Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday This and That

I'm Purrfect

So says the vet man at the stabby place today. Mum surprized me right after lunch and hauled me off.  The ride wasn't bad as I was bathed in bright sunshine for the ride. Plus as soon as we check in they give us a Feliway blankie and get us into the room. So we waited a few minutes, then the tech came in to check on us, then a few minutes later the vet man. 
 I chose to stay inside my carrier as much as I could. I didn't come out and explore at all. So I stayed in place until they came inside to actually look at me.
 Mum didn't take any pics during the exam. They weighed me, I am only 2 ounces more than last year, so that is good. I don't over eat and I do give my myself enough exercise to keep in shape.
 I also lucked on in that I didn't need to get any shots, me teeths are good, no dental needed. My heart is good and I was gently examined. They don't even do a temperature unless you are sick, so nothing up my spot 13! They also checked to make sure my microchip was still working and where it should be.

Mum did get a bit of video at the stabby place, plus once we got home. I was happy to be home and came right outside of carrier.

Monday, February 26, 2018

ManCat Monday

Those who dislike cats will be carried to the cemetery in the rain. - Dutch Proverb

We had lots of rain this past week, must have been lots of cat dislikers getting buried! We have had rain, not snow, so not much snow left on the ground here.
 Here is Mr Hawk hanging out looking for lunch. We have seen him lots to times but we haven't seen him get a meal around here.
 The we had all of these strange guys wandering around this past week too. Mum says they are pulling cable or wire and they climb up and down the poles and they even had to climb a couple of trees as the wire got stuck. Mum says they have trucks with buckets but she thinks that they can't use it as they are private contractors, doing work for a private company. Where they a public utility, then they can come on the trail with trucks.
Mum is not super happy with me, this is a pic where I was sitting in front of the moving picture box a few weeks ago. Now I want to sit there more often, then I stretch up and push on it. She is afraid I will push it over, then she won't be happy.
Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here, Happy Caturday, Happy weekend. It is getting off to a slowish start here. Mum was awake in bed but stayed there for a while before actually getting out. We just hung out and chillaxed in bed together for a bit.

Last few days of the Lympics, so not much more time to watch all them peoples playing in the snow. So I won't have little flying people to try to catch on the moving picture box.
Mum went to the shelter yesterday for a lunch. Sort of a strange place for lunch but they were having a SPAY-ghetti dinner to support the SNIP Clinic. Mum says that was an easy way to support the shelter AND get lunch.
So she had a huge pile of SPAY-ghetti, salad, garlic bread and dessert too. Strawberry cannoli. Plus lemonade to drink. She did check out the kits and buns, but didn't bring anyone home. Phew!
Funky picture on the wall. Mum could get close enuf to be able to read the quotes around the picture, but she thought it was cute. Where she sat to eat lunch she could look at the picture.

 As she left she found Derby's brick, she said she got one for me, but has never found it! I hopes they did make it for me. So this area is near the entrance and just outside the windows of the kitty rooms. Derby's brick is up in the upper left hand corner.
So everyone have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and dry and cuddle with the beans.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

OK, we made it through all of the rain, then it got cold, so those big puddles are now small skating rinks. Our back yard isn't too bad, mum only has to get to the fevver feeders and right now there isn't even any snow out there. Mum did have to refill some of the feeders, the other one she had to break up the seed. The sunflower seeds get wet, then they freeze, so mum had to break it up so the fevvers could eat the stuff.
 Getting some loves from mum. Our usual afternoon spot in the reading chair, me on her lap. Plus mum got a box from the major online store. Look what was on the flap of the box! A cat face. Guess this is a mask you can cut out and draw on. Guess this is for little sticky things.
So what was Derby up to 10 years ago, well he was looking out the window! We cats love to sit in windows and look outside.

Funky Fang Shui Friday from February 22, 2008

Birdies nearby can cause excitement. Do not jump out of windows, which can cause injury.
This will work for Fevver Friday too. You can't see the type of birdie very well. Mum thinks it looks like a goldfinch. Obviously this picture was taken last summer when it was nice and the windows were open!

It has been a good week. Cold but very little snow which mum is happy about and sunshine too. Plus we could see the eclipse of the moon last night or part of it. Mum had to be on the phone with the other side of the world last night.

My trash pickings are slim from the other day and other times too. Mum doesn't put much in them, like tissues or paper rolls. Otherwise they are pretty slim pickings.

Otherwise, Happy FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday This and That

Oh my, it just keeps a raining here. Yesterday and then today. Mum says she is thankful that it isn't snow or we would have had over a foot of snow. Or that it was colder, then the streets would have been all icy. She wouldn't like that.
 You can see the super, big puddles that have formed in the yards. Rain, snow melt and frozen ground make for mini-lakes.
Mum met with her money man earlier, she said there were places where the water was getting deep by the side of the road that it might get to cover the road soon. Plus he was taking her to lunch, and the place was closed as the roof was leaking!
Yes, we are watching the Lympics and I have taken it upon myself to try to catch these crazy peoples who ski down and try to fly, do tricks and oh my. Mum is just worried that I not push too hard on the moving picture box.

Plus I was all interested in the woofie show last week. I just sat right in front of the screen, mum said I made a purrfect door! MOL.

Stay dry!

Monday, February 19, 2018

ManCat Monday

Cats make their demands with such cunning that we respond to them as if they had made polite requests.

Don't demand, just gently mooch what you need. I get all sorts of food tastes from mum, I just sit quietly nearby and then she hands me over foods. Yummy, yummy foods. Last week or so she made frenchy toast and gave me a taste. Know I know why Sammy Meezer loves it so.
Mum sorta watched CrashCar yesterday. All of  her favorite drivers are no longer racing so she really doesn't care who wins. Although we did see our QB ARodg there since he is now dating Danica. Really dude? You deserve a classier type of lady, not just a racy car driver.

Mum also read these two books in the past week or so. She liked the Baker & Taylor one the best as it relates to library cats and she loves libraries. Our libraries buy lots of stuff through Baker & Taylor.
 Me, just taking things easy. Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday. The weekend is getting off to a slow start. Mum took furrever to get out of bed. Ya see she went out partying last night.

Now also, she got another year older yesterday and I purred her a happy purrthday as I should, but then she went out to cellybrate with other people who have a purrthday this month. So, she went out, had a few adult beverages, orgasms she said. Pineapple orgasms. Really mum, aren't you too old for this kind of stuff?

Speaking of wonky stuff this came in the mail this past week from Auntie Trish of the Catnip Lounge. Seems she likes to make these toys for cats called Dickeroos. Plus it has been marinated in nip or silvervine. Just because we listen to Auntie Trish and Auntie Karin talk about their hoards of cats.

 A bit limp here, you sure this is going to do me any good? It does look a bit rude. Like with any toy it takes me a while to decide if I really like it or not. So I haven't played with it just yet.
Plus it got warm and sunny, so a lot of our snow went away. The top of the box is all clear and mum says the roof is pretty much clear as well.

Happy weekend all, enjoy.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

I think I recovered from mine Gotcha Day party. It was so good to see so many of my furiends stop by. Specially since so many of you amembered when I first showed up. Yeah, me and mum both got a good deal when we got gotted.
Mum got some nice shots of me the other day, looking so handsome as usual. I don't usually like to pose for pics, or I am on top of mum so hard to get pics of just me.
Plus we did watch the woofies on Monday and Tuesday. This and the Lympics are about the only time mum has seen me get up close and purrsonal with the moving picture box.

Today's flashback is Derby again, showing off with his Fang Shui and complaining about snow We had snow, but we also has some sunny, warmish melting days. So the snow is disappearing.

Funky Fang Shui Friday from February 15, 2008

Remember to be flexible, but don't flip flop. Arch your spine to keep supple.
We had more snow on Thursday. Only two inches says mum which is not a lot at one time. The worst of the storm went north of us for a change. But they are talking a big storm again on Sunday. I will teleport to the M-Cat Club's get together at the Daytoner 500 race., my favorite driver is Matt Kenseth, who is from Whiskerconsin. Mum can watch it on TV.

Plus we are getting bothered by election stuff. The primary election in Whiskerconsin is this coming Tuesday. All of the stories on TV, the ads and the phone calls. Sometimes mum answers the phone, then sets it down while the recorded message does its thing. That way they think they got to you. Otherwise she just lets the answering machine screen the calls. We had five of them Thursday evening from 5 to 7 PM.

Mum won't let me have a contest like the Piney Woods Cats about when the snow will leave, but is going to try to post a picture of the same spot each week or so. Our little area paper says we have had 80 inches of snow so far. That is taller than mum is and would be about 4.5 gizzy's.

Mum says the weekend will be busy. She has a meeting on Saturday morning. What, a meeting on Saturday? Oh not work related, but she is on a committee at our local library so she will be gone early. The will spend time with Grampie. Oh and yes, its her purrthday on Saturday!

Fevver Friday

This is a picture of Mr Red Breasted Nuthatch. The are cool birds, this one is little but he has a larger cousin who is white. The usually sit head down on the tree. Here is eating some of the suet to get fat to keep him warm.
It is Friday. Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Gotcha Day - 8th Anniversary

Wow, 8 years ago today mum came to the shelter and we picked each other out of the crowd. It sure has been a nice 8 years and I hope for many more!
 Me in my shelter cage, lady get me out of here. So we got to meet without the bars between us and we knew we were meant for each other.
 Getting brought home, so my first two pics once I got here. I had mum's sleepy room all to myself for a bit. Derby wasn't allowed in for several days, mum said I had to see the vet man first.
 My first stop was under the bed! I didn't stay here long. Mum just laid down on the floor and chatted with me, so I came out to asplore the place. The litter box room and all. All of my necessary stuff was in there too. Foods, water and box.
I will just hang out in this corner for a bit if you don't mind. In time I got used to mum, Derby and the rest of the house. I sure am happy we hooked up!

So, I have a buffet set up for all of you to have some nibbles. Help me cellybrate my Gotcha Day in style.
 Plus it is Mardi Gras day today! WhooHoo, Party on everyone!