Monday, July 30, 2018

ManCat Monday

She will attempt nothing that she cannot do well. - K. C. McIntosh

Yep, mum went off to play with racy cars this past weekend, but she was at home overnight. The track is close enuf she can drive home to sleep.

It was an interesting weekend for her. First, this event is the Cat! Yeah, a race for us felines and they always have a special theme and this year was the roaring twenty's! Here is the shirt logo, the grid sheet header and the pins.
 Yes the pins are different size. Seems the company made them small when they were supposed to be bigger. So they got to keep both and when mum signed in to the event someone she knows gave her one of both sizes! I wanted to play with them too!
It was a bit of a sad weekend however as someone died on Friday during a special test session. Few details were released, but they held a special pace lap to amember the guy in his race. Mum didn't know the guy but is sad anyway. Lots of purrs to the purrson's family.

One last thing, mum got to see a B-52 plane! It flew over the track several times on Caturday as it was flying over the EAA thingy that was nearby! Mum says it was cool to see it even if it was way up in the air!
So I will nap and purr and mum can rest up from her bizzy weekend.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. I am planning on taking it easy this weekend. I am not so sure about mum. I thinks it may be a racy car weekend.

The girls told you that the desk made a successful landing in the OK state. I am still working on finding a new hidey spot to hang out in.

Uncle Stormy does not like me, or really any pets. He wouldn't even touch me! I was on mum's lap right next to him and she tried to get him to give me a little pet. He wouldn't. Bah Humbug to him!
Mum worked in the garden yesterday. Mainly just mowing the grass off. We haven't had much rain, so it isn't growing lots. That makes mum happy, then she doesn't have to cut as often. But a few spots are getting a funky orinch or yellow color. Mum, time to use your gardening expertise and figure out why!

Happy weekend. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello everyone and welcome back to the garden this week. We are back home to show you a few things here.
 Our cone flowers in the front are blooming but mum noticed that while they are supposed to be white, one of them is looking a bit purple. Guess it is reverting back to the original.

 Mum got a shot of a fevver at the feeder. It is a baby red-bellied woodpecker. Mum can tell it is a baby as the head has no red or orinch on it. Good catch!
 Plus while mum was cooking at the grill the other night she saw we had a flying flower, alias a butterfly flitting around on the ornamental thistle plant. Mum was so happy to see a monarch butterfly as things aren't always good with them. Mum plants stuff they like to eat and lay their eggs on so we keep them around.
Plus the desk has landed in the OK state, safe and sound. They just have to put it together.
That is all for this week. Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2018

ManCat Monday

Intelligence in the cat is underrated. - Louis Wain

Well Uncle Stormy would sure think so. Thankfully he isn't around for long, he will be gone in the AM just after brekkie.

He got here way earlier than mum expected so she didn't get all of her cleaning work done. She had the basics done like the bathrooms and kitch-hen, the carpeting didn't get the sucky monster moved on it. 
 Uncle Stormy came by to visit and pick up Grampies old desk to take back to the OK state. Mum his happy that this is gone from the dungeon. Here you see it all packed into the back of the car.
 I am not happy as now my secret napping spot is gone! The desk chair was there with a nice pad on it. I could get under the tarp and snuggle way in the chair. Dang mum, you took my spot! You can see the desk and chair from when Grampie had it in his apartment. It comes apart and everything just fit in the back.
Not a happy kitty, there are a few small pieces of fur-niture left, but nothing soft to nap on.
 Guess I will just nap in the window and be happy that he will be gone soonest. I will have to find a new secret spot to nap.
UPDATE:He was gone by a little after 7 AM. I have my house back! All is well except for losing my hidey spot.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday, Happy weekend.

Mum is bizzy getting ready for the company. I now know that it will be Uncle Stormy. He will only be here one night from Sunday to Monday. Mum says he will also be taking some of Grampie's stuff from the dungeon home with him. Mum says hoo-ray for that.

Me, I am trying to stay out of her way. Mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, getting the sucky monster out. After Monday things can go back to normal. Just a little bit unkempt!
Rainy day yesterday, and is all cloudy today too. Mum says that is OK, that will keep her inside and working on chores. At least as soon as she gets back from the store to get a few things she needs.

Mum needs to shower afore she goes shopping, then off to the store for her stuff. Hope all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hi, and we are back for Garden Thursday. Today we are doing a remote report from mum's master gardener project. We last reported on this back in late May. So high time for an update.

 These first few are of the raised bins where they are trying to grow foods, but at first the buns got at it, so they added the netting. Now the deer are eating everything. So, not much success on these.
 The tomato plant is doing well, lots of green ones there, not ready to harvest just yet. Second plant is doing the same. 
 Then we get down to the other end where there are flowers. Mostly purrenials, but lots of them so that they attract pollinators for the food plants to be pollinated.
 Mum said she planted most of these little flowers. Lots of crawling around on her hands and knees and coming home feeling all sore that week.

 A look back at the whole long thing. They were even getting evaluated yesterday. More to make sure that the green papers they are getting is being used for garden stuff and how well is the garden going.

They even put out a guest book. Mum looked, so far no one has written anything in it  yet.
That is all for this week. See you next Thursday.

Monday, July 16, 2018

ManCat Monday

A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it. - Italian Superstition

Derby used to sneeze all the time, mum would always say "Bless You" to him. So I guess mum got some good omens. I don't sneeze much, but sometimes I do.

Mum abandoned me for the weekend to play in the hot sun with racy cars. She said it was a quiet weekend, not many cars, enuf people so they could rest becuz of the heat and all. She made it back home in late afternoon and I promptly sat on her to heat her up. I even dug my back claws into her leg just to let her know I wasn't happy.

Mum says she will be bizzy, bizzy, bizzy this week and we will have company for one night next weekend. Oh joy!
 Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. The hots are back so I will be laying low and staying cool this weekend. Mum will be trying to stay cool too. Reading books and all. Her thumb is healing just fine, you really can't tell she did anything to it, but she says the skin still feels a bit off.
 Mum took some pics at the library yesterday. The top is a pin the teens can choose as a prize, below is the piano keys showing how many books have been checked out or renewed.  Up to 52 thousand, mum says that is lots and lots. Way more paws, fingers, toes of all of us!
 Me hanging out in the window looking outside. Mum does try to have the windows open for a little bit, but closes them afore it gets too hot.
So everyone stay cool, chill out or in and have a happy weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome back to the garden. Things are blooming! That makes us happy.

So here are a few pictures on one of the daylilies that is blooming right now. Purrty soft pinkish blooms. They are so purrty, but yet the flowers only do last for one day. 
 Mum pulled the water fountain out of the fevver bath. We actually were seeing fewer fevvers in the bath or stopping by to get a drink. Since she pulled it we are back to seeing our normal number of visitors for a drink. Mum, the water level is getting low, please top it off.
 A closeup of the pet-unia from the front flower box. The flower boxes are looking really good since we had rain early when mum planted them. She just needs to figure out a better way to hang them from the front railing.
Mum's finger is doing fine. This pic was taken Monday. It blistered up, but the blister is almost all reabsorbed, so that is good. Mum hasn't even been keeping a bandage on it, just letting it do its own thing.

That is all from the garden, see you next week.

Monday, July 9, 2018

ManCat Monday

It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more. - Agnes Repplier

Another Monday for us. Mum's calendar is clear for today, so that means she should be home for the day or at least not gone for long times.

Mum messed herself up yesterday. She fixed lunch and then was making a batch of hummer sugar water. When she went to take it out of the micro thing something happened. She spilled a lot of the liquid on the floor and counter and hurted her finger. It hurt bad enuf that she went to the urgent doc.
 She iced it down afore she went and the doc said while it was bad, it wasn't really bad. He put a band aid on it, gave her some cream and sent her home. Thankfully it wasn't bizzy, she was home in 30 minutes.
 So she sat around and readed her book, then fixed dinner, then even mowed the lawn. Said it wasn't hurting nearly so much anymore. Just to be careful not to get infected.
 No infection, so no pools, hot tubs or gasp, even kitty kisses on her thumb for now. Mum says lots of purrs will do just fine.

That was my weekend, hope your week goes smoothly.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Now that I have mum's nose out of her calendar making notes and making sure she has all of her stuff on it, she can help me here! Too much stuff, you are supposed to be retired and be lazy. Mum says she is lazy, but still has time to do all this other stuff.

First we had a request as to where we got our fountain for the bird bath. Amazon! Where else. Just search for solar fountain. There are a couple of them to choose from and they all look the same in the long run! So if you want one, go for it. It does need sunshine to work. Doesn't work in the shade.

The weather has gotten beauty-full. All nice and sunny, no hots and humids. So that means lots of open windows and doors. Gentle breezes and listening to the fevvers singing.
 Yes mum, I know you are taking my picture. You are also interrupting the peacefulness of just enjoying the outdoors. Why don't you go for a walk and get your own fresh air!
 Mum is helping at the library as usual with the reading program. To keep track of how many books peoples are reading or checking out of the library there is a piano key put up for each 1000 books checked out or renewed. So far 39 keys are up, wonder if they will get to the full 88 keys. This is the view mum has while she sits at the volunteer table.
Mr naybor is out making noise with his lawn tractor. Mum wishes his mowing pattern would minimize the noise we have, but he is an old, fat guy and set in his ways. Guess he won't be changing now! MOL!

Mum says if she has to go for a walk, the puter has to be closed. So I better get done here and let her go. Happy Weekend.