Sunday, January 29, 2006


I made it home just fine from the nap-a-thon. Mum didn't seem to have missed me. She only made one little comment that it seem like my food bowl hadn't been eaten from very much. She didn't even miss the extra treats I took along. She even boughted more today from the store without me asking for them.

Mum did get a bunch a stuffs done while I wasn't around much. She putted the cat blogs in order by name. Said it was getting harder to find who we had linked to and who we needed to add. This way it will be easier to read.

She made progress on a blankie she is cro-shay-ing to give to the neighbors who are having a baby. They have a kittie, so I hope she makes a blankie for the kittie too. It is purrty and not the typical baby colors. I will have to have her take a picture and post it after she am done.

A super big thank you to The Calico Girls for hosting the nap-a-thon. The event came off very well and was well planned. You can go to their blog for a full report. They even hadded event buttons for those of us who attended. First class event all the way.
OK, I know I have spent most of the last day napping, but I cat's gotta do what a cat does best. NAP.


  1. Nice meeting you at the Calico Girls' place. You have a good voice and quick mind for the job of reporting. Sorry we didn't get to chat longer.

  2. Hi Derby! It was great to meet you at the nap-a-thon, you are one cool cat. I linked to you on my blog today.

  3. I was glad to meet you, too. It was funny when people called me Derby and called you Kelly. Isn't it obvious? You have the cute little white star on your forehead. Ah well...

  4. Ok, another napper...and the hockey King!


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