Monday, July 30, 2018

ManCat Monday

She will attempt nothing that she cannot do well. - K. C. McIntosh

Yep, mum went off to play with racy cars this past weekend, but she was at home overnight. The track is close enuf she can drive home to sleep.

It was an interesting weekend for her. First, this event is the Cat! Yeah, a race for us felines and they always have a special theme and this year was the roaring twenty's! Here is the shirt logo, the grid sheet header and the pins.
 Yes the pins are different size. Seems the company made them small when they were supposed to be bigger. So they got to keep both and when mum signed in to the event someone she knows gave her one of both sizes! I wanted to play with them too!
It was a bit of a sad weekend however as someone died on Friday during a special test session. Few details were released, but they held a special pace lap to amember the guy in his race. Mum didn't know the guy but is sad anyway. Lots of purrs to the purrson's family.

One last thing, mum got to see a B-52 plane! It flew over the track several times on Caturday as it was flying over the EAA thingy that was nearby! Mum says it was cool to see it even if it was way up in the air!
So I will nap and purr and mum can rest up from her bizzy weekend.


  1. It was very good of the racy car people to make their pins featuring an oranj cat, wasn't it Ducky? Did you charge them much to model for it?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. That's really sad that someone died. :-(

  3. Race cars are dangerous...heck, regular cars are dangerous! We feel badly for the family of the person who died. Did they try to raise donations for a local cat rescue at the track?

  4. That sounds and looks like a fun race to watch (or drive in). We're sorry someone lost their life Friday and send purrs to their family.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great race for you felines. Love the logo design of the shirt. The pins are really nice looking too. We love the photo of your little paw on top of the pins. Have a wonderful week and August is just around the corner.
    World of Animals

  6. It's too bad about the racer, very sad. We like the pins and the logo. We do have one question, though--why weren't real cats in the race??

  7. We like the cat logo on the shirt. We’re sorry to hear someone died at the race. Purrs to his family.

  8. We are sorry to read that someone died at the race. All the cat things are really cool, though. Kind of a bittersweet weekend. Glad Mom was able to be home.

  9. The pins and shirt logo are cute. It is sad that someone died.


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