Monday, January 30, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.

Guess I have to sit on top of mum to get the best seat! Mum did the crow-shay and watched the feetsball games. She also finished reading her fat book on Caturday. Good thing, it is due on Thursday. 

Mum has started a new project for herself. She says she needs a new hat. A red and white one. This is going to be knitted, not crow-shay so it will take her longer to do. Her old knitted hat she made many, many years ago is starting to wear out! 

 Plus we got a bunch of snow, so we can't see the grass anymore! Before and after pics of the driveway clearing.

Feetsball Report

The teams are set for the Stouper Bowl. The Philly Eagles beat the SF Niners. Niner's ending up using their 4th string QB when the 3rd stringer hurted his arm. The 3rd string guy had been doing really well filling in. 

The other team going is KC Chiefs. Close game all along and KC won it in the last few seconds with a field goal. 

Now two weeks of hype!

Have a great week everyone. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Another large stack.

Witch Hunt and Witch Trial by Cate Conte are the first two books in a new series Full Moon Mysteries. An adult woman finds out she is a witch.

Good Rich People the strange games that rich people play and weird twists on the rules!

When You Are Mine a thriller with London police, domestic violence, corruption and a crazy person! A page turner for sure. Want to check out other books the author has written.

Reckless Girls is a thriller. A young couple are hired by some rich girls to sail them to Meroe Island. A real place with a past. 

 Happy Reading.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

... no wisdom that [my kitten] may gain by experience and reflection hereafter will compensate for the loss of her present hilarity. - William Cowper

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. Mum didn't get Chinese food to eat this weekend. Maybe soon. It is the year of the Rabbit. Mum says she is a Snake and I am a Rat! Dat looks like a mean bun!

All quiet this past week. Not much going on, mum doing her usual stuff and me doing my usual stuff. Oh hum, what exciting lives we lead. 

Yes I got hugged and kissed, usually do most every day. Mum likes to cuddle, especially when I invade her sleepy spot. 

Yes I always have questions and mum does her best to answer them, or look up the answers. She also has an inquiring mind. Says we should never stop being curious about stuff and learning. That is why she reads so much.

 It has been cloudy so much that me and mum are wishing for sun, but then that means colder weather. However we haven't had much snow this year. Not compared to some of our furiends. Some places have had feets of snow, we haven't even gotten to one feets! Tiny bit of snow on Sunday, mum didn't even clear the driveway!

Me, sitting on mum while she is doing the crow-shay with the feetsball games on Sunday. 


 Feetsball Report

Mum watched all of the games this weekend and she like some results and not so much some of the others.

AFC - Them Chiefs will be playing the Bengals! Nice to have a cat team playing. Mum sorta wanted the Bills, but is still OK with Bengals. The game was like watching in a snow globe.

NFC- Da Eagles will be playing the Niners. Mum was happy that the Cowboys and Coach Mike aren't moving on. Mum knows Coach Mike used to be the Packer coach but she isn't fond of him.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 A bigger stash of goodies for this week. 

Gone But Not Furgotten is the latest book in the Cat Cafe mystery books. Murder along with dealing with a cat hoarding situation

Box 88 about a UK MI6 agent who says he is retired but MI6 thinks he is part of a very hush, hush new spy agency. I couldn't get into this and at 500+ pages and book one of three, decided not to read the whole thing.

The Paris Orphan a story that bounces from World War 2 era and today. Lots of characters and their relationships, some hidden, others not.

Danger on the Atlantic the latest of the Jane Wunderly mysteries. Looking for spies and missing a missing husband.

The Unkept Woman latest in the Sparks & Bainbridge series where they run a marriage bureau after World War 2 and manage to get involved with various crimes when the past creeps into the present. 

My first visit to the library this year was last week. This banner was suspended from the ceiling. That is a lot of books. The library has about 15,000 cards issued so this figures out to about $586 books per card. I am an overachiever!

Happy Reading.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

The love of dress is very marked in this attractive animal; he is proud of the lustre of his coat, and cannot endure that a hair of it shall lie the wrong way. When the cat has eaten, he passes his tongue several times over both sides of his jaws, and his whiskers, in order to clean them thoroughly; he keeps his coat clean with a prickly tongue which fulfills the office of the curry-comb. - Jules Champfleury 

Yep, we kits like to keep a clean machine! 

 I am inspecting the crow-shay that mum worked on during the feetsball this weekend. Actually she only worked on it on Sunday. She did so much last weekend her hands and shoulder were getting hurty. So she tried not to do so much this weekend.
Me watching mum do her crow-shay before moving in and sitting on her, and preventing her from doing the crow-shay for a while.

Feetsball Report

Mum only watched one game in full, the Bills-Dolphins game and she was happy the Bills won. Otherwise she would do stuff then turn on the game when she thought it was getting towards the end. Mum was really happy when she watched the end of the Vi-Queens game and saw they lost! 

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

I had a few more thoughts on how many books I could or should read in a year. Last year was a record, third record year in a row. I looked back at the progression of the total of books I have read since I retired. The overall average is 146, so I figure that is a decent total to aim for. 150 more or less! So less checking out 8-10 books at a time, more like 5-6. I can savor the books more instead of crashing through them. 

Latest lap robe crocheted. Lots of football games so that meant lots of time keeping my hands busy while I watched. Including the Packers losing on Sunday night. I looked at the schedule of games for this weekend, only see one game that really interests me.

More goodies to share on the book front.

The Paris Seamstress a family history stretching from Paris and New York during World War II and today with a descendant today. A few twists and turns in the family tree.

Jackie and Maria by Gill Paul, the author admits she takes some liberties with the truth and the relationship of Jackie Kennedy, Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis.  

The Watergate Girl by Jill Wine Banks, she was a lawyer hired to be on the special prosecutors team back in 1972. The book is about her time on that team as well as her personal life and other legal positions she has held.

The Maid, imagine being a hotel maid in an exclusive residential hotel and you discover the body of a resident. Who done it? The maid, the wife, the ex-wife? Someone else?

The Great American Recipe Cookbook is based on the PBS show that was on last summer. Not so much a cooking show as a way for them to collect recipes. The people were given themes to cook for. A holiday meal, comfort food, something that reflects your heritage, etc. Most of the recipes where way more complicated than how I choose to cook. Also on the show I thought they did a disservice to the people by not giving them sufficient time to prepare the food. Like one hour to make 10 servings for a holiday meal. And then complaining the food was under cooked!

Claws for Suspicion is the third book in the Catskills Pet Rescue series and was published in 2022.

Little Sister is the latest thriller by Gytha Lodge who manages to keep a police book interesting with lots of plot twists.

Ho-Ho-Homicide is an installment on the Liss MacCrimmons mystery series. I liked it in that she moved the story line forward by about 5 years. So no murders every three months in a little town.

Perversion of Justice, all about Jeffrey Epstein and the reporter who dug into his story of why he got off so easy in Florida the first time. He was a nasty man, preying on young girls. Interesting but can be disturbing to read.

Mary and Lou and  Rhoda and Ted is a book about the Mary Tyler Moore show from the 1970's. The development of the show, casting, the ups and downs of making a show. A favorite show of mine at the time so interesting to look back.


Hmm, I don't read in bed. At least not as an adult now. I did as a kid because that was the one place I had privacy and quiet to read. 

Happy Reading. 

Monday, January 9, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

[Cats'] whiskers, seem to possess something like an additional sense; these have, perhaps, some analogy to the antennae of moths... - Rev. W. Bingley

We actually had some sunshine on Caturday. It was so nice and both mum and I took advantage of the rays. Mum even was outside getting some rays. Mum also got all the little sparkly trees put away and is likely to get the outside lights taken down today.

Mum even got some movies of me snoozing in her lap in the sun. It was nice!

Then Sunday had no sun but lots of feetsball and crow-shay. You can see me sitting on the blankie making it hard for mum to work on it.

Feetsball Report

Mum sure watched a lot of feetsball in the past week. She doesn't usually watch the Monday night game but thought it would be a good game. It was scary to watch the player collapse cuz his heart stopped. Super happy they got it going again and that he is doing well. Continuing purrs for him.

The Pack - They losted so won't be playing anymore games for the playoffs. They played the Lions and the Lions knew they wouldn't be in the playoffs. So their goal was to make sure The Pack didn't go either. So the Pack lost to the Lions for both games this season. 

Mum says we can now root for any team we want to win the Stouper Bowl. Mum is think Buffalo!

Happy week. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Happy 2023! May we all read more this year than last. I read exactly 200 books and that was more than enough. I'm not sure I can do more without giving up other things that I do. I have a house and yard to care for, crochet projects and doing stuff away from home too. Plus I want to get back to doing more walking which has sort of died off since the pandemic hit.

So for the books in the picture.

The Shop Cats of China, mostly a picture book of cats taken at various places in China.

Sex and the City and Us, about the development and making of the TV show. 

Squirrel Hill is a book about the neighborhood in Pittsburgh where the shooting took place at the temple. It talks about the shooting but also about the relationship of people and the community.

Putting It Together by James Lapine is the story of bringing together the various people to do the Broadway musical Sunday in the Park with George. The book is not written as a narrative, but a collection of interviews and I found that hard to read. I also realized that while I know about the show, I have never actually seen it.

Bibliophile: Diverse Spines is a book about books. Mainly those written by non-white, non-US or European based authors. A way to expand your horizons. 

The Dressmakers of Auschwitz, true story of women who while confined to Auschwitz, were tasked to use their skills as seamstresses to make clothes for the women of the camp officers and others in the Nazi party. Many of them survived.

Apparently there were Complaints a memoir by Sharon Gless. Her main acting role that most would know was Cagney on Cagney and Lacey. 

The Postmistress of Paris, a novel of the underground and resistance in France during World War II. 

I do most of my reading in the morning and afternoon. So don't usually have to worry about bedtime.

Years go as I was helping in our library for the reading program our library director noticed a mess on the shelves and reshelved the books. Then a patron came wandering back wondering where her books were that she had piled up. I told her the staff had been out to check thing and neaten them up. If she wanted them, she should have taken them with her. The library even has small shopping baskets for people to use if they can't carry them all. 

Happy Reading!

Monday, January 2, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

A house is not a home without a cat.

Happy New Year everyone. Me and mum brought the year in quietly at home. She didn't even stay up late. 

Since January 1 was on a Sunday, that means the Rosie Purrade is today. Mum has figured out how to watch it on the puter without commercials. She gets the LaLa Land station KTLA and they do replay it in case you don't get up in time to see it live. 

Mum is working on another blankie. She has finished five more since she took the blankies in to be given away back in Tock-Tober. You can see them all hereShe hasn't been posting the final pics of the most recent blankies so here they are.

Feetsball Report

The Pack -  they looked like a really good team yesterday! One guy ran the kickoff back to score! They haven't done that in ages. Plus the ViQueen QB was throwing the ball and the Pack guys were the ones catching it. That helped too. Playoff hopes are still alive, next weekend we gotta beat the Lions to get to the playoffs. 

Enjoy the new year!


Sunday, January 1, 2023