Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cat Vandalism?

Mum and I live close to where The Crew - George, Tipper and Max live. Mum saw this the other day as she was out driving. She went back to day to take the pictures. Those three kitties are very ambitious to go out and put their name up on the side of a railway overpass!
For their mum and dad, this is on Highway 74 in Lannon, just before the highway turns west into Sussex. Mill Road ends here at Townline Road. Just in case you want to check it out for yourself.

Guess I better finish this up. Mum says Grampie is coming over soon. Mum needs his help on moving the big cold box to clean behind it. That woman has become a cleaning dervish the past two days. Plus excepted for a few very small spots all of our snow is gone. It was nearly 60 degrees here yesterday. Mum even opened the windows up a bit for fresh air.


  1. That's freakin' awesome! I had no idea that George, Tipper and Max were so handy with paint brushes!

    (Spring cleaning! My favorite! Do you assist, Derby?)
    ~ tammara

    Spring cleaning - ugh! We assist by hiding (turtle and nala) and getting right into any pile of dirt/trash/interesting stuff that is collected (moose).
    ~ tm&n

  2. whoa, the Crew has been busy! i hate Spring cleanin'. it means my Mom won't pay 'ttention to me plus the noisy sucky thing gets used a lot plus smelly spray stuffs and it's just no fun. i don't help at all, i go outside and herd my squirrels

  3. A cat can understand the need to clean. Humans clean in a funny way, but the important thing is that they do it.

  4. That's pretty funny!

    I wonder if your mom will find a regular gold mine of toys behind that refrigerator. It could happen...

  5. Boy! With all of the gang actvity within the cat blogging community (Tuxedo Gang, Gorgeous Gingers, Attack of the Tabbies and House Panthers), I think we all failed to realize there was a tougher gang within our midst.

    "The Crew" is a force to be reckoned with...and they have access to spray paint!!

  6. Wow, that's a purrty big tag!

    Representing the Southwestern District.
    Tuxedo Gang.

  7. Blimey, I'm seeing George, Tipper and Max in a whole new light...

  8. Hahahahaha! Good one, Derby. But since we're never allowed out, we couldn't have painted that. We think there must be another "Crew" on our turf and may have to call on the blogging groups to drive these rivals away!

  9. Wow what PR...and it's done in graffiti, simply amazing. We like your pict in the sink ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  10. I hope The Crew doesnt get into troubles. There is there signature, big as you please!! If they need an alibi, they can always say they were here, in the Big Piney Woods...

  11. That's an awesome signature the crew worked on. It's 60+ degrees here on Monday. Our mom will be spring cleanin soon too.

  12. This is hysterical! The crew can deny it all they want, but WE know it was them! LOL!!


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