Monday, February 22, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

He seems the incarnation of everything soft and silky and velvety, without a sharp edge in his composition, a dreamer whose philosophy is sleep and let sleep. - Saki


Mum pets me lots and says I have a nice soft and smooth coat. Mum loves petting me. I got all sorts of loves for Love Your Pet Day. Heck, mum loves me every day. 

Me helping mum with the crow-shay yesterday. She did a bunch of it while watching the CrashCar race, she gets lots done while she "watches" sports. She did some too while she was watching the flying boats in the evening.

 It is going to get warmer this week and a bit of snow to clear off, but warm enuf for melting to happen. We can wait to see the ground again. We are jealous big time for those of you who are seeing flowers already!

Mum got a moovie of me getting lots of love from her the other night. Warning, extreme closeups!

Sports report -  the flying boat races are done for now. They Eye-talians won enuf races to be the boat to race against the current champ, the New Zealand team. The final set of races will start sometime towards the end of next week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.


  1. Aww that is nice. My cats have nice soft fur too and get lots of cuddles! lovely photos and video :-D

  2. Your furs do look soft Ducky and we enjoyed your happy video!

  3. That was a nice lot of loving you were getting, Ducky.

  4. You sure love your lovin’, Ducky.

  5. Your mum sure knows how to love on you!

  6. Ducky that is a magnificent bit of fuss you got there and was that a little lick I saw. I do that to Dad to let him know his attention is really appreciated

  7. Ducky we can almost feel your soft furs in that video. Purrs !


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