Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good Day Sunshine

Yup, the sun finally decided to visit today. It was very bright and nice in the morning but started to get cloudy again in the afternoon. According to the official TV guy we had 17 straight days that were cloudy. Hope we don't get close to that record again anytime soon.

So I spent my morning on my perch in the front window, soaking up the sun. No pictures as mum hadded to go to work. But she is lucky as her office, she just calls it a cube, faces east and is right by the windows. So she didn't work to hard for a while. She just soaked up the sun too.

Maybe some of this sun will help make the bugs to away. Seems lots of my blogging buddies gots mums and dads with bugs. So everybody needs to get better and be healthy. Mum is doing her best to rest up too. Early bedtimes and sleeping as late as possible to still get to work on time. She says its a good thing she doesn't have to punch the clock. I don't know why anyone would want to hurt a clock though. Mum, that's just wierd.

Oh well, time for my evening nap. Then mooch some treats from mum.


  1. Glad the sun came back to you for at least a little while. Constant grey days are pretty tedious, aren't they?

    I like your new look a lot! My mom especially thinks your picture at the top is very cute.

  2. my Mom says weird things like that sometimes too, things like punchin' clocks. i think they just have too much stuff in their heads and they get confused

  3. thanks for stopping by to visit us! We get to go outside if its warm but only for a little while and only if we stay in the back yard and don't chase the birds. Dimples doesn't have front claws so mom has to watch over us to make sure we are ok... we can't get into anything with her right there darn it!
    Whiskers and Dimples

  4. My Mom punches the clock whenever it makes noises at her. I can't say I blame her. It gets really loud! I'd punch it too if it was right next to my bed waking me up with all those noises.

  5. We had sun today too. Sammy punches mommy's clock every morning to make it stop being noisy. He's really good at that. He sits on her pillow and waits till it starts making noises, and then slaps the big button to make it stop.

  6. Sun is good. Specially for nappin.

    Boni's right. Dang, I gotta agree with her again. I'm not likin this much. Our Mommy doesn't like clocks much, I guess. It's nice of your Mommy not to punch the clock like ours does.

  7. The guy on our TV said that we've had over 15 days of less than 1 minute of sunshine.

    I'd like to think the only reason my mom hasn't taken to her bed with overwhelming depression is because I bring FUNshine into the house!

    Oh, wow...I couldn't even keep a straight face while I typed that!! :)

  8. When our mom went to work she had one of those window cubes too. She said some days it was real hard to be there when it looked so nice outside. Well her wish came true and she just stays home to pet us now!!!


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