Saturday, February 2, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Me and mum survived the polar vortex. The weather guesser said we spent 55 hours below zero. Wow, although the record is FOUR DAYS!

The house stayed warm enuf, mum would pull the drapes and such to keep the warms in the house and not get the cold from the windows. I am also planted directly on the heaty spot back there!
Mum said she needed to see some daylight to keep her mood up. With the sunshine on the snow it was purrty bright at times. Mum would sit here and read, and be all covered up with a throw on her legs.
Plus I spent a lot of time in my ham-mick to keep warm by this heaty spot. Our heat monster did OK, mum had a furiend whose heat monster decided to not work on the cold days. She was able to keep warm enuf with a space heater and they got things fixed on Thursday. That is scary and she was lucky she didn't freeze. She could have gone to stay with her brother, but then the house and pipes might have frozen which would be a huge mess.
Mum is going to be doing gardening stuff today. Yep, gardening. Seems she gets to officially graduate to be a Master Gardener and get her certificate and name pin. Plus there is a volunteer fair and then a talk about gardening.

The Stouper Bowl is tomorrow, mum may watch, then again, maybe not. She doesn't really care since The Pack isn't playing. Well, she would prefer that the Rams win.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm, have fun.


  1. Keep warm Ducky! WOW, a master gardener is pretty darn impressive!

  2. Congrats to your mum. It seems like I don't need to tell you to keep warm, you are already doing a very good job of it.

  3. Congratulations Mum. Fabulous achievement on becoming a certified Master Gardener. Next goal: Master Pusscat Manager! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I love chatting up any Master Gardener that I find at local fairs and farmer's market! What fun! Yes, it's so much better without that severe cold!

  5. How scary for your human's friend to have the heater not working during such low temperatures! My human says she is staying near the coasts for the rest of her life, MOL! We don't care about the Stupid Bowl, even if the Rams are there. In fact, if the Rams win, that means her new friend may have a hard time getting to work because of parades and stuff.

  6. Concatulations to your mom ! Stay warm ! Purrs

  7. 55 hours may not be a record, Ducky, but it is enough for us !

  8. We are very happy you and Mom did well during that horrible vortex thingy. She is like a good scout--always prepared! And we are so impressed with her Master Gardener status! I point to your Mom when the Human fritters away her retirement days, ha ha meow. She needs to become a Master-Something! But I can tell you one thing: It ain't gonna be gardener! She is ridiculously proud that she has kept ONE plant alive since mid-May of 2018. But I don't think its future is all that bright. We watched some of the Stupid Bowl and woulda rooted for the Rams if they'd still been in St. Louis. But we just CAN'T root for an LA team. Sigh.


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