Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Hello Last Wednesday of the month. Watching baseball and thanking the Atlanta Braves for beating the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. That means the Milwaukee Brewers are the NL Central Division Champions. That means they play in the first round starting next Tuesday, opponent to be determined. 

Fall has hit and we had a rainy Tuesday, so got lots of reading done. Read during the day, baseball at night. Thursday night Packers play football. Busy sports time!

Christmas Cookie Murder Lucy's hosting of the cookie exchange isn't a smashing success due to a leaking toilet. However there is tension because of the death of a day care worker, drugs in the community with a new sheriff who has a zero tolerance policy.

A Royal Pain is the second installment in the Her Royal Spyness series. Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie is a very, very minor royal, great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She again gets roped into helping out The Queen to introduce a very minor German royal to David. The the German royal isn't exactly royal. After two books I found them to be a bit tedious and am not planning on reading the rest. Currently 17 or 18 books in the series.

Atlas of the Heart was a clunker for me. I think I was expecting something actually about the heart as a body organ, not on heart as in feelings. "explore eighty-seven of the  motions and experiences that define what it means to be human" Didn't read.

I got 17 from the following list!

Happy Reading.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

The problem with cats is that they get the same exact look whether they see a moth or an axe murderer. - Paula Poundstone

Happy Purrthday in Heaven to Grampie! I know mum misses him lots at times. I can see she gets all misty eyed, and then I get lots of hugs. I didn't know him long, but he was a nice guy.

Super nice weekend. I took advantage of the nice weather and just chilled on the tower. I am even trying to purrfect a dangle like Queen Tama. How am I doing?


Bizzy sporting weekend, feetsball and basey ball. Sunday our teams were playing at the same time. Mum was switching back and forth between the two. Plus working on her crow-shay.

Sports Report

The Pack - started out slow, didn't score for the first three quarters. Then they got their act together. JLove and company scored three times and went ahead 18 to 17. The other teams had a chance to kick a field goal right at the end and the missed! WooHoo. We won the home opener. 

Basey Ball - That would be the Milwaukee Brew Crew. On Friday they scored early and often, getting 16 runs. They toasted after the game that they had made the playoffs, but they needed one more win to win the division championship. PFFFT, they couldn't barely score, so no popping of champagne for them just yet. Mum thought it would be good if they won at the other guy's place. Make it messy with champagne instead of their own locker room. 

So lots of sports happening this week. The Pack plays again on Thursday and Brew Crew plays Tuesday to Sunday for the last six games of the season. Post season starts October 3. 

You all have a wonderful week and next Monday will be a new month!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Trivia at the library last week was a bust for us. We didn't do well at all, getting only about 60% of the questions correctly. Usually it is somewhere 80-90%. Must have been the categories weren't what we knew. Oh well, there is always next month.  

A few trees are showing hints of color, but the temperatures are going to be near 80 for a number of days. Good news is not much humidity.

Valentine Murder Lucy has joined the library board and on the day of her first meeting the head librarian is murdered at the library. Plus the historic pewter tankard is missing? Are the two crimes related?

The Last Dress from Paris, a grandmother sends her granddaughter to Paris in regards to a certain Dior dress. The granddaughter finds a history of her grandmother she didn't expect.

The Pope at War, written by Vatican expert and Pulitzer Prize winning author David Kertzer, tells the role of Pope Pius XII during World War II. After the Pope's death in 1958 his papers were sealed which covered up his moral failures during the course of the war. The archives were released in 2020 which allowed the in depth account of the Pope's actions or inaction. Interesting read.

I just add them to my TBR, I will get to them eventually!

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Talk Like a Pirate Day

 Ahoy Matey!

 Time to take out the Good Ship Sassy Cat for its annual sail. All good pirate mates are welcome to join. 


Captain Derby above and the first mate Dora below!

Also must wish Auntie Kellie a happy purrthday today. She come and cares for me when mum is off doing racy car stuff. 

Mum surprized me this morning. I was snoozing so nice in my heated cat cup when she picked me up and put me in the PTU! NO! Oh yes. 

Off we went to see the vet man, well, in this case the vet lady. Dr Tom retired so we now have Dr Carolynn. She is nice and she does stuff to check on me that Dr Tom didn't, like stretching my back legs out good to check for arthur-itis. I'm good. 

Being woman handled, but with care. The good news was I gain three more ounces in the last 6 months. I'm up to 7 pounds 9 ounces. She and mum decided I didn't need any blood work today, plus no shots. 

It is a rainy day but mum kept me dry. When she took me out of the car she had a gizzy quilt over me. Also too many woofies with bad manners. Barking, jumping and all. Mum went to pay the bill but left me in the exam room while she did it, then could whisk me outside quickly. Although we rain into a big brute on his way in. 

Enough for today. I am going to go and enjoy my sailing.


Monday, September 18, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

There is the little matter of disposal of droppings in which the cat is far ahead of its rivals. The dog is somehow thrilled by what he or any of his friends have produced, hates to leave it, adores smelling it, and sometimes eats it...The cat covers it up if he can... - Paul Gallico

Yep, I covers up my bizzness and leave it to mum to scoop it out and get it into the trash every week. 

Me and mum had a nice week. Lots of open windows and doors, fresh air. The air chiller has been off and even mum isn't running the fans much. Said she enjoys the quiet of not having things humming. 

Mum getting a couple of profile pics of me while I sat in her lap on Sunday. Just watching the feetsball game and the basey ball game too. Lots of sports teams here worth watching. After I got out of her lap she worked on her crow-shay and finished the blanket she started just 10 days or so ago. She doesn't even work on it every day. She is a speedster on getting these done. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack was winning most of the game, but then in the last part the defense didn't do their job quite as good as they should. Plus the offense needed just a couple more points to win. They just losted by one point. Even in defeat they did pretty good, mum isn't expecting purrfection and a championship this season. 

Mum did watch for a bit last Monday and wanted to see ARodg get bumped around a bit. She certainly wasn't looking for him to get hurted so bad that he needed a fix it doc. Heal quickly ARodg.

Mum is also spending lots of time watching our basey ball team. They are close to winning their division which means getting to play in the post season. Paws crossed for them.

Have a good week everyone!


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Hello, I've spent some time the past few weeks going through my TBR. I did it about a month ago, then deleted a bunch of series books to get down to the most recent four books. Then the new copy of Book Page came out, plus lists from the New York Times. My TBR is back close to 200 books, plus I have two newer series to check out. Plus I check to see if my library system actually has the books, usually they do. If not I just note it as by the time I get around to that part of my list they may have it. 

Trivia night at the library. Last time the patrons were smarter than the librarians. Hope we can keep it going!

It cooled off so I have been doing some yard work. I have something that keeps growing along with my lilac in the backyard. I spent an hour cutting out what I could. Didn't quite get it all so have to work on it again another day. My pile of brush below. I didn't work on making this neater, just get it cut and dragged it to the pile. I will cut it down more as I have to fit it in the back of the car to get it to the village compost site.

The Murder Rule is a plot twisting thriller. Hannah gets herself assigned to an Innocence Project case, but she has an ulterior motive for doing so. The tagline from the book cover "No one is innocent in this story".

Carrie Soto is Back is the story of a tennis great who had the record numbers of grand slam wins and then retires. When a newer player matches her total she decides to make a comeback after six years to being away from the game.

My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy this book has lots of pictures and recollections by Clint Hill who was the main Secret Service agent who was assigned to Jackie. He was cleaning out his old house and discovered pictures, diaries and other items that came from his time with Mrs. Kennedy. 

Happy Reading.