Tuesday, January 31, 2006

100th Post

A simple quote from the TV PBS show called Pets-A Very Natural History by Dr. Alan Beck of Perdue University. At least he got it right.

"The dogs looks to a human and says 'you give me food and shelter, you must be a god'. A cat looks at a human and says 'you give me food and shelter, I must be a god.' "

Another from the same show by Anatole France. "Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains un-awakened"

Monday, January 30, 2006

Lunch Date

Mum came home for lunch today. She usually doesn't do that on work days. She hadded an afternoon meeting that meant going by the house. So she came home to eat before going to the afternoon meeting. Nice having a lunch buddy for a change.

Plus tonight when she gotted home, we hadded some shrimps. And I think I am back on schedule after the weekend play -a-thon. Really guys, I think we played, nipped and talked more than we napped.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


I made it home just fine from the nap-a-thon. Mum didn't seem to have missed me. She only made one little comment that it seem like my food bowl hadn't been eaten from very much. She didn't even miss the extra treats I took along. She even boughted more today from the store without me asking for them.

Mum did get a bunch a stuffs done while I wasn't around much. She putted the cat blogs in order by name. Said it was getting harder to find who we had linked to and who we needed to add. This way it will be easier to read.

She made progress on a blankie she is cro-shay-ing to give to the neighbors who are having a baby. They have a kittie, so I hope she makes a blankie for the kittie too. It is purrty and not the typical baby colors. I will have to have her take a picture and post it after she am done.

A super big thank you to The Calico Girls for hosting the nap-a-thon. The event came off very well and was well planned. You can go to their blog for a full report. They even hadded event buttons for those of us who attended. First class event all the way.
OK, I know I have spent most of the last day napping, but I cat's gotta do what a cat does best. NAP.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Get Ready, Get Set, Go Nap-A-Thon

Instructions to get to the nap-a-thon from Patches.

1. Find a quiet place
2. Close eyes
3. Think "transport me to Patches closet, seven times" (magic number)
4. Boom....you are here!

OK, yup I have everything, my red glitter ball and cat cubes to share for playing. Extra Pounce treats (a full jar, the big size) of seafood medley flavor.

quiet place - check
close eyes - check

transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet
transport me to Patches closet


Oh wow. Hi everybody, this is soooooo cool. William, Edsel, The Crew, oh gosh. . . . . Everybody is here! So many I can't name you all, but we is gonna have one great time. Patches and Mittens, you did a super job, we is all here. Let the party, um, nap-a-thon begin. Ahhhh.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog Updates

Mum added some neato stuff. First a clock, so I can keep track of my time. Can't miss my naps, or play times or meals.

Then she added a county thing too. Oreo just hadded his 10,000 visitor. WOW. Wonder how long it will take for me to get that many visits.

Plus I am getting ready to attend the nap-a-thon tomorrow. Gotta get my stuff together, treats and such to bring along. From the clocky thing I have figured out that I have to be ready to go at 1:59 PM Central Time to get to The Calico Girls at the proper time.

Plus Ms. Mia hadded a picture of her in a shopping bag. Yup, they are fun.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Feline International Tub Hockey Federation

By Derby Slap-Shot

A recent challenge was put out between cats in North America. Magoo, of Alberta Canada, and Edsel, of the mitten state, had meows back and forth about who would be the best tub hockey players.

It was decided that the best way to resolve this would be to form a tub hockey league. The governing body being the Feline International Tub Hockey Federation(FITHL) has been formed. The Canada group has posted the “Official Rules of Tub Hockey” on January 16.

The FITHL has also posted the basic Cat Bargaining Agreement(CBA) on January 23rd. All cats wishing to participate should read and resolve to abide by both the rules and bargaining agreement. The various human, beans or two legged ones of each cat must also uphold their part of the CBA

Numerous participates have expressed an interest in playing. There is a strong contingent of possible teams being formed in the Great Lakes Region, but participants have expressed an interest as far south as Tennessee and one even from Australia. Practice sessions are being conducted now and final teams rosters are being set. Team logos and colors should be available soon.

It is hoped that a round robin banquet, excuse me, tournament may be held in the near future. Stay tuned for this exciting new sport.

If participates work hard enough maybe this could become an Olympic sport in future years.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fresh Air

When mum gotted home and was taking out the trash for the guys in the morning, I wanted out. So mum picked me up and took me outside for a few minutes. We breathed the fresh evening air and looked at the stars. Mum was pointing out thingys she calls con-stel-a-shuns. She said the bested one is Orion. It is big and you can see it really easy. It is cool out, but with my fur coat I felt just fine.

Ok, this is mum watching me do my hocky practice, and well, my heart just isn't into practicing.
I just want to try to get a little water from the faucet.
So I didn't last long and jump out as soon as I could.
So I have decided on a career change. I am going to be the hockey reporter. Since I gotted lots of good comments on my interviewing skills when I talked to mum on question day. So I will work on a report for the blog.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back to Reality

That is what mum said today was. She hadded to go back to work and get back into the regular routine. So the noisy box by the bed wented off early today. So I hadded all of the day to be by myself.

Since I hadded the time I got to read all of your comments on the cats who came before. Yes, mum was well trained and has lots of love to share. She is not like Grampie who does think that kitties belong in the barn. Hmph. Next time he is over here I may need to leave a calling card in his jacket or cap. Mum says he is like this as he never hadded a house kittie, just barn kitties when he was a little boy. But she learned better and decided house kitties are better.
So now it is time to go hang out with mum, snuggle and mooch me some treats.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Cats Who Came Before

Mum has given me my space today. When I would come out for a minute to grab a few bites, she would gently ask me if I was ready to listen to the story. So finally I agreed and she filled me in on the kitty she had when she was a little girl. Under the age of 6.

At that time the family lived in the country and all of the cats lived outside and stayed in the barn.

They did not get to be in the house and cuddle with her. They could only come as far as the back porch to eat. So they had one boy cat, Tom, who was considered my mum’s. But she said he was wild and that he was not easy to play with. Also a girl cat who had a bad back leg and limped. Plus now and then they would have baby kitties.

But when they moved to the city the kitties were left with a nearby farmer. So ever since then mum has wanted to get a new kitty and I was the one she chose. =^_^= I guess I am lucky that she picked me and that I don’t have to live outside. I like the snuggles I get from my mum.

Mum even wented to the dungeon and found a few pictures of her and some of the kitties from way back when. Since old Tom wasn't a really friendly cat, she doesn't have any pictures with him. Wasn't my mum such a cute little girl?

I guess I feel better now. It was just the surprise of finding out that I was not her first kitty. (Sigh). I still love you mum.
Mum with Uncle Stormie and the momma cat. Mum wanted to pet her.
Mum and one of the various kitties that was there. Since Tom wouldn't play with her, she doesn't have a picture with him.
Stormie, Flip and mum with kitties and buns. Mum says Uncle Flip raised the buns and gotted blue ribbons with them at the fair.


Yes I am still sulking. I haven't quite come to understand all that went before me and according to mum, a very long time ago. You can readed my previous post for the reason I am sulking. I can't even put it into words myself yet.

But mum gotted some pictures of my tail as I sulked. They sorta remind me of the animated tail on Beau's blog.
Gotta go, mum is coming. Bye.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Inquiring Minds

Sanjee found out that today, Sunday, January 22, 2006 is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. So I gotted into my best reporters pose and set out to ask mum some questions.

Derby: First, thank you for taking time from your busy day to sit down with me.

Derby’s Mum: My pleasure.

D: Is it true about the rumors of you and Brad Pitt?

DM: Are there rumors about me and Brad Pitt? I have never met him, so I would have no idea of anything that would be happening between us.

D: So do you have any involvement with any Hollywood celebrity types?

DM: No, you are the most famous creature I know. You even have your own blog. A blog that gets read world-wide.

D: (blushing) Why, thank you.

D: When you moved into this house, were you thinking of how cat friendly it was?

DM: No, but it has turned out to be a very cat friendly house. You have lots of windows to look out from, places to explore in, what you call the dungeon, stairs to race up and down. I am happy to share the house with you.

D: So what made you decide to adopt a cat and what specifically did you see in me that fulfilled those criteria?

DM: I had wanted a pet for some time. The house here also has a nice fenced yard for a dog. However my work hours are not compatible with a dog. So that meant a cat. Plus cats are more interesting than dogs, if you want to “cat watch”.
A cat can adapt and be OK if I don’t get home right away from work, or need to be gone for a quick overnight trip.

What specifically about you. I liked your coloring, most of the rest of the kitties were brown/grey tabbies, you interacted with me both when you were in your cage and when they brought you to the little play room. Plus, you did some talking to me as well. I also liked the fact that you were declawed. I know some people don't like that, but based upon how you like to test your front paws, my furniture would be in shreds.

Lastly, after I actually brought you home and you met Grampie, he said you reminded him of my first cat that I had many years ago. A yellow tom cat.

D: Ok, hey wait… I am not your first kitty?

DM: Correct, I was a very little girl at the time and…


DM: Derby, don’t be unreasonable, lots of the kitty bloggers have had other brothers and sisters. Those who have come and gone before.

D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (runs off and sulks)

DM: (sighs) Guess I will have to explain later.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sunny, Bright with Snow

Wow, with the fresh cover of snow it certainly is bright out. Mum was a good purrson and wented out and cleaned the snow off the driveway and porch. She tooked the flashy box thing out with her and tooked some pictures. See me watching safe and warm from inside. Lower left of the two windows. I am hanging out on one of my perches, supervising.
Plus mum tooked some neato pictures of the snow on the crab apple tree in the back. The snow was stuck to the branches and with the sun shining. Purrrty.
Mum says I need to practice for tub hockey. Awww, mum. I don't like being in the tub except just after you shower. Then I am just looking for a few puddles to lick. Oh, ok but I am practicing on the couch, with my new glitter ball.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday - Snow Day

Ahhhh. Nice quiet day. Mum and I again hadded lots of play time. We even hadded a nap together and when we woked up this afternoon, it was snowing. I don't mind snow, I just sits and watches it from inside.

Earlier I supervised her while she was doing some cooking. Plus when she was washing up I gotted to play in the sink with the water running.

To answer a few issues that have come up. Yes, I do let my mum sleep in, now and then. But it is rare that she doesn't have to get up on weekdays, so I was doing my duty to make sure she woked up. It is rare that she isn't up by 7 AM even on weekends, but even when she sleeps in she normally gets up by 7:30 AM. She says she likes getting up after the sun rises in the winter. Plus I didn't need food, as there was crunchies for me to eat.

Back when mum first 'dopted me I did have to wake her to feed me. She would put out crunchies at 7 AM and again 7 PM. I never seemed to finish my daytime share, but always ate the overnight ration and the serving sizes were equal. So since I had finished my overnight food early, the I would wake her up. Usually by jumping from the window onto the bed and landing on her feet. I would keep doing this and making lots of hungary meows, until she got up. But she then adjusted my feeding times to 7 AM and 10 PM and the food balances out better. I don't get hungary and mum doesn't get woked up really early.

William mentioned that it takes him a long time to read all of the many blogs that we have now. Poor kitty as he has to connect by dial-up. Mum does have high speed connection, as she needs this so she can work from home. But the one thing that she says helps save time is that she uses Mozilla Firefox. This is a browser (free, downloadable) that allows you to open all of your bookmarks in a folder all at one time. Then you can move quickly to each new site tabbing through the sites. Plus mum likes not making Mr. Gates a bigger gazillionaire.

OK, mum looks like she is heading for the kitchen. Maybe I can get me some goodies.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

7 AM - Mum, wake up mum. The noisy thing by the bed didn't go off. Mum, ....MUM. (followed by much jumping on and off the bed, walking on the pillows, hair sniffing and sandpaper kisses on the cheek)

Mum: Derby, I don't have to go to work today. Let me get some extra sleep. z.z.z.z.z.

OK, once mum really woked up things were good. We hadded play time and a few extra treats in the morning. Then she left for a while and came back with some packages, one of which included a red glitter ball for me.

Otherwise we have had a nice quiet day. Plus mum says not to wake her up again tomorrow, we gets more play time then too. Yipee.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Late Night Wednesday

Mum has been taking her time with catching up on our community. I am glad to know that we all enjoy our blogs. I have to blame it on Max, the bestest PsychoKitty that we have. Mum found his blog through The Mows cartoon. And as she says it has been all downhill since them.

All the fun stories, made even more funny that what we write we don't make up. These are just the interesting things that actually happen in our lives. Plus all of the pictures, mum specially likes all of the pictures.

Mum took some time tonight and added a whole bunch more links to other kitty's blogs. Plus to some other cat, kitten sites.

Tub hockey. Edsel, Bonnie and Victor want me to play. Guess they are trying to get a team together with Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. Guys, I have never played tub hockey. So not sure how good I would be playing, but I guess I am willing to learn. I do like to hit the soda cap bottle tops around but I don't do it inside the tub. Mum founded one cap tonight in the dungeon. I had knocked it down the stairs.
Here is picture of my paw. It is doing much better.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Community of Cats

Main Entry: com·mu·ni·ty

1 : a unified body of individuals: as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.

Hey everyone, this is what we are, a community.

In the past few days both
William and Beau have commented on how many blogs we have for cats, a few buns and other assoicated humums.

So I hadded mum count up all of the bookmarks she has just for blogs and she gotted to 71. Yes, you readed that correctly
SEVENTY ONE. Now mum says some of them don't seem active as they haven't posted in the past month, but even so. WOW. Plus there are probably ones we don't have bookmarked.

We have our favorites and I have them listed as links on my blog, plus I think we have a few more to add. Others we just check in and see what is happening. Plus mum has bookmarks to other cat sites about food and stuff for cats, links to the local shelters that she reads too.

I know it is fun for both of us to be with our community. Its a ton of fun, plus lots of love and caring.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Biting the Hand(s) That Feeds Me

Well, maybe just a few love nips. But mum wants to keep a watch on my foot, which means she needs to pick me up & handle my paws. To say that I am not at all fond of being picked up is an understatement. But I am tolerating her as I know she wants to check on my paw. I don't like being picked up at all, even when I feel good.

I have no idea of what mum boughted for me. Not my birthday but I thinks she buys stuff that she thinks I will like and saves it for later. Then as she calls it 'rotates the toys'. So stuff that I have played with and gotten bored with go away. Then something new appears. When I get bored with that, the other stuff comes out again.

Mum says my paw is getting better. Mum thinks I am doing less of NOT putting my paw down. So she takes it that means it is feeling better. Plus she founded a picture of me walking on the stove top, even though she has all of this stuff on it to try to keep me off. I am gently working my way through the obstacle course.
Kukka, mum didn't mean to hurt me when she pushed my paw hard. But she wanted to see just how much pressure it would take before I reacted. And it tooked a lot to make me react, which means that my sore is not bad.

That nice blankie that you saw yesterday is on mum's bed. It is huge for that box. But mum says she will keep her eye out for a smaller version for me and my box. Here is the nice blankie all smoothed out with the bear. We all sleep together very well.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting Better

First, mum wants to thank everyone for their feedback on my paw. Mum says I am still raising it, but not all the time. It is a little tender, but only when she really pressed on it hard. I let her know I would rather she didn't touch it like that. I haven't restricted my running and jumping. So it can't be that bad.

Mum went shopping and I know she boughted something for me. But she put it away in the toy/treat spot and closed the door. But before she left she tooked all of the stuff off the bed. So to rest on the soft blankie I just had to do it on the floor. In some way this was better that napping on top of the bed. More soft folds to lay in, versus just a flat spot. She should do this more often for me. Like every day.
Plus mum gotted a big box from Florida. Was full of big orange balls that she put in the big cold box. She brings them out and then eats them. I personally don't get what she likes about them, but she does. But part of the box is just the right size for me.
Mum is done with the football games. I don't think she really watched them that closely. But I know Opus and Roscoe will be disappointed that the Colts lost.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Make-up Saturday

Well mum has been around most of the day. I have gotten my fair share of scritches, treats and play time. So I guess I will let yesterday go as a one-off occurence. But don't let it happen again. You take me to the VET, you better stay home and be there for me.

Victor Tabbycat and I have come across some new bloggers from North Carolina. So drop by Finnegan & Buddy at 2Carolina Cats. Let's give them a big welcome.

I did get to work on my fur tan since we hadded a wonderful sunny day.
Mum putted one of my pictures in a frame she got for Christmas. Purrrty.
Plus when I wanted to nap she left me alone, so I curled up on her bed and hadded a loooong nap this afternoon. I even did some new exploring once I was rested.

Mum was in the dungeon and I joined her. I jumped from the floor to the laundry table, to the top of some shelves, then to the top of the furnace air duct, to sit on top of the steel beam that runs the length of the house. Mum doesn't clean up there. So I gots lots of spidey webs in my face whiskers. Mum was helpful once I got down and cleaned me up. No photo evidence. I didn't stay there long.

Derby's Mum:
Still not sure about his paw. Wednesday evening he was in the kitchen and all I heard was noise and him flying through the window between the kitchen and dining room. I know he came through that window quickly as I have a small wind chime there and it was jingling pretty good. I didn't see any of this only heard the noise. All I could think of was that he had stepped on the ceramic stove top which was still warm. But he didn't appear hurt or act any differently than normal. At least not on Wednesday evening.

However, Thursday evening every time he stopped, he would lift his left front paw off the floor. EVERY TIME. He was not limping when he walked, and he would run and jump like normal. If he had done this once or twice, I would have thought it cute. But the paw lifting went on all Thursday night and again Friday morning. Like he had to get his weight off that paw. So I managed to get him to hold still long enough to get a look at that paw and noticed a small abrasion/scabby area on one of the smaller pad areas. So I erred on being cautious, being a newer cat mum, and took him in. Vet gave him a shot of anti-inflammatory stuff and antibiotics pills for me to give him for the next week. Today he is walking as normal, but is still occasionally lifting the paw.

Vet thinks he could have strained something, but hard to say. Has anyone every had this happen with their cats? Many thanks for any feedback.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Thank Goodness Friday is OVER

OK, mum finally has the 'puter working properly. The issues she was having with her work 'puter then started with the home 'puter. We tried to read blogs last night and it took ages to get anything to happen. So she gave up and went to bed.

So today she checked all of the connections and plugs. Seems the power plug wasn't fully in the wall. Hey not my fault. Or was it? Anyway fixed and we can get at our blog to post. And everyone else's to read.

My first surprise today was that mum came home extra early. So I was getting my coming home scritches, but then mum went and got out the carrier. Since I don't mind the carrier I went in, but then she closed the door on me. Well ok, but then takes me outside and putted me in the car. And you guys can probably guess where we ended up. Yup, the V-E-T.

Now you ask, why? Me too. Seems mum was or is worried about my front left foot. Last night I walked up, stopped, sat down and then raised my left front paw. Or everytime I stopped walking I would raise that paw. I didn't limp, but every time I got off my four feet, she thought I acted funny with my foot. Plus she saw what she calls a big scab on one of my pads. So she was worried that I had hurted myself.

So we get to the office and I was the only one there, but then the room opened and a woofie came out. He was OK until he stuck his ugly head right at my carrier and he gotted a good hiss. So then when the VET wanted to look at me I really didn't want to come out of the carrier. I was making all sorts of rude noises but they got me out and they looked at all my paws, felt my legs. But the VET didn't find anything obvious wrong. But he gave me a shot what he call an an-al-gesic to make my foot feel better. But mum is still seeing me raise my paw. He thinks I might have hurted myself with all of my jumping. I like jumping and will continue to do so. Although mum says she has a bad ankle so now we can match.

The only nice thing to know is that I have only gained 6 ounces since moving in with mum. The VET said that was very good.

Then I figure once we get home I would get some extra lovin'. But no. The phone rings and mum leaves to go out to dinner. Leaving me to nurse myself. Hey, don't you think you shoulda stayed home with your poor little kitty?

So she gotted home and I have chosen to ignore her this evening. I have done my napping in the other room. I did get some treats but as soon as she stopped handing them out, I go away.

But there is someone who needs human VET help and that is Scooby, Shaggy & Scouts mum. Seems she broked her ankle tripping over Shaggy. Not his fault, that is his story and he is sticking to it. So purrayers and sandpaper kisses to her, get better.

Cat Burgler?

Mum found this in our local paper. She laughed very hard. So she tooked it to work and made it big enough to get a picture of it. She didn't want anyone to think we make this up.

Plus, we had a wonderful sunny day on Thursday. Maybe our long stretch of really gloomy days is over. Plus we gotted warm temperaturs. Mum says it was near 50. It's JANUARY, not April. She say our luck in April we will get January weather. I hope not.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At Last

Mum has finally let me at the 'puter. She has been busy working on it to make sure it doesn't get bugs. You mean Mum could give her cold to the 'puter? Plus lots of my blogging buddies mums and dad's have bugs too. Guess it is good to be protected.

Plus mum was trying to get her work 'puter to work, or at least get on the correct network. She hadded to try to make contact with Japan. But the silly think wouldn't work for her. She kept trying and I kept saying it is a sign. You can get on the net, then you don't gotta work tonight. Right?

Plus I came across a funny link on Eponine's Cowboys log. It was David Letterman's Top Ten Signs Your Kitty Is A Genius.

Ok, mum is bugging me to get off the 'puter. She wants to try to get Japan one more time. Bye.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good Day Sunshine

Yup, the sun finally decided to visit today. It was very bright and nice in the morning but started to get cloudy again in the afternoon. According to the official TV guy we had 17 straight days that were cloudy. Hope we don't get close to that record again anytime soon.

So I spent my morning on my perch in the front window, soaking up the sun. No pictures as mum hadded to go to work. But she is lucky as her office, she just calls it a cube, faces east and is right by the windows. So she didn't work to hard for a while. She just soaked up the sun too.

Maybe some of this sun will help make the bugs to away. Seems lots of my blogging buddies gots mums and dads with bugs. So everybody needs to get better and be healthy. Mum is doing her best to rest up too. Early bedtimes and sleeping as late as possible to still get to work on time. She says its a good thing she doesn't have to punch the clock. I don't know why anyone would want to hurt a clock though. Mum, that's just wierd.

Oh well, time for my evening nap. Then mooch some treats from mum.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Moonshine Tonight

No, not the type you drink. But that big thing that makes it bright outside at night. The clouds have gone away. I hope they stay away so we gets sun tomorrow.

The Meezers said that the company that has the bad dog food might also have bad cat food. It isn't a main stream brand and not sold all over the United States.

Otherwise it is a nice quiet evening. Mum is just watching the big box with moving pictures.

Harmful Dog Food

For all who might have a dog or know someone who does. Contaminated dog food, details on the web at MSNBC.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

More Blog Changes

Mum finished reading up her pile of books from the library and figured out how to do the rest of the changes to the blog. I think the colors are better for showing me off, if I do say so myself. The blue shows me better than the green. She tried lots of colors to make sure they looked good together and made me look good too. Great job mum.
We had a bit of sun this morning. Maybe an hour or so. But mum and I took advanatage of it, I camped out on my perch in the front window and mum was on the couch by the windows too. It gotted so bright mum was squinting.

We hadded all sorts of excitement yesterday. Some guys were working across the street with big noisy machines. They maded two big trees come down, really fast. So mum says that when it gets to be sunny first thing in the morning, we will get more sun.

But since we haven't had much sun I am camping out directly under the lamp. Mum usually is sitting right in front of me. That way I can keep an eye on her.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Derby flipped Posted by Picasa

Thanks Mum

Ohhh. Mum has been studying on how to make changes to the blog to make it more mine. She figured out how to get my picture up at the top. Cool.

It may not be purrfect, but it looks nice. Of course it is nice, it is a picture of me. So now back to figuring out the next step.

Oopps, Sorry Mum

Well mum was moving things back to where they were before Christmas. So she moved this plant back and then watered it. So I thoughted it would be fun to play with the water in the bottom and then, well, hmmmm. What can I say, I didn't know my own strength and tipped the whole thing over.

So mum had to get out the little sucking machine that she uses to clean up any of my whoopsies. So things are looking OK again. Although I have to admit that the plant doesn't look that great. I run by it all the time and the leaves just fall off as I go by. (MUM: Maybe it is because you run by, over, through it, that it loses its leaves?)

After mum finished cleaning this up she gotted busy and made a big pot of soup. Seems she and Grampie both gotted colds at the same time this past week. So the soup with help them getted better. They think they got this over Christmas. A cold is not a nice thing to give for Christmas, so it musta not been a very nice person who did this.

posted a picture on one of his friends showing him touching his nose with his tongue. Yeah I can do that too. I have proof in pictures. Can you other kitties to this too? Ya gotta post a picture to prove it.
Oh, and mum wanted me to share a photo someone at work sent her. Yikes, I don't wanna be this kittie. DUCK, RUN, NOW!

Friday, January 6, 2006

A Little Sun

We gotted a little bit of sun. Not much to work on my fur tan, but still welcomed. Mum said it came at a good time, she was driving to work and it was right in her face. Wonderful. But since it wasn't a totally sunny day, more sunny pictures.

Plus mum gotted home early from work, since they worked long and late finishing 2005. Someone wondered about where the year goes. I think mum has something to do with closing it for good and locking it away. So this means a nice quiet evening AND she is home all weekend too. Bonus play time.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

No Sun Again

(more singing)
Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky......

Well we do know why we have no sun in the sky, CLOUDS! And no storms, just clouds. The official TV person said we had 6 minutes of sun today. Not at my house. Mum said she could see brighter areas way to the east from her office today. But it was way far away. So maybe we could trade our clouds for somebody who want them and gets some sunshine in return? Tammara says she gotted sun in Texas. Mum is that close by that we could get there tomorrow? You could skip out of work, we could have a road trip. (MUM: Texas is a long drive Derby, would take us 2 days just to get there plus no guarantee it will be sunny when we do.)

William, mum says your welcome about the birdie information. Yes, we want to keep the birdies safe from flying into our windows and getting bonked crazy. Plus it can be scary if you are inside, 'cuz you hear the thud and crash. Most birdies survive it, but better that it not happen at all.

Good luck with the perches. They say they work with MOST windows. So check them out. Yes, laying in the window is actually better than the perch. But when the windows are closed I can still get up and see out. Often I sit there as mum leaves for work, then again when she comes home. I can see her and run to the door to meet her.

And I hadded my first cyber scritches from Eponine's Cowboy. Thanks and sandpaper kisses back at ya, buddy.
This is the view from my kitchen window. Don't need a perch here the window is nice and wide.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Where is My Sunshine?


Where is my sunshine, My only sunshine. You make me happy, But skies are grey.
If you don't shine bright, and shine on my back. I will get more moody each day. (sigh)

According to the official guy on TV, we have had one hour, just one hour, of sunshine in the past 12 days. I vote to bring summer back real soon. Even with lots of lights on in the house, it just isn't the same.

So a few more pictures from last summer when things were nice out.

I hadded comments on my perches, mum says the catalogs call them "pet shelves". She gotted them by mail order. We have two of them. She didded a search on "pet shelves" and gotted at least one spot to order them. Plus she gotted a catalog in the mail today with the same thing. Unless I get an endorsement deal I won't push any one vendor.

I really do like them. Between the two shelves and the furniture I can look out of every window in my house, except one. That is in the bathroom and mum says it has frosting on it so you can't see out (or in!). Looks like vanilla frosting.

Yes I do love my perch in yesterdays picture. I can sit on it and watch the birdies outside or turn and jump on mum in bed. So I can get lots of jumping practice from the bed to the shelf and back again.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

More Football

We found out that one of our usual programs is not on TV tonight, more football. Mum says we can get other stuff done.

So mum has putted away some more of the Christmas stuff. So those little white guys sitting on the TV are GONE! The big spiral tree is still up but all of the beads are putted away.

Scooby, Shaggy and Scouts
mum has issue with Bucky the Badger. It is only a game, mum works with all sorts of people, Bear and Viking fans, Nittny Lion fans. They bug each other but then have a good laugh, so yeah we can all be friends.

Plus mum readed William's resolutions for 2006. She liked them and best of all you have no choice in keeping them. So like William. In 2006
  • I will turn 3 years old (just like William)
  • I will mooch lots of treats from mum
  • I will give mum sandpaper kisses in the morning when she wakes up.
Ok, that should cover it.

Plus a picture from last summer. It is all nice and green, the windows are open and the sun is shining. Did the sun get losted? We haven't seen it in a long time. Maybe we need to check the shelter for it if it gotted lost.

Monday, January 2, 2006

Bucky Wins!

Well mum maded it home from work. She even weared her Badger shirt to work today and managed to listen to most of the Badger football game while she worked. Nice that they won, it made a bright spot in the day. Others were doing the same or keeping track of their own college team. Her company has people from all over. She even was working in person with someone from Paris, France today.

Even though mum's been working on her 'puter all day I made her go through all of our links and made sure we had all of my favorites listed. Mum says we can't list EVERYCAT. But with all of our links from our site to my favorites, you should be able to get to EVERYCAT.

Mum is feeling down, part from all of the work. Also we haven't seen any sunshine in a long time. It has been warm and rainy here in Wisconsin. We even hadded thunder today. It's JANUARY, it is supposed to be cold and snowy and brighter. Bright from the white snow on the ground and at least a little sunshine. It is gloomy instead. No snow on the ground, cool, rainy and blah. Mum says that is a good reason to nap. I'll second that, all in favor of a nap say "EYE". Guess this means we gets a good nap now. Bye.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Welcome 2006

Mum and I had a quiet New Years Eve. I gotted my share of turkey but didn't get the sleeping disease. Mum says that only happens if you eat to much turkey. Mum wented to bed at her regular time and except for someone setting off a few fireworks nearby at midnight it was quiet. No gunfire where mum lives, unlike where she used to live. She likes that. Plus because we didn't party too much the lights didn't look like this.
Mum also says it very much like our regular Sunday. She didded her normal routine. Since all of the fancy holiday stuffs is actually tomorrow, she said it didn't feel like a holiday. Plus tomorrow when all of that stuffs is on TV she will be working.

Mum and I watched the Packer football game today. Well I mostly napped through it and mum napped a bit too. But they did manged to win and maybe we saw the lasted game of football for Bret Favre. We shall see.

I found a few new Wisconsin kitties blogging. Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat. So let's drop in and and welcome them to our blogging family.