Monday, January 16, 2006

Biting the Hand(s) That Feeds Me

Well, maybe just a few love nips. But mum wants to keep a watch on my foot, which means she needs to pick me up & handle my paws. To say that I am not at all fond of being picked up is an understatement. But I am tolerating her as I know she wants to check on my paw. I don't like being picked up at all, even when I feel good.

I have no idea of what mum boughted for me. Not my birthday but I thinks she buys stuff that she thinks I will like and saves it for later. Then as she calls it 'rotates the toys'. So stuff that I have played with and gotten bored with go away. Then something new appears. When I get bored with that, the other stuff comes out again.

Mum says my paw is getting better. Mum thinks I am doing less of NOT putting my paw down. So she takes it that means it is feeling better. Plus she founded a picture of me walking on the stove top, even though she has all of this stuff on it to try to keep me off. I am gently working my way through the obstacle course.
Kukka, mum didn't mean to hurt me when she pushed my paw hard. But she wanted to see just how much pressure it would take before I reacted. And it tooked a lot to make me react, which means that my sore is not bad.

That nice blankie that you saw yesterday is on mum's bed. It is huge for that box. But mum says she will keep her eye out for a smaller version for me and my box. Here is the nice blankie all smoothed out with the bear. We all sleep together very well.


  1. Mistrie gives Mom love nips, but her dont trust her completely cuz she is still a wild one. I have never been on the stove, bet that is how you hurted your paw.

  2. We are glad you are feeling better. When I was little I started walking on my back legs everywhere, raising both front paws off the ground. The Vet said I had jumped down from something and sprained my front paws a bit. It got better over a few days but I sure looked funny for a while.

  3. I's glad you're feeling better!

  4. Glad your paw is feeling better, Derby. Keep rested and 'laxed with the bear.

  5. I know your mom is sweet and wouldn't try to hurt you. It just reminded me of what my grandma says to my mom all the time:

    MOM: "Ow! It hurts when I move my hand like this."

    GMA: "Well, don't do that, then!"

    Humans are silly. I'm glad you are on the mend. I, too, love to walk the counter/stove circuit. I'll head your warning and watch for hot spots!

  6. You're brave to be walking on the stove top, Derby, but be very careful! Me, I don't care so much about doing that, but Caroline, what a different story! You should see my mom trying to cook with Caroline always underfoot and talking nonstop about food and threatening to jump up. Mom's all dancing around and waving her arms and telling Caroline 'no!'

    It's quite pathetic, really.

  7. Derby

    We're so glad you're doing better. It's not good for one of us to be feeling poorly.


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