Saturday, February 27, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday! All is well in Ducky-land this morning. I need to report that mum got shot on Thursday! Not the gun kinda shot but the virus shot! Woohoo, one step closer to getting this stupid pandemic under control. Mum is also the first in the family to get the shot but lots of her furiends have gotten at least one shot and in some cases both shots.

We got a furry light bit of snow overnight, but mum is just going to let it melt!

In other fun news mum was out yesterday getting her taxes done by her CPA man, they had a nice chat and his dog Elliott was getting overly friendly with mum. She said he just kept licking her ankles! Then he started on her elbow! Must like the lotion that mum puts on. Mum is happy, green papers are coming back. I hope she spends them all on me!

On the way home mum stopped to get some lunch. Since it was Friday she got a nice fishy fry and you bet she shared it with me. 

She finished one blankie and started another, plus a library run for more books!

Gosh mum you have had a couple of bizzy days! I think to need to stay home and rest up and cuddle with me. Yep she should. 

You all have a wonderful weekend!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can (mum did).

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 We're melting! That is a good thing, the snow is slowly going away. Mum even went outside without a jacket on for a few minutes the other day. 

Mum had our man Dan come over to rake the roof on Monday and it is melting off really nice. I even snoopervised Dan and he did do a good job. 

 The front on Monday, the back on Monday
The back on Tuesday

The front on Wednesday, and the back on Wednesday. Lots of snow gone!

 Mum knocked the top of the pile of snow off so we can now see the fevver bath again. Since it got warm we have water again for the fevvers, not just ice! 

Me inspecting the new blankie mum started last night. She finished the last one during the day on Wednesday, started the new one in the evening.

Puzzles, one of the above pic and some flowers!

preview99pieceDuckyColors preview90pieceIMG_6117

Monday, February 22, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

He seems the incarnation of everything soft and silky and velvety, without a sharp edge in his composition, a dreamer whose philosophy is sleep and let sleep. - Saki


Mum pets me lots and says I have a nice soft and smooth coat. Mum loves petting me. I got all sorts of loves for Love Your Pet Day. Heck, mum loves me every day. 

Me helping mum with the crow-shay yesterday. She did a bunch of it while watching the CrashCar race, she gets lots done while she "watches" sports. She did some too while she was watching the flying boats in the evening.

 It is going to get warmer this week and a bit of snow to clear off, but warm enuf for melting to happen. We can wait to see the ground again. We are jealous big time for those of you who are seeing flowers already!

Mum got a moovie of me getting lots of love from her the other night. Warning, extreme closeups!

Sports report -  the flying boat races are done for now. They Eye-talians won enuf races to be the boat to race against the current champ, the New Zealand team. The final set of races will start sometime towards the end of next week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Woohoo, it is the weekend, not that weekends matter that much around here. 

Mum attended the Annual Birthday Bash for some of her furiends last night. Not the usual party at the dance club but online and Zoom. Mum is no longer a Zoom virgin! A few kits made their appearance and so did I! A couple of woofies too, but mum didn't get pics of them all. But we heard the barks.

Mum liked it cuz she didn't have to drive anywhere, didn't have to buy drinks and not worry about drinking and driving! Although it was hard to visit with just a couple people, there was only one topic that mum wasn't into that much. 

Me? Well I did make my appearance and then wandered off to nap. Mum didn't stay on the party long and went to watching the sailing races. Miss Michelle, mum has been into watching the sailing races for a long time. She even remembers getting up in the middle of the night to watch when they were in Perth many years ago. We is happy that the You-Kay boat won a race, we hope they win a few more.

Me staring mum down. I think you need to give me treats, now, lots and lots of treats. Yummy, yummy treats. Plus mum went and got her toes painted a funky blue. Mum is planning on staying home the rest of the weekend.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 First mum wants to say thank for the purrthday wishes. She got herself a really nice meal from a local place that had a Mardi Gras menu. So mum got a lobster roll and beignets. Yummy stuff. 

We are coming out of our deep freeze. The snow machine the other day that hit part of Whiskerconsin with lots and lots of snow. Thankfully we were not in that area, but we still got some snow. Mum is tired of clearing off snow, and places to put it too. The pile by the end of the driveway is up to her chest. Driving around town she has to be careful cuz she can't see traffic at turns. Hopefully it will start to melt soonest. 

Puzzles today. One of me and a couple of colorful ones.Mum made them with fewer pieces since they have funky patterns.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

preview99pieceSunnyDucky preview70pieceColors preview60pieceMoreColor

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mardi Gras - Happy Purrthday Mum


I am ready to party! We kitties don't have to worry about social distance so we can shake our booty and enjoy the day. Grab some beads and party on!

 Plus I have a second reason to party today as it is mum's purrthday! She gets to officially count herself another year older as of today. She says she is older than dirt and parts of her body feels like they are ancient and all creeky. 

So just consider our house the party house for the day. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

When No One Else Cares... My Cat Still Loves Me!

You betcha I loves mum, and I know she loves me back. We had a nice and quiet Palentine's Day. Mum got up and was still in her jammies and robe. She saw that the paper guy had just thrown the paper in the middle of the driveway. So mum went outside in the super cold in her jammies and robe to get the paper! She wasn't outside much more than a minute, so she wasn't going to freeze. 

Mum then cleared off the snow the plow pushed into the drive after she got properly dressed. After that a nice warm shower, got dressed in all clean clothes. Then it was time for laundry duty for the week. No more going outside in the cold. 
Mum even used her special mug with hearts on it for her tea yesterday. Something hot to warm up her insides. 
So once mum got all her chores done she sat down to watch the racy CrashCar cars. Well, that didn't last long as they barely had the race started, got into a big crash, then it decided to rain. Mum turned of the moving picture box. Well.....6 hours later they started racing again. So mum had it on later. Mum kept bizzy and finished the latest blankie. 

She did a good job as usual and I made sure I inspected it good so that it passes all quality control checks. Mum took these pics, then went to pick out the yarns for the next blankie. 
Me and mum knows that lots of you kits and  humans are getting cold, snow and ice where you don't normally get that kind of weather. Do yourself a favor, stay inside and if you have to go out, dress warmly and drive safely. 
Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask. get the vaccine when you can. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Palentine's Day

 Won't you be my Palentine? 


Saturday, February 13, 2021

Caturday - My Gotchaversary!

 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Gotchaversary Caturday to me, well and to mum too. 

It has been a whole 11 years since mum brought me home from the shelter. I'm living the good life with mum. Good foods, a warm and comfy home. Lots of loves and cuddles. 

Mum doesn't have anything planned for today. It is supposed to snow and then get really cold on Sunday. Then finally the temps are supposed to get a bit warmer finally. No more of the deep freeze. 

So here are some of the first pics mum took of me when I moved in, a couple even from her first visit to me at the shelter. I was a quiet guy but she picked me anyway!

UTB with lazer eyes! This is where I first headed when mum opened the PTU. Although I had a toilet roll to play with, Derby had left it there.
First official pic at home. Mum opened the PTU door and then just let me come out when I was ready. She knew not to rush things and make me upset.
Inspection time at the shelter. Even though I just sat there, mum liked me anyway. 

So here is to many more years with mum. 

Miss Michelle, yep, we watched the flying boats on Friday night, Caturday afternoon for you. Nice to see the warm and sunny day!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Woot, we are getting to the end of the week. Mum says the weather guessers are saying it will be a bit warmer next week. Mum has gone out for stuff when she needs to do so. After this weekend it isn't supposed to get below zero anymore. Heck, I would like sunny and 70 please! Open window weather!

Mum does her chores, then reads her book. She ordered a new pile of books to pickup at the library. They say the are all in, so most likely she will pick them up tomorrow. She has one more to finish which she should get done soon. 

Mum did get her act together and work on the crow-shay the past few nights. She watched some of her moving picture box shows. She hasn't been watching the polly-tick stuff during the day. That is her reading time. Plus the yarns are keeping her lap warm. Well I am keeping her lap warm too!

Everyone be warm. Spring is coming, I am sure of it. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

Today's puzzles, one of me, one of fruit and one of a snow flake taken by Auntie Brenda. She is a cat mom to Tomas and Teaghan. Also for Angels Beau Beau and Angie. She was nice to let me use a picture she took.

preview99pieceIMG_3439 preview100pieceslices preview100pieceSnow flake