Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday

Woot, we made it to Friday. Lots going on to tell you about.

First lots and lots of purrs for Moki, he isn't doing well with infection and blood in his urine. Purrs needed.
A few weeks ago mum sent of a box to my sweetie Princess Mia, sort of an early Valentine's Day prezzie. It included treats and such for Mia and Tigey. Plus there is a babybean that will be coming soon. Mum made a blankie for the baby bean, not the one that she finished last week, that is for someone at work. Plus booties she boughted that were hand made.
Last night when mum came home I made her stay put for a while by putting my paws down on her leg. So she sat for a while before she make her quickie dinner, she said she didn't need to eat much as they had a Stouper Bowl lunch at work. Just quick sandwiches and lots of foods stuff that everybody brought.

The other day I told you about all of the kitties that mum sees as she drives to work. Yesterday morning as she drove she saw a lump by the side of the road, all smooshed up. At first mum thought it might be a squirrel but as she got closer it was a little white and gray tabbie kittie!

Mum said there was nothing she could do, the kittie had gone to The Bridge. I know my buds who are already there welcomed the newbie. If the kittie was a feral kittie it now has a wonderful place, warm and safe to be in. If a family losted their kittie because it got outside, we is sorry about your loss, but remember to keep your kitties INSIDE.
Mum had the last bit of this yummy drink the other night. I helped myself to a few licks as well. But mum only buys this stuff once a year, so no more until Christmouse time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kitties in my Neighborhood

Now I don't get to go out and meet other kitties. Mum keeps me inside or if she allows me outside, I don't get out of our yard. But mum does get around, walking, going to work and does see these kitties. So here is the report.

As mum goes down the street from our house there is another blue house with a tuxie who likes to sit in the open windows like I do here. Mum hasn't seen him/her lately since the windows are all shut up.
Then on the way to work she would turn right and go down to the stop sign. On the house straight ahead of her there is a ginger and white kittie who mum can sometimes see in the windows and mum saw a calico in the window today too. Mum sees that ginger kittie most every day, she waves at him, so maybe he is just waiting for mum to come by saying hello.

Then she turns left and the house immediately to her left has two kitties, a whitester and tortie. The have a front window which is all roomy just like mine in the kitchen. They aren't always in the window, but some mornings they are.
Thankfully we don't have many kitties who are allowed to just roam around, I don't get many visitors who wander by, but that is a good thing as being inside is safer.

Monday, January 26, 2009

ManCat Monday

If a dog jumps into your lap it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warmer. - A. N. Whitehead
Well I am not exactly 'on' mum's lap but sitting between her legs. But I can tell by the picture that this was taken during warmer weather as mum has her short legged pants on! Mum does keep it warm enough in the house for us to be nice and comfortable, even when it is cold and nasty outside. Plus I can nap in front of the various heaty spots.

We just hung out this weekend. Mum went out to Grampie's to make sure his TV will work in three weeks with the digital conversion. His converter box works fine but the place where he lives has to tweak something as he is missing two channels that he likes to watch. We know it works as all of the other digital channels are there.

Mr Hawk made a visit this weekend sitting in our crabby apple tree for a few minutes. Mum didn't get a picture of him but he flew by and landed just where we could see his tail fevvers. All of the little birds had flown off and were safe.

Feetsball Report

There was no feetsball this weekend! But just wait until next weekend with the Stouper Bowl for hte last meaningful game of the season.

But mum did watch a tiny bit of a car race that went on for a whole day. She watched the start on Saturday and they didn't finish until Sunday. What was exciting is that normally these races aren't even close at the finish, whoever wins wins by a lap or two. This year in the last 45 minutes of the race a pass came to change the lead and the two cars were close to each other right up to the end. The racing season has begun.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Race Ya!

Me racing mum up the stairs from the dungeon. I win, again!

Happy weekend one and all. Mum and I will be snuggling as it will be cold again. Not as bad as last week but snuggling weather for sure. Cold enough to keep the falls frozen for a while.

Some of you asked how cold it has been here to to freeze the falls. We had -15F or -27C and one day it never got above 0F which is -17C, last week. Two really cold days and nights. It hasn't been above freezing in the past week either, but we have had some sunshine. Mum drives by this everyday to and from work. She says it looks about the same for now. She will try to watch to get pictures of when it breaks open again, whenever it warms up again. That won't be anytime soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frozen Falls

Last summer the falls looked like this, lots of water going over the falls after we had lots and lots of rain.
What they look like under 'normal' conditions when there hasn't been a lot of rain. They are all nice and pretty.
Now they are all frozen in the cold! With all of the furry cold weather the water got stuck in one place, but they do sneak out underneath and keep going.
Guess it is a good thing mum makes me stay inside! My water dish wouldn't be water anymore but ice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blankie is Done

Mum finished this blankie for someone at work who will be having a baby. But she has already started another one for someone else at work who is having a baby near my Gotcha Day in May.

Mum is watching some of the stuff from earlier today watching Mr O get to really be President. Woohoo, yipee, way to go Mr O!

Monday, January 19, 2009

ManCat Monday

I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the ability to produce food which they take for granted--but his or her entertainment value. - Geoffrey Household
Yes I know the picture is upside down. But don't those things look like kittie faces?

Mum provided all sorts of entertainment last week when she got stuck out of the house. The new lock on the back door is such that to even open it, you have to unlock it. So that should prevent her from locking herself out again. I can only hope so. She did go out on Caturday to fill the feeders and didn't lock herself out, phew!

I didn't mention I even got outside for a really short time that night. The guy opened the door and then mum came in, and mum sort of moved me away from the door. Then the fix-it guy came in but left the door open. So I scooted around mum and went outside. Even the extra outside door was wide open. I didn't go far, I got to the end of the patio and when I got to the snow piles I stopped. Mum was right behind and grabbed me by the scruff and then picked me up and brought me back inside. I do have to say it was furry cold outside and I didn't even touch the snow!

Feetsball Report

The two remaining teams to play in the Stouper Bowl are one fevver team, the Cardinals who will represent the NFC to play the AFC team The Steelers!

Concatulations to them! Let the hype begin!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell Friday

Goodness another Friday and a day when I have to wish my buds God Speed at The Bridge. You are free of the hurts and pains of this world. Romp and play like kittens!
Meep is being help to The Bridge today after a fight with various health issues. He will meet his brofur Buzzerbee there.
Bow at Forty Paws was helped to The Bridge, he wasn't doing furry well and the dr eased him on his way.
PooPoo - JB's little sisfur left us unexpectedly this week. If you haven't been by to leave a kind word, stop by if you can.

I want to give a shout out to Daisy. She was in the voting for the best pet blog against competition that really weren't pet blogs. Daisy you are our 'best in the world' everyday. Mum voted every day both at home and at work but we aren't that into those #$%^@ penguins!
Mum made it home safe and without any issues on Thursday. The metal monster started right up to bring her home from work even after sitting outside all day. Plus she came home, came inside and we just sat on the couch. No locking herself outside in the cold.

So everyone stay warm, the talky picture box guy says it is supposed to get warmer. Woohoo, open windows! Oh, mum says not warm enough to open windows, not just yet. Plus I think it is a holliday weekend, where my prezzie mum?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here I Am

Here I am! Just napping and hanging out with the stuffed bears. Close up of yesterday's picture. Mum was looking for me one day and didn't see me at first either. She gets worried if she doesn't know where I am before she leaves for work or being gone a long time.

Mum had an adventure tonight. She got home but before she came inside she cleared the bit of snow off the driveway. Then she came inside and had closed the big door to the metal monster's room. She then went out the back door to fill the birdie feeders. But she got a surprise, she didn't get the door unlocked so she locked herself out of the house! On a evening when it was maybe 5 degrees!

So I didn't see her for a couple of hours, she said she spent it inside at the neighbors chatting and waiting for the man to break her into her own house.

She is back inside and all is well. She says she won't do that again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

ManCat Monday

Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later. - Mary BlyI sometimes come when I am called. First thing in the AM when mum wakes up she calls for me, I run into the sleeping room to get my waking up scritches. Mum was funny the other day, she wasn't really awake, she thought she was scritchen my nose, when in fact she was closer to spot #13. She knew she didn't have fur, so that was a good one on her.

I also come when called if the word 'treats' follows my name, as in "Derby, treats". I will then come over to get some goodies.

Mum was going through my pictures and found this one of me sitting in the window. This picture has me wearing my collar and tags and I haven't worn them for over a year. Mum makes sure I don't go outside so she lets me go naked inside the house.

I have been sitting on mum's lap more lately. I don't curl up in her lap, I am sitting on my haunches. At least I can site there as long as she doesn't have the puter in her lap or her crow-shay.

I am mainly looking for a few more scritches and treats.

Friday the biggest part of the snow storm missed us for a change. We did get a little bit of snow, mum says about 2 inches. Not much more than 50 miles south of us they got 12-14 inches. Mum was happy that the heavy snow missed us for a changed. But it still is supposed to get furry cold here this week. Mum says not to worry the heaty thing in the dungeon is working just fine and that will keep us warm. Plus we can snuggle and snuggle and snuggle to keep warm as well.

Feetball Report - Playoff Edition

Another good weekend for the Fevver teams. Ravens, Cardinals, Eagles, Steelers won. hmmm another good weekend for fevver teams.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Derby Here, Derby There, Derby Everewhere

Mum is always on the outlook for mentions of Derby, that are not me. Here is a few we have found.
Here is one from a book she was reading, that mentions Derby figures. Mum can't exactly remember the book she was reading at the time. She thinks it was something that some one wrote as a look at what happened after Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' ended.
On Caturday January 3, in the English Soccer, football to my UK furiends, Derby was playing at Forest Green. I wonder if Derby has a good team or not?
This was from a magazine that mum found when she and Grampie went up North last fall. We have a Derby track and a Derby Inn!

It is going to be snowing lots again today, the most we have gotten since Christmouse Eve. Mum has been happy for the break of snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow. Plus next week their are talking about EXTREMELY COLD temperatures. Mum and I need to be prepared to snuggle up really good to stay warm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yarn Jar

A few of you wanted to know about the jar that mum keeps her yarn in. Here is a picture of it
Mum got it at Jo Ann's and found it on their website. It is called a Yarn Tainer. It also says Snapware on the bottom. I wonder if Snap the Horse gets royalties on this? The one mum has is about 10 inches high and 6 inches in diameter but there are other sizes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

ManCat Monday

My cat does not talk as respectfully to me as I do to her. - Colette
Mum took down the tree over the weekend, I am laying where the tree was sitting, checking out the empty space. All of the Christmouse stuff is put away with the exception of one snow person who gets to stay out until the snow is all gone for the season. You can see the little guy on top of the moving picture box in the background. I was watching mum work on her crow-shay.
You can see the big plastic bottle that she found that she can put the yarn inside, that way I don't get to put the bitey on the yarn. Darn!
Mum zoomed in to show the little guy and ME as well, from the same picture.
But we watched the feetsball games this weekend. I sat on the purr pad on the coffee table and watched with mum. This was the firsted game on Saturday.

FeetsBall Report - Playoff Edition

The Colts - Lost, there goes mum's wish of a Manning versus Manning Stouper Bowl.

Cardinals, Chargers, Ravens and Eagles won. A good weekend if you had a nickname of a fevver!

Did your team win?

We had lots of fevvers in our yard on Caturday! Like they were having a nice luncheon party to cellybrate the new year. Mum had to go out to refill the feeders as they ate so much. Even a few evil squirrels out mooching the spilled seed.
We got our copy of the CB calendar over the weekend and mum was checking it out looking for my picture. January usually includes all of the kitties pictures and mum couldn't find me. She found me on two other months, May and December of my wonderful winking picture.
Mum finally found my picture on January, I am right where the company put the hole so you can hang the picture up! So I have a hole in my head! Max is sitting next to me, laughing!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hmmm Tasty

Mum brought this rose home on the night before Thanksgiving. Most of the office got to go home early, but they had to stay until the end of the day for last minute issues. Mum says it wasn't that big of a deal staying late. But one of the other people decided they needed a treat so handed out the roses.
Roses are so tasty, I just love them. Mum can't leave this out when she is not around. I want to knock it to the floor and gobble it all up.
Mum was nice to let me at least get a couple of bites, but only a couple!

Mum went over to Miss Lynn's house on Friday evening for dinnner, she lives on the other side of town so mum left me alone for the evening. She says they had a furry nice dinner with Miss Lynn and her parents. They made chickhen and other goodies.

But mum came home smelling like woofie and not just a little bit. Mum said she sat on the floor and played with Miss Lynn's woofie, Chloe. Miss Lynn was surprised as Chloe normally is not a super friendly woofie. She climbed right in mum's lap one time and kissed her on the ear! She was also bad and got into mum's coat and took her glove! Plus she was messing about and stole a tissue out of mum's purse, guess Chloe, likes tissues too!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. More chillaxin' on a long holliday weekend.