Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 A bigger stash of goodies for this week. 

Gone But Not Furgotten is the latest book in the Cat Cafe mystery books. Murder along with dealing with a cat hoarding situation

Box 88 about a UK MI6 agent who says he is retired but MI6 thinks he is part of a very hush, hush new spy agency. I couldn't get into this and at 500+ pages and book one of three, decided not to read the whole thing.

The Paris Orphan a story that bounces from World War 2 era and today. Lots of characters and their relationships, some hidden, others not.

Danger on the Atlantic the latest of the Jane Wunderly mysteries. Looking for spies and missing a missing husband.

The Unkept Woman latest in the Sparks & Bainbridge series where they run a marriage bureau after World War 2 and manage to get involved with various crimes when the past creeps into the present. 

My first visit to the library this year was last week. This banner was suspended from the ceiling. That is a lot of books. The library has about 15,000 cards issued so this figures out to about $586 books per card. I am an overachiever!

Happy Reading.



  1. Have finished 16 books so far in 2023, and have a handful on order from the library because they are not available as ebook or audiobook. My overriding rule is to read book series in order, no matter how long a time between books while I wait for my library to get them from other libraries in the cooperative.

  2. It must be wonderful to have a good library near you! We are just thankful for Kindle!


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