Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog Updates

Mum added some neato stuff. First a clock, so I can keep track of my time. Can't miss my naps, or play times or meals.

Then she added a county thing too. Oreo just hadded his 10,000 visitor. WOW. Wonder how long it will take for me to get that many visits.

Plus I am getting ready to attend the nap-a-thon tomorrow. Gotta get my stuff together, treats and such to bring along. From the clocky thing I have figured out that I have to be ready to go at 1:59 PM Central Time to get to The Calico Girls at the proper time.

Plus Ms. Mia hadded a picture of her in a shopping bag. Yup, they are fun.


  1. Great bag, Derby! I luvs and luvs bags. My favorite bag is on the bed. I'll get it when I get out from under the bed. I like your clock and stuff too!

  2. The counter turned to 100 when I came to visit tonight. I remember when Eponine had her 100th. Of course, about 92 of them were me!!

  3. Bags are the bestest. Come see me in my bag That was awhile ago, but I still loves this bag.

  4. I am number 113!! Great pic of you in the bag. I want one too....MOM....

  5. Derby, you are a handsome fellow.


  6. We're #123. That should be lucky or somethin!
    Will you be doing a report from the Nap-A-Thon Derby?

  7. If you really want to know who is looking at your blog, you should got to! It tracks who has been on your blog, how long they were there AND what they looked at. It also counts how many visitors have been on your blog AND WHERE they are in the world. It is freeeeee! Our Mom has it, but we don't yet. You should check it out!
    Opus and Ros


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