Thursday, December 5, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Howdy all, the gardening is done for the year. No snow on the ground at the moment and none predicted in the near future. Mum got brave on Wednesday and got in the hot rain room for the first time in ages. She got in all naked except for the boot, then she had a stool to sit on. She took off the boot, put it outside, then turned on the water. She said it felt nice to have the water running all over her body. Then stopped the water, dried her footy off and put the boot back on. Then she could get out and finish drying off. What a process to get clean, but she has been washing her important parts all along, just not in a shower.

Allrighty, well the garden is done so for Thursdays we will do some winter flash blacks. Today brings us to Caturday December 5, 2009. Back when Derby was here by himself.

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Caturday Flurries 

Hey everyone, happy Caturday. Mum and I have finally seen snowflakes in the past few days but nothing has really stuck or covered the grass. The weatherguesser says that may change in a few days. Here is the other morning, just enough to show up and make it a little white in places. It all went away that day. Today we get a few snowflakes, then sun. Mum says it is now furry cold outside and she needs to find her ear muffins to wear to keep her ears warm.
Mum and Grampie wented to a Christmouse concert last night at Concordia University Wisconsin. All the student musical groups do their thing, and they were just five rows back from the bell ringers. Mum says it is fun to watch them and how they make all the different ringings sounds depending on how the bell is rung, struck or otherwise handled! Plus big things that look like tuning forks!
We got our firsted Christmouse card too. From mum's furiends who are smart enough to include me in their good wishes!
So mum is busy today, starting her cards, getting the mailing labels together for both her and Grampie and doing his Christmouse letter. Oh, and doing peanut brittle batches in between.
Me I will just find some of the sunshine and soak it up.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Mum had a followup doc appointment today. Shows that the bone is healing, but slowly. What did you expect for an old lady!
She has to go back in two weeks this time. Plus she actually took a few steps without the boot on while there. The x-ray lady had her take the boot off while sitting in a chair. Then she had to walk 10 feet to get to the x-ray table and then back after the pics got took. The doc guy when he heard mum tell him that wasn't thrilled. Should have had her take the boot off while sitting on the table.

Mum's furiend Miss Kellie, and one of my sitter people, took her to the appointment. Then mum had her go into a store to get something. Then they had lunch. Mum is now home with the boot off and just resting.

Me, I let Miss Kellie feed me a few treats and I let her touch me. The other day I wouldn't let Miss Lynn get anywhere near me!
Me doing what I do best. Sitting on mum to make sure she rests. She is purrty good about being good with her ankle. She wants to make sure when it gets healed she is all good to go to do whatever she wants.

That is all!

Monday, December 2, 2019

ManCat Monday

A cat's rage is beautiful, burning with pure cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling blue sparks, eyes blazing and sputtering. - William S. Burroughs

Hmmm, I am a very calm kittie. Mum can only amember me hissing once for no apparent reason. So not much blazing and sputtering.

Miss Lynn came be for laundry duty on Caturday. She got the washy part done and into the dryer, then they left for hours. They had signed up to do a mini class on paper marbling. Mum did this a few months ago, but only could do one pic. Here they had a chance to do multiple pictures doing lots of different colors. They had to pay for this, so they didn't want to lose their green papers. You can see some of her pics below. 
 But being active and not having her footie up made it a bit ouchy and swollen, but it looked better by yesterday morning. 
 Caturday afternoon above and Sunday morning below. Plus by the end of Sunday she was all pooped out, she made trips to the kitch-hen to make the other duck part for dinner. It was again yummy but too much walking around for mum.
 Plus, we are in December so mum had Miss Lynn bring up the wreath and Grampie's little tree from the dungeon. We gotta have a few Christ-mouse decorations. Well, one of the light strings burned out, so mum had to pull it out and try to get the good one positioned. She think she needs to work on it a bit, but at least we have our tree up.
 There is one light that isn't on and it is at the top of the tree, so mum wants to try to fix that.

Sportz Report 

The Pack - they won and looked like a good team, although they weren't playing one of the better teams. The game was played part of the time in snow and they weren't playing in Green Bay. Sort of a snow globe effect.

Bucky Badger - They beat Mini-sota so now they get to play on Caturday night against the mean Buckyeye boys. They played and losted to them earlier in the season, so we shall see how things go.

Happy December, everyone have a good week.

Saturday, November 30, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Plus we made it to the end of the month of November. Another month bites the dust and this one was memorable, if not for all the best reasons!

Me and mum had a nice Thanksgiving. She made her duck by heating it in the oven. The taters, stuffing and gravy got warmed up in the microwave. It was all tasty and yep, I got my taste of duck. It was tasty, not dry. Iffin you didn't know duck is all dark meat, so juicy. Mum didn't over cook it.

Mum had some cheesecake and razzberries for dessert. Plus a glass of wine. She can have wine since she isn't taking pain pills.

Mum did go out a little on Thursday, more cuz the recycling bin had to go out for pickup, so she took a very short drive. Friday she did a quick run to the library for books.

Miss Lynn will be over soon to help mum with some chores like the laundry. I am sure mum has a list of what other stuff she needs to help with.

Weather is going to be icky all weekend, up north is getting lots fo snow again. We aren't supposed to get much.

Have a good weekend gang. If you are driving home from holly-day visiting be safe.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Me and mum wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be spending the day quietly together at home. She won't be driving off to her furiends where she has usually spent Thanksgiving in years past. Mum says it is too far to drive and she knows she will be likely to be tired. Heck, she falls asleep early most nights. Party pooper she is.

Mum promises we will have a nice dinner and she bought something special to eat that she can share with me. Hmmm, we are having duck? Yep, it is what mum usually gets are her furiends, plus it is so much smaller than turkey stuff, so less for just the two of us.
I will give you a report after I get some bites of this good stuff. Mum says I am not being a cannibal. I am not a duck, I am Ducky. 
Enjoy your day everyone, be kind to furiends and family. Forget polly-ticks, just enjoy the day with those you love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Allrighty, I am pooped and so is mum. The last few nights she hasn't slept well. So today she got up, did a few things and then went back to bed for several hours. In the afternoon she sort of sat around and napped a bit more in the chair. So much for pretty, but it is a good selfie of me.

It has been three weeks now since she broked her ankle. She still has to wear the boot all the time and that is why she thinks she isn't sleeping well.

So mum will do more of the same tomorrow. Plus she has all the goodies for a good meal for us on Thursday.

Plus I know some of you will be getting lots and lots of snow these days. We will just be getting rain here, then lots of wind.

Monday, November 25, 2019

ManCat Monday

It's said in publishing that no cat book ever loses money. Maybe it's true: bibliophiles tend to be ailurophiles, and both are tenacious breeds. - Emily Toth

Yeah, make money, write a book with a cat or two in it. Mum has had several book series that have cats that she likes to read, mostly mysteries.

Mum worked hard this past weekend and finished her brown blankie she was working on. I did my quality check on it and approved. Mum put it in the cupboard to donate when she gets a few of them done. Here is the full blankie draped across the chairs. 
 Yes, mum everything looks good. I give you the OK to give this away to someone who might need a warm blankie.
 The yarn that is left, mum will make a hat from this when she gets back to making hats during the warm weather time.
 Here is the next color she will work with. Yeah, just a bit different here and super bright. This is what she got done while watching the first part of the Packer game.

Sportz Report 

The Pack - they played on Sunday night and mum knows she won't be able to stay up long enuf to watch the game and report here. So far they haven't looked furry good at all. Update: PEEEE UUUUU. Yeah, they stunk up the left coast again. Mum did sorta watch all of the game, the last half from the sleepy spot. Mum says they at least managed to score one TD,

Bucky Badger - They beat up on the Purdue team, the TV guy called them Boiler Breakers. On Caturday they play Mini-sota and whoever wins gets to play in the Big 10 championship game.

Have a good week everyone. Here in Meriky it is a holly-day week with turkey day coming on Thursday. Mum says we will have something special to eat but not turkey. This will be the first time in  years she will be home. She won't go to her furiends house as it is too far away to drive with a broked ankle.

Saturday, November 23, 2019


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Me and mum are happy cuz we had a beauty-full day yesterday with lots and lots of sun. So sun puddles to nap in and for mum to enjoy seeing outside. While she can't get around all that much she did go outside to get some sun and fresh air. Plus it looks like another wonderful sunny day today. Yeah, brighten up our lives!
 Me guarding mum, making sure mum sits and keeps her foots up as much as possible. She also did a little change on the fevver feeders. She took the one down that the squwerls liked to get into so much. Plus she moved the bath away so they can't jump from that into the new feeder. She moved stuff so she can get at things from the patio and not the lawn.
Here is a video of me guarding her foot some more as she lets it air. Propped up on the pillow. I am trying to be very casual about keeping an eye on her.
So, Turkey Day is coming up this next week and mum says we won't have turkey, but she has ordered something special from the food store to pick up on Monday. She says she hopes I like it.
This keeping track of mum is hard work. A little snoozing while I know she is sitting in front of me.

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Garden Thursday

Ducky here, and yes we have news from the garden. Mum's furiend Dan was over yesterday and took care of the leaves! Hooray!

This is what the back yard looked liked yesterday around noon. You can see the leaves all scattered and mum said that was too many leaves on the grass. Too many leaves is likely to kill the grass. 

The front, half way done. Dan the man is hiding behind the four-sith-ia. 
 The other half of the front, just about done.
 Once Dan was done with the front he got out mum's mower and chewed up the leaves in the back. That took less time than blowing them. 
 Looks good! So much better than having all those leaves. Plus you can see mum moved the water bath for the fevvers. So now the sqwerls won't be able to jump into the feeder.
Plus we had a nice day on Wednesday, it got up into the high 40's and we had lots of sunshine. So it was nice.

Mum also went out to get her head furs cut, that was three days in a row she went out. She says she will be staying home today.
 Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Noisy day here. The guy game to blow all the leaves off of the roof. I don't like it when I hear people walking up there. Mum knows the guy who does it, same company that comes around and makes sure the mousies don't get inside the house.

Mum went to lunch with Miss Kellie yesterday. She was one of my sitters when mum went to France, but even though I know her, I am shy around people when mum is here. When mum isn't around I will let other people pet me.

Beyond lunch Kellie walked through the store and got mum more milk. Then did a few quick clean up jobs inside. Like wiping up around my food dish and scooping my box. Not to worry, my box is upstairs so mum can get at it every day!

Today mum drove to the library just to drop off a book that is due on Friday. She used the outside book drop and that went all good. Mum likes to get out even for just a little bit. 
 Mum is going to need to move the fevver bath and this feeder. The sqwerl jumps to the bath, then into the feeder. Mum figures this guys get enuf foods from what the fevvers spill.

Now when mum moves off her chair I like to go and sit cuz it is all nice and warm. However now I have to get out of her way. Crippled lady needs to sit.
Me, taking a jump from the table behind mum's chair to the back of her chair. I do what I can to keep her amused!
That is about it for now. Purrs.

Monday, November 18, 2019

ManCat Monday

The cat does not negotiate with the mouse. - Robert K. Massie

Yeah, no mousies allowed around here. We used to have mousies, but they know they need to stay away from here!

The weekend went well. Miss Lynn arrived and did a load of laundry. While that was washing mum had her fill up the fevver feeders. They both got the grilling machine tucked away for the winter and Miss Lynn used the sucking monster just a little bit.

Then they went out to eat at the new place in the old fire house. Mum tried their fried chick-hen and it was too hot! Not in temperature but too much cayenne or other hot stuff on it. She did bring her leftovers home but won't share cuz of the hot stuff. She broke off as much of the hot breading stuff and that tasted much better.
 So mum took it easy on Sunday so I could get lots of naps. She watched a bit of feetsball and then watch the final crashcar race of the season.
 Plus while she watched the moving picture box she worked on her crow-shay. She is over  half way done with this blankie!

Sportz Report

The Pack took the week off! They play on the left coast next Sunday night. So we have to wait all day for the game.

Bucky Badger won as well, beating the Cornhuskers.

Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Klump-thump, klump-thump. Oh here comes mum, finally up and dressed. I know she wanted to sleep later today, well, cuz I was wanting to walk all over her last night. She wasn't happy about that, specially since I was close to her ouchy.

Mum did leave the house all by herself in the metal monster on Thursday afternoon. She drove to the food store where she had told them what she wanted and they brought it all out to her. No walking through the store. So score one for that! That is how she will be getting her foods for a while.
 Then she was good when she went to the fast foodie place and got a salad, no burger with cheese and bacon. She is trying to eat lightly, healthy and with lots of milk and yogurt.
Miss Megan I sit in front of the moving picture box all the time, or at least when I do pay attention to it. Mum has gotten used to it. Plus I don't know if I want to take up a modeling career, that means the flashy box is never ending!

Mark and the Mews, no way I am sleeping in her boot. First she doesn't take it off for long, second, it has these sticky gripper strips that I think would be grabbing at my furs all the time. Mum says HBO words when they stick to her sock when she is trying to put it on.

Eastside Cats, PT won't start for weeks. She will ask next time she sees the stabby guy in a few weeks. She does a bit of minor flexing when she has the boot off.

Trout Towne sure that word that would come out of her mouth would be....FLOUNDER. You made mum laff and that was good. Thanks.
I'm holding her down for now. Miss Lynn will be by later to help with some chores, then they will go out for lunch and do a few outside errands.

Have a marvy weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Snowy Garden

It is Ducky, the girls are safe from the snow which is still in our garden. So not much to do outside! The snow got cleared from the drive by Nick, son of our late neighborhood elf Chuck. We loves those guys so much for being helpful.
 One of mum's furiends send her a card and heck that kit looks a lot like me. Her furiend is even going to pick her and take her to lunch next week!
 Mum's routine is now that she heads to the sleepy spot earlier than she normally used to, she will read or sometimes watch the moving picture box. I was getting all up close and purrsonal here.
There is mum's big clunky boot. She said this morning it feels like she has a lead brick on the end of her leg. Poor mum, you is only one week into this, you got lots more to go! Although she says the swelling is down and it doesn't feel so achy now.

Happy Thursday.