Monday, July 23, 2018

ManCat Monday

Intelligence in the cat is underrated. - Louis Wain

Well Uncle Stormy would sure think so. Thankfully he isn't around for long, he will be gone in the AM just after brekkie.

He got here way earlier than mum expected so she didn't get all of her cleaning work done. She had the basics done like the bathrooms and kitch-hen, the carpeting didn't get the sucky monster moved on it. 
 Uncle Stormy came by to visit and pick up Grampies old desk to take back to the OK state. Mum his happy that this is gone from the dungeon. Here you see it all packed into the back of the car.
 I am not happy as now my secret napping spot is gone! The desk chair was there with a nice pad on it. I could get under the tarp and snuggle way in the chair. Dang mum, you took my spot! You can see the desk and chair from when Grampie had it in his apartment. It comes apart and everything just fit in the back.
Not a happy kitty, there are a few small pieces of fur-niture left, but nothing soft to nap on.
 Guess I will just nap in the window and be happy that he will be gone soonest. I will have to find a new secret spot to nap.
UPDATE:He was gone by a little after 7 AM. I have my house back! All is well except for losing my hidey spot.


  1. I'm so sorry that your secret napping spot has been removed, Ducky. That is a blow. The good news is that (i) the rug sucking monster didn't make an appearance and (ii) now you have the challenge of finding a new secret spot.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Ducky, your human needs to get you a new spot.

  3. Seriously, they took AWAY your napping spot!?! That's a crime! Best call your feline union rep to see what actions should be taken, Ducky...

  4. That is a beautiful desk, and what a perfect hiding spot that created! We're convinced you'll find another one, though sometimes, it takes longer than we think that should!

  5. I am sorry you have lost your nap spot but you will find another good one. I haven't commented for more than 2 weeks because I have been on holiday, but I'm back now.

  6. Ducky, what about a chair at a dining table? That's where Caroline hides a lot of the time. The table cloth makes the perfect cover.

  7. Your mum needs to get you some more napping spots, Ducky.

  8. Good luck finding a new secret spot to nap. Let us know when you find it.


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