Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yipee and Yahoo - Kimo's Home

It has been nearly two weeks since he went on an unauthorized tour. Just showed up at the back door last night. We are glad you are home, don't scare us like this again Kimo!

Monday, November 28, 2011

ManCat Monday

Books and cats and fair-haired little girls make the best furnishing for a room. - French Proverb

Hope you had a nice holliday weekend for our Meriky furiends. This means our week with mum is coming to a close. Bummer, we have liked having her home and we know she liked being home too. Says this is practice for retiring, but that will be some years away yet.

Don't forget to sign up for Secret Paws, info above. It is fun and you get to sometimes meet up with some new kitties. Last year our Secret Paw was Angel Prailine before she ran off to The Bridge. We sent goodies to Laila and Minchie.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - played on Turkey Day and beat them Lions. They didn't look as good as when they played the ViQueens the week before, but good enough to win. Don't play again until next Sunday against the Giants.

The Colts - another week, same results.

Grampa Brett - still retired, although rumors floated this past week that he would be playing for Da Bears or some other team that was really desperate for a QB.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feasting on Friday

Mum promised us turkey this weekend and we didn't get it yesterday. So we were furry bummed out. But she came through today. Made us our own turkey dinner! Yummmy.

Just out of the oven and getting its temperature taken. Just right to come out of the oven.
Waiting, and waiting some more. Come on mum give us some turkey. Mum said it had to rest and she zapped the taters and dressing in the microwave.
Taking off the string that held it together and then.....
...cutting some slices off to eat.
Full plate of turkey, dressing and taters. Mum says that is what she likes best, the carbs! Heck with veggies and pie, give her taters and dressing.
Our first little pieces of turkey, yes, nice and yummy. Flavorful and moist.
Ducky moving so fast to inhale his piece!
Paws off the table please, Derby. You know it is not polite to put your paws on the table.
Thank you, that is better.
Ducky sitting pretty with his paws off the table.
The end, mum let us lick her plate, after she was done licking her plate! Yes, she licked her plate.
Lots left to eat for meals to come. We can say thanks again.

Mum's comments. What I bought was a boneless turkey breast, Butterball made it. I debated just doing a cornish hen, but when I saw this, I got it. Three pounds and it included a gravy packet, didn't have many drippings to add to the gravy however. It was good, I would do it again. Enough but not too much in terms of leftovers.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Garden Thursday - Thanksgiving Day Edition


Hello and Welcome! It's Virginger with your Thanksgiving Day garden report. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our furiends! We hope your dinner doesn't hide on you!
This will be my final report for the year. It has been almost a month since my last post, it is getting colder, the plants have stopped growing and blooming. The trees have shed their leaves. Mum has gotten all of the outside stuff cleaned up for the season.
Yep, that is me sitting on the grill for now. Mum took the big chairs in but has a little one outside to site on while she cooks outside. Yes she is still doing that for now.
The far end of the garden, the red twigged dogwoods waiting for some white snow to show off their bright red branches over the winter. Mum says the snow can wait for a while to come.

The fevver bath with a few plants still present. Mum says the fevvers need places to sit while waiting their turn at the feeder.
Longer shot showing the bath and feeder and plants. The few leaves here will just get buried in the snow and rot away over the winter.
The big view of the back from the gate. Looks decent mum, you did another great job this fall.
The view from the patio, this is what the boys see from inside looking back at the fevver feeders.
Mum pushed down the robin's nest from earlier this year. The bottom was just the rain downspout. Those little fevvers had to sit on metal.
The grape arbor still has grapes on it. Frozen now, so frozen grape pops. In time the fevvers will eat these, frozen or not.
Yep, we see a junco on the arbor looking for a snack. Help yourself little guy.
A few things are trying to grow. The grass where they had to dig up to fix the road is sort of coming in, at the far end it looks greener.
You can sort of tell little shoots of grass are coming through. It has been OK, warmish on some days. Heck today and tomorrow we may be near 60 degrees F! That is warm for this time of year, the boys may get some window whiffing in.
Then the little buggers that mum says grow no matter how cold it is, yep, dandylions! We found this one in the front yard this past week.
So thanks for all of your visits this year. I will be jumping into my nice warm cupboard, sort of like Zolie has with Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. See you next year!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, This and That

Happy Tuesday, a happy day for us again, mum is home with us, at least most of the day. Early part of the day mum left to go with Miss Lynn to see Cleo-catra at the local museum. Mum said it was nice, saw lots of old things that they have found under the sea water near Alexandria Egypt.
While they were there they went through the flutterby room, here you see them feeding. Below one of them hitching a ride on the guy's shirt. The flutterby was there the entire time mum was in the room. They didn't stay long, it was super warm and humid in the room and it bothered Miss Lynn.
Mum got home after lunch and sat down with us in her reading chair. We can hang out and watch the fevvers outside. We saw two red-bellied woodpeckers today. Haven't seen them in a while.
Just keeping your chair warm while you went to make yourself some tea!
We sat in the chair reading until it got dark, here you can see me helping mum read her book. She says I am like a door, not a window! I am such a good help.
Mum did get a new book today. All about flutterby's, but that wasn't the book she is reading just yet. She said she wanted a nice book to help her identify them and she finally found one. She can't wait until next summer when she can put it to use.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mini ManCat Monday

If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend but never your slave. - Theophile Gautier

HiYa, Ducky here. About time I got to do MiniManCat Monday. It will be a good week for us, mum isn't going day hunting at all this week. So we will have extra time for cuddles and scritches from her.
Yes, mum found me hanging out in a couple of boxes. Mum keeps them on hand in case she gets in the mood to go through things and put them in storage, or maybe donate them if she doesn't need them at all. She says she really should go through the kitch-hen for stuff she doesn't use anymore. Just don't give away any ham!

Me furring up mum's warmer jacket. Plus you can see mum's walking vest glowing like my eyes. She goes walking when she comes home from day hunting and now it is dark. She doesn't want to get runned over since she has to walk in the street until she gets to the part where she can walk on the sidewalk. Or she found she can do good laps at the local church and they usually don't have church at night.
Although we really haven't had lots of cold weather here, just a day here and there. A few flurries like we had over a week ago, its all gone and we may have weather nice enough for open windows on turkey day!

We are still purring for Kimo to come home. His mum has been out looking for him everyday, leaving foods out, putting up signs, checking the shelters etc. Hopefully with all our purrs he will find his way home.

Feetsball Report

The Packers - they wonned again on Sunday. Mum says they didn't look as good as they did last Monday, but the result was good. They play again on Turkey Day Thursday.

The Colts - they didn't lose this weekend, didn't win either. They didn't play!

Grampa Brett - still retired.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shop Kittie

Alert, Alert, Alert - we interrupt our regular post to report a missing cat. This is Kimo and he has been out of his house since yesterday. His beans are all worried.

Get your furry butt home Kimo, we are purring you home, please go home.

We now return to our regular post.

When mum goes to work she drives the metal monster past some shops. She has seen a kittie sitting in the windows of this shop, a flower shop. Finally she had her flashy box with her, traffic was stopped for the traffic light, no one was behind her and the kittie was in the window. TaDa! Mum got the picture. Sort of looks like Beau, doesn't it?

Monday, November 14, 2011

ManCat Monday - Late Feetsball Edition

We didn't report on feetsball before since our Packers didn't play until Monday night.

The Packers - Another week, another win. Yipee, still unbeaten. This week's victim was the ViQueens and they almost had a shut out. If it hadn't been for a fumble to give them Queens good field position, they probably would not have scored. Our QB, MVP ARodg, just about purrfect. We loves him. Mum even didn't yell much, just lots of clapping, no words off the bad word list this week.

The Colts - same results as the previous weeks.

Grampa Brett - still retired

ManCat Monday

A cat's got her own opinion of human beings. She don't say much, but you can tell enough to make you anxious not to hear the whole of it. - Jerome K. Jerome

Mum had our screen porch set up on Caturday, in case she needed it while the new sleepy spots were being brought in the house. We were in the office together instead. But we checked it out early on Sunday just for fun.
Mum did lots of work on Caturday to get the sleepy spot ready, then she ran off to see some of her furiends from the racy car club. They were to have a nice buffet which you can see below.

They had it in the place where they normally play baseball! No games going on, they just had the fancy club spot for their meal and party. Mum liked it that the lights were on that you could see the field. Some of her furiends have never been there before at all.
The tables were on different levels, which was new, but they had seats where she could see the field and see the guys giving out the awards. Mum didn't win anything, but she didn't expect to either.
The second sleepy spot is all put together again. So we can nap where we want again. No closed doors keeping us out. Mum has all of the old sheets from this bed all folded up and will donate them to Goodwill since they won't fit the beds anymore.
Sunday she disappeared to go out to eat lunch. Very unusual for a Sunday. She ranned off to see a couple of cat mum's. Left to right, VictorTabby Cat's mum, our mum, The Crew's mum. They had a nice visit.
When mum got home she walked on the roof to clear out the leaves from the gutters, then blew the leaves into the street. Almost all done for fall outside work.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Sleepy Spot

It was a strange Caturday round here. First, mum got up earlier than she normally does and turned on her work puter. Didn't do much but said she had to be on to test moving a system change into production. Guess it worked and she was done by noon.

In between she did the laundry shuffle, took all the stuff off her sleepy spot to wash, then shut us out of the room while she used the sucking monster a lot in that room. Then she took all the blankies off Grampie's old bed and shut us out of that room.

Then after lunch she shut us up in the office and we heard thumping and strange voices outside the room. When we were allowed out the other sleepy rooms were still shut out on us.

Once mum got all the washy stuff done she opened the doors and we found a new sleepy spot. It is higher than the old one, so we have to jump higher to get up there.
She got all the nice sleepy blankies on we jumped up to investigate. Hmmm, firm, nice support and all. This should be a great spot to have a nap pile.
Grampie's bed got the same thing, brand new sleeping spot, but mum kept us out of the room. She still has to wash the new sheets. Seems the old ones won't fit it.
So guess we have to nap on the little guest bed for a while, that is where we spent most of the day today anyway. Mum says she will be happy to sleep on the new spot tonight. Guess we will have to cuddle with her!
We will report next week on how it works out for us.We are resting on beauty mum says.