Thursday, February 28, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

I didn't hold a grudge against mum for taking me to see the vet man. He is a nice guy, he takes care of Miss Kellie's kitties and woof too. Miss Kellie was one of my care givers while mum went to France.
Here I am yesterday morning, getting my loves from mum first thing in the morning when she got up. She still has to take my poo sample in, but has to wait to get a fresh one from me. MOL.

Today's flashback takes us to cellybrating Squillion Day. Virginger is our Squillion and we love her. She is still in hiding from all the snow and cold, but it was on this day in 2006 that Virginger made her blog debut.

From February 28, 2009

Squillion Day

To all of our 'ramic buddies, the original big Squillions like Virginger, seen here outsdie with a spring flower.
Or to the many mini-Squillions that have been adopted. All of the ones you see below we sent off to Moki so he can auction them off, with Beau helping, so green papers can be raised to help other kitties.
Happy Squillion Day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Well, I had a surprize today. Mum hauled me off to the stabby place to see Dr Tom. I am not sick, just my annual checkup. Mum took some pics and even made a moovie of my journey.

It is a cold day, so it was a bit chilly as we drove over to the appointment. Mum was nice and turned on the seat warmer and the heater kicked in quickly. So I wasn't cold. I just hunkered down, didn't even sing to mum while I was in the metal monster. Only one other spot taken in the parking area so mum got a spot right by the door, so a quick trip into the building.
 Plus they are super organized, so as soon as they check me in, they take me into the exam room. Nice bench for mum's stuff, or to sit if she wants. She usually stays right by me to comfort me.
 Some art, a purple cat. Plus the usual certificates of the stabby man that he actually did graduate from vet school.
 The rest of the room, the door you see is where the stabby guy and assist purrson arrive from. Me and mum get in and out by a different door. Plus, they do their best to keep us kitties away from the woofies.
So how did I do? Just grate! I am 8 pounds 13 ounces, good weight for me. I am normally right around 9 pounds, give or take a few ounces. My heart sounds are good, my ears are good. I was told I have excellent muscle mass and look nice and trim!

Something new this time, I got no shots! Instead they did my distemper by having me inhale it up my nose! Dr Stabby said they try to keep from doing injections on cats as that isn't the best for us. Good for them for making it easy for us.

Then the ride home and mum is letting me do my thing. I did come and sit by her for a short time. Then she went off to get more library books. She brought home a big stack, that might keep her for a couple of weeks, maybe.

Monday, February 25, 2019

ManCat Monday

The love of dress is very marked in this attractive animal. - Jules Champfleury

I am not into being dressed in anything other than my own furs! Maybe some cats don't mind, I am not one of them.

Well we had an interesting weekend. Rain, freezing rain, a little bit of snow and super strong winds. Plus with all of the snow we have had it has sort of blocked my view from the big windows that go to the floor. The following three pics show my view from laying down, sitting down, then from mum's lap. Obviously right now the last one gives me the best view. 
 Mum worked on her blankie this weekend while she watched the moving picture box, a bit of CrashCar and then the moovie awards. She liked the moovie awards, they moved along much better than they normally do with a host who wants to take too much time for boring, stupid jokes.
 Have a safe and wonderful week everyone.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Me and mum are planning on staying home at least today. It is going to be an icky day, freezing rain, rain and then maybe a bit of snow tomorrow. Sheesh, can't we just get some spring?

Spring is coming as one of mum's furiends, the place she goes for Turkey Day for duck, said she saw a sandhill crane yesterday. That is a good sign. We need to start watching closer for the early spring birds that should be coming soon.

I will be doing lots of this, hanging out on the hammick. Mum may make a batch of soup.
 Mum caught me checking out the pod the other day. I like to nap here during the spring, summer and fall. We are starting to get more sun back here, but the snow bank is so high I can't see much unless I sit on the chair or my tower.
Everyone have a good weekend. Stay warm, stay safe.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Well, good news, we didn't get that much snow yesterday. It was sloppy during the day, some snow, some rain, freezing drizzle. Mum had to go out for an appointment, meet with her money man. Then he took her to lunch since they both have a purrthday in February.

The woofie from the other day, well, before mum left he was sniffing up her pant let and then licking her leg. Getting rather purrsonal with her! Back off Elliot, she's my mum!
 We lost another original blogger cat in Sammy Meezer. Another old furiend of Derby's, they used to party together all the time. I am sure these old furiends are having  quite the party at The Bridge. I know mum would miss me if I went to be an island cat. Maybe an honorary Island Cat?
In our throw back this week, Derby talks about being called Derby. Do you have a story about your name?

From February 21, 2009

Finally Friday - What's In A Name

Now we all have our names, some of us have had more than one name. I was originally named Benny, or at least that was my name at the shelter. Mum renamed me Derby, since I was adopted on Derby Day. When I was at the vet the other day the tech who was helping said she used to have a kittie named Derby! Plus he had a sisfur name Daisy!

Skeezix has an interesting name. Did you know there was a cartoon character of the same name? Yup, there was and it was in the cartoon, Gasoline Alley.

Do you have an interesting story about your name?

Mum says we will have a regular weekend this weekend. Just the normal stuff, she has to get her head fur trimmed. A little shopping for foods, plus the cleaning stuff and laundry. Otherwise we can snuggle, watch birdies and such.
Maybe even a nap or two! Happy Weekend everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Me and mum had a quiet day. She did go shopping for some new fevver feeders. Went to one store and didn't see anything she wanted or liked. Found stuff at the second store. Plus what she found costed her less green papers.
So we were sitting earlier watching out the back, fevvers, snow piles. The occasional human and woofie walking on the trail. Yeah, and we have gotten lots of snow in the past month. From January 18 to February 18 we got over 3 feet of snow and more is coming on Wednesday, Caturday / Sunday and then Tuesday. Enough already! Mum is really bummed on the snow on Wednesday as she has places to get to, so she just can't stay home. 
Plus I found this on mum's phone, yep, a picture of a woofie. Mum says this is Elliot, the woofie of the guy who does her taxes. Mum got those done on Monday and we are getting a refund! Woohoo.
Farewell Wally! Our hearts are broken and sad that you ran off to The Bridge. I am sure your fellow gingers like Derby will meet you and show you around. Plus, if the island needs a ginger, I am available to be an island cat.

Monday, February 18, 2019

ManCat Monday

The difference between a cat and a dog is that a cat can bark .... and doesn't.

MEOW! I thank you all for your purrthday wishes for mum. We had a quiet Sunday, just watching the snow fall. Yep, we got more snow again on Sunday.

So mum and I had a quiet Sunday. We watched fevvers, napped, and watched crashcar! Oh and they did crash a lot of cars.

So everyone have a good week. Me and mum are hoping it stops snowing for this winter soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. I'm a bit, MOL, I am very late with today's post. Mum was all distracted with other stuff today. What other stuff, well, it's her purrthday. So Happy Purrthday Mum! She is another year older than dirt!

So last night she went out and partied with furiends. She didn't stay out super late, but she did stay out later than she usually does. One of her furiends bought her a cellybrating adult beverage. Then she bought him one as his purrthday is Sunday!

So mum was a bit later getting up today, then she went off to a garden talk on the new purrenials for your garden. The talker guy runs a grower not far away, so you know that the plants are suited for our area.

Then on the way home she stopped at the food store to get herself a cupcake for her purrthday. It was carrot cake, although mum says the cakey part was super heavy cake. But she says it tasted good.
 We spent the afternoon curled up together. She readed her book and I napped on her. It was a lovely day.
Mum is finally of the phone thingy, someone called to wish her happy purrthday. Now we can just relax!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Throw Back Thursday - Valentine's Day Edition

Happy V Day everyone. Make sure you tell your sweetie how much they mean to you. Well, mum knows I loves her and I know she loves me too.

Special purrs to my kittie sweetie Dora. I have her paw print on my heart.
Our throw back takes us to V Day from ten years ago with Derby sending his love to his sweetie Princess Mia Bella.

From February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It was three years ago today that My Princess Ms Mia Bella won my heart. That I could win over a princess, well I would have never have thunk it.

It all started with her commenting as follows:

Anonymous said...
Happy Valentine's Day, Derby. purrrrr

Your Secret Admirer
I had to search and search to figure out who PMB was, but once I did, well, the rest is our history.
Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hug, headbonk, purr on someone you love!
We got a little bit of snow overnight, not much, just enough to cover the ground and make everything pretty.
Mr Squirrel digging in the snow for sunflower seeds spilled from the birdie feeder.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Gotcha Anniversary #9

Three thousand two hundred and ninety days ago, yeah, 9 years ago today I conned mum into taking me home. Well, maybe not conned, but she fell in love with my quiet softness.
 Here I am in my little apartment, hey get me out of this place. Hey nice lady(now mum) you need to take me home!
 She asked to take a closer look at me. So into the little meet and greet room. She had a chance to play with me a bit, pet me, and yes I posed. I didn't know at the time the flashy box would become a major part of my life. 
 Mum brought me home and I promptly headed under the bed. I felt safe there, but mum got down on the floor and I soon came out.
Posing so nice on the sleepy spot for her. I felt really comfortable with her really fast. I got to hang with her in the sleepy spot and I still like to hang out with her in the sleepy spot.

Now for a few more recent pictures. I haven't really changed that much and I really feel like a kitten sometimes. I love to play and race around the house.  Watch fevvers and hang out with mum.
 Here I am from a few days ago on the couch with mum and yes, I trust her so much I even let her touch my tummeh. Lots of loving rubs.
What was nice yesterday was that mum stayed home with me. Cuz of all the snow she cancelled going to a library thingy over in Mad Town, even though she only had to drive part of the way. It wouldn't have been an easy drive even for that short way. She just stayed home and dealt with the snow and it is still snowing! Hopefully today it will start to get nice with a bit of sun.

So mum has put out a buffet so we can cellybrate, plus champagne as well. CHEERS!

Monday, February 11, 2019

ManCat Monday

Sure, it's clean laundry. The cat's sleeping on it, isn't he?

MOL, however, I have never been a cat who messes with the laundry. Clean or dirty! Mum did the laundry on Sunday, so all is clean. The sleepy spot has nice fresh, crisp sheets to sleep on.

Mum spent some time watching woofies yesterday. You can see me looking at the purrty flowers to start.
 Then the woofie was showing off here afore running through a maze of jumps, tunnels, ramps and other things. We cats don't do that. We know we are agile, we don't have to prove it.
 Here is a moovie of the dalmation doing his run. I didn't watch much after this.
 This is just the start of the yearly few days where mum watches woofies. Seems there is a big fancy dog show in NYC this week. I guess I will let her watch woofies. Better than if she would decide to bring one home.

Mum worked some more on the blankie and readed a book. Guess a quiet weekend for us.

Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! It is starting out nice and sunny today but cold. Not super deep freeze cold, but still cold enuf.

Crazy week with the weather guessers. Melty, sleet, snow, freezing rain, rain, snow, ice. So what is on the ground is all hard and mum needs to be careful walking. I don't want here to fall down and go boom.
 So above is when it was all melty out, you can see the snow is pretty much gone. Below is the driveway. Mum got purrty much all the icy stuff off, so it sin't slippery. Although all the junk at the end of the drive is frozen. Mum says it will just have to melt.
 Celebrating that Mr Sun is coming back north. It has gotten enuf north that it is hitting the inside of the frame of the big windows that go to the floor. We hadn't had a sunny day for a while, so happy to see this milestone for us. Soon we will have lots of sun coming in that room. You can see the outside of the house too. Mum had gone out to check on the fevvers and make sure they had food and water.
Me? Well, I am doing my usual stuff. Here I am helping mum with the crow-shay blankie, she is now 70% done. Way to go mum. Plus she gets lots of reading in. She almost read an entire book yesterday, but then put it down to crow-shay for a while.
Happy weekend one and all. Stay happy, stay warm.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Things are OK around here. Mum had to call a plumber guy to come and get a big plug out of the bathroom sink drain. He wasn't here long and mum is happy to have the sink workable. Me too, that is my main drinking sink.

Yeah, it melted, the past few evening we have been getting sleet and freezing rain. Mum didn't even bother to clean the stuff off and won't until she knows the freezy stuff is done. Mum says if the bottom layer is there the freezing rain doesn't usually stick so hard.

Today's flashback takes us back ten years when we again had some melting going on.Derby even got open windows! I haven't had open windows yet this year.

From February 7, 2009


Beautiful Day for us today. Here are some pictures that show all of that white stuff is starting to go away.
This is when mum first got up and went to get her newsy paper from outside about 7:30 in the morning.
This is about 1 PM.
This is about 4 PM.
This is around 4 PM and Mr Moon was showing his face.
Mum was watching the thingy she has that tells her how hot or cold it is, we got to 49F at our house, the official weather place got to 53F. So she went and opened the windows in the kitchen for me, not all the way but enough to breathe in the fresh air.