff AND where I couldn't get at it. She founded a spot, but I am still figuring out to get up there.
I know this stuff is there and it drives me crazy. Even though I have a dish to eat from the fresh stuff is bestest. So I just lays on the bed sometimes and try to figure out how to get it. I will let you now how I do.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Mum finished the blankie she was doing for the people across the street. She tooked it over to them Sunday afternoon. They liked it very much and they will have a warm blankie for the little one when it gets here. Here are a few pictures of the blankie in progress.

This is done on the diagon alley, part so it starts as a big triangle, then you square it off. Mum likes to use multicolor yarn to give it more color.

Mum has already started on a new blankie this one will get donated to Project Linus when it gets done. So mum has stuff to keep her busy while she watches the big noisy box with moving pictures.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mr Robin

Mum got a picture of this big fat robin in our yard yesterday. So we know spring is really here. She even keeps track of when she sees her firsted robin and last year it was a whole week later, March 14 this year, versus, March 22 last year. Mum had seen some robins last week, but no pictures. Mum also uncovered some of her special plants. The worsted of the really cold weather is over, so it is OK for them to come out from hiding. Come on spring, lets see some flowers blooming.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

What's for Lunch?

OK, time for lunch so let's see what I can find that I think mum should give me for lunch. Apples, Meat, what I need is meat. I don't see any turkey or tuna. Oh, I see some ham and and yes, some cheese. OK get the bread you can make a sandwich for yourself. Pull out the carrot sticks and if you wants an apple, OK.

OK, now that we have the ham, what do we need to have on it. Mustard, Mayo...anything else that looks good, yogurt, something to drink? Ohh, mum is getting the skillet out, so grilled ham and cheese. A hot sandwich is nice in the winter. Oh and soup too. Cream of tomato. This should be a good lunch. It is still cool today, so hot lunch is good

Oh, mum, I think you forgot me. Mum, MUM! Hey, let me out, it's cold in here!

Sheesh mum. Watch it with the door. You want to break my tail like Patches gotted her tail smashed!?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wrasling Challenge

We have a challenge from The Cowboy. His school is doing well in the NCAA wrestling tourney, but not basketball. So he wanted to see pictures of our moves. Well, since I don't have another kittie to rumble with I have a picture of me the the wrapping paper. Also a picture of me with one of my toys, but that looks more like I am boxing.
Mum's basketballl kitties, The UWM Panthers, losted today. So no more dancing for them. Guess we need to be like The Cowboy and hope one of the other kittie nicknamed team does good. KY Wildcats, Pitt Panthers are still playing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope all are doing fine, eating and drinking green stuff as needed. Hmmm. I didn't see mum eat anything green today. Wonder if that is OK. But she founded a shamrock to add to my blog for today. Anyway, I better get going. I need to pop on over to Finny & Buddy's Party. Part St. Pat and Purrthday too. I figured I needed to be home for a while when mum came home from work. I know she would miss me if I wasn't here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Too Much Cleaning

Mum gotted carried away with her cleaning last night. She caught the tail of my blue mousie in the big sucking machine and the machine ated the tail off of the mousie. So mum hadded to go through the machine and find the tail. Wash it out and then sew it back on.

So I guess it is OK again, at least the poor little guy has his tail back. Mum, please be more careful in the future when getting near my toys with that sucking machine. I like this little mousie and I don't want to lose it.

The weather guys guessed wrong, again. It barely snowed today, maybe two inches. They were predicting 4-8 inches of snow. It didn't even stick on the sidewalks and driveway, so mum doesn't even need to shovel.

Plus mum is dancing, or at least her university is, the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Panthers. They wonned there firsted game today for March Madness. So let's hear it for the big black basketball kitties. Go Panthers!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Don't forget to sign up for the Catlympics. You can get all of the details on Beau's blog. There is something for every one to compete in, boy and girl kitties. Also, there are age divisions. If all else fails you can be a torch bearer for the torch run. I am busy practicing for my events. I didn't enter many events, since I have to be the sports reporter too.

Also The Crew 'fessed up to the sign. Don't worry I won't call the cops, I think its neat. Plus there are lots of others who have made their mark here too.

Mum said she saw two robins today. They are gonna get a surprise tomorrow, its gonna SNOW!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Grampie helped mum move the big cold box yesterday so she could clean behind it. No toys behind it, just dust bunnies, but I don't play with them. Then mum made dinner and I gotted to lick the the left over ice cream in the bowls. Grampie even shared his too. After dinner he wented to wash his hands in the bathroom. This is the bathroom mum won't let me in because I shred the TP. Well, Grampie didn't see me come in and then shut the door on me when he left the room.

So after he left mum was looking for me and kept walking through the house looking for me. I wasn't in any of my usual spots. She even wented to the dungeon to look for me and made sure that Grampie hadn't shut me in the closet. She finally heard my collar tags clink and let me out. She said I needed to meow where I was. Well, if she hadn't found me I could have kept myself amused with the TP.

The Crew says they are not responsible for the sign as they don't get let out of the house. Well, Crew, you teleport to the parties, so why couldn't you have teleported here to make your mark on the world? In spite of your protests mum says she will think of you when she see it. Everyday on the way to work.

Also, Happy Purrthday to Uncle Stormie. Today is your special day.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cat Vandalism?

Mum and I live close to where The Crew - George, Tipper and Max live. Mum saw this the other day as she was out driving. She went back to day to take the pictures. Those three kitties are very ambitious to go out and put their name up on the side of a railway overpass!
For their mum and dad, this is on Highway 74 in Lannon, just before the highway turns west into Sussex. Mill Road ends here at Townline Road. Just in case you want to check it out for yourself.

Guess I better finish this up. Mum says Grampie is coming over soon. Mum needs his help on moving the big cold box to clean behind it. That woman has become a cleaning dervish the past two days. Plus excepted for a few very small spots all of our snow is gone. It was nearly 60 degrees here yesterday. Mum even opened the windows up a bit for fresh air.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cleaning Help

Mum was cleaning today and worked on the extra bathroom that Grampie and guests normally use. I decided she needed help or at least someone to supervise and make sure she gotted all of the proper things done and properly cleaned. I normally don't hang out and lay in the sink, but I thinks I fit in this one just fine. Plus unlike the other sinks in the house, it happened to be dry at the time.

Mum usually does not let me in this room, something about not wanting me to shred the TP. Hmph. But I tried to look out the window but can't see anything because there is vanilla frosting on the window. So I can't see the birdie feeders which are just a few feet away.

Yup, OK. Sink - clean, toilet - clean, seat down, floor - mopped and clean. One bathroom down, one to go.

Mum gotted really carried away with cleaning. She was washing rugs and using the big sucking machine lots. She even wented through all of the boxes in the house and tooked them out so she could cycle them. So now I don't got any boxes to play in. Mum said we hadded to many boxes in the house and they were taking up room. She is liking all of the space that this cleared up. So she says she has done pretty good on her spring cleaning.

And spring musted be real close. Mum said she heard a robin singing but didn't see him. Plus the boy goldfinches are starting to get bright yellow again too.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Reading Material

I gotted a package addressed to me today. This is the firsted time I gots anything like that. Inside was Max's new book! I didn't know that mum had ordered it for me. It is even autographed and all. So thanks to mum for ordering it. Now she has to read it to me.

But mum checked and my question that I asked Max wasn't in the book. So I musted of stumped him! But the book is dedicated to all of us blogging kitties. Thanks Max.

Mum even gotted home from work early today. Plus she didn't work very hard this afternoon. Seems the big boss at work invited them to go watch the Wisconsin-Indiana basketball game. The big boss wented to school at Indiana, and he was happy as Indiana won. Hmmm, spend the afternoon watching sports, eating and drinking beer. What a way to make a living!

When mum came home she wented out and feeded the birdies. She hadded to fill up the special feeders with the nyger seeds. We was all out so she transferred the seed to smaller containers that is easier to handle. So now the birdies can all come around and have lots of snacks.

Thursday, March 9, 2006


Mum gotted something in a very big box yesterday. But she just put it on the table. Come on mum, open the box. Sure I can play with it and lay on it but I want to get inside. That is where the mostest fun is. So until you do open it. I am just going to sit on top of it. Then you can't see the big noisy box with moving pictures on it.

So she finally opened it tonight, inside the box was another box. So bonus time. Two boxes to play with. I didn't care what actually came in the box, it obviously wasn't for me. But I had lots of fun going from one box to the other.

Mum needs to order more stuff by mail if I gets boxes to play in!

Thanks for all of the nice words on my tub hockey report. I reported what I remembered, which considering the niptini's and Bloody Mousies, wasn't much. So I don't remember the rest of the scores. But everyone hadded a good time.

Buzzerbee and Meep think I should be a sports reporter or announcers. WHAT, ME GETS A JOB! It would interfere with my napping and play times. That is what mum is for, to gets money to pay for things. Last night she talked with the sushi country and then very early this morning she was on the phone again with "Corporate". She hadded to take some training. Too early for my brain to work.

We have had lots of rain so the snow is going away. We even hadded tunderstorms last night. Mum says she can just see where the tulips and such are just starting to push up out of the ground.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Tub Hockey!

Tub Hockey! by Derby Slapshot

A celebration of Magoo’s birthday turned into an impromptu tub hockey showdown. The home team of Magoo and Smudge took on all comers, proving that they clearly had home tub advantage. The twosome had a particularly hard match with Edsel and Jasper. The ref, Bonnie Underfoot, had her hands full with this foursome. During the match several fights broke out, partly fueled by the refreshments of the catnip punch. But the home duo prevailed by a score of 6-5.

After this initial match, some of the less experienced players were matched up for practice games. The games were set up for both two-on-two and one-on-one games. While not playing a full regulation time, it provided all a good time to play in a real game format. This provided a better test of skills that just practice conditions.

Two kitties who show promise are Victor Tabbycat and Charlie Fluffbum. When matched against each other for a one-on-one period, held each other scoreless for the time they were in the tub. For each move made the appropriate counter move was made. Both kitties have the chance to really advance to the top echelons of the game, should they choose to pursue the game. The Meezers were very happy to play in a tub without bubbles!

On Sunday, the premier match was set up a bit differently. To get away from the home team/tub advantage Magoo was teamed up with Edsel. Smudge was teamed up with Shaggy. A fast, furious and fabulous match ensued. Now that each team had a participant very familiar with the nuances of the tub it was a very even match. The action was fantasic and each team had numerous shots on goal. Do to the excellent defensive skills of each team the final score was 2-1 in favor of Smudge and Shaggy. (Sorry birthday boy Magoo.) The performance of each team was amzazing considering all of the partying that had occurred leading up to this match.

Also, the cheerleading squad, with Princess Mia, Patches Lady, Mittens, Mistrie, Angel, Taz, Dolce, Tipper and Diva Kitty were spectacular. Particularly stunning was the pyramid formation which included the help of all of the female kitties present. Some of the more experienced members provided a short cheer clinic so that all of the girls could update their skills and share tips on learning safety and good cheers.

It proved out that the skills of the feline tub hockey group is quite proficient. Next season should be a great year.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Sleeping it Off

Made it back safely from Magoo's birthday party. Mostly need time to rest, sleep and mum says to keep drinking lots of water. So when I feel up to it I will post on the tub hockey matches.

The party was magnificant, but the refreshments really knocked your socks off. Niptinis and Bloody Mousies, a dangerous twosome.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Yucky Tasting Plant

Mum didn't waste any time getting rid of the dead plant. She tooked it outside that night and the next day the big noisy truck came and took all of the trashy stuff away.

But all of the suggestions for a large kittie condo didn't work. Mum came home with this plant today to replace the one she/I killed. I immediately checked it out. Doens't really smell and it sure doesn't taste good when I tried to chew on it. Not tasty at all. Sort of like it really isn't real. Not exactly sure what type of plant it is, plus it seems like there is more than one plant. Mum says I can't kill this one and neither can she. Hmmm.

She also camed home with this purrty wreath to go on the front door. Says that the yellow things are the flowers of a for-sith-ia. Bright yellow and they bloom early in spring. Mum is thinking that she needs to get a real for-sith-ia for the yard. It is one of the firsted things to bloom when spring finally gets here. And we are waiting for spring to get here.

Plus she broughted home these little packages of seeds. Instead of having to buy a whole kit to grow kittie grass, the local garden store had packages of seeds of just the grass. Mum says with the other little containers she has from growing the grass before and potting soil, she can keep the grass growing for much less money. Also note that she boughted some seed to grow catnip outside once it gets warm.

Mum even gotted a little creative last night and managed to make a logo for The Gorgeous Gingers. See the side bar under my clock. She sended the code to Fat Eric's mum and if you are part of the group, you can get it from her. Keep an eye out for any ginger cat that hasn't signed up and send them an invite to join. Only need to be a ginger cat and so far all of us gingers are boys! What no girl gingers??? Is this going to be a 'boys only' group? I hope not.

Well, time to pop back to Magoo's birthday party. The gang is having a great time celebrating with him. There have been some incredible tub hockey matches. I will need to give you a full report once everycat is back home. Plus I think I need to start working on mum to host a party for everyone for my birthday. My birthday is on a Friday, so we could party the whole weekend!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Thank You Voters

Hi Everyone. I want to thank all of my blogging buddies and beans who voted for me. I didn't get to be Mr. February on the Calvin and Hobbs Pet of the Month Contest. I losted out to a woofie. Mum says my second place finish is pretty good for a first time entry. We were leading most of the month, so the woofie must have gotten lots of late voters. Plus I didn't send out a reminder to everyone to go vote those last few days. Guess I would not make a good politician or maybe I need a better campaign manager. Hmmm. Next time maybe I better hire that out, rather than leaving it to my mum, a volunteer.
My fellow ginger cat Fat Eric has started hosting a special blog for all of us, THE GORGEOUS GINGERS. So if you qualify, please go to the site and see what you need to do to join. Eric says that in Brit-speak I qualify as a ginger, so you might too. This is our little group so we can get together, like the tuxie's but for us fabtabulous GINGER cats.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

It's Dead

Last month I posted on this plant as I gotted carried away and knocked it over after mum had watered it. Well this is what it looks like now. Not to say anything bad about mum's care of plants, but well, it doesn't look good. Sheesh, mum, you can't keep a simple plant alive, I hope this doesn't happen to me. Brown and skinny.

Mum: Derby dearest. I think the plant looks that way because you keep running over, under, around and through it for the past many months. All of my other plants are fine, just this one that you seem not be able to leave alone. But I agree, it is time to toss the plant in the trash. But don't worry, I will get something else to sit in this spot. So don't think you have succeeded in getting more space to sprawl.