Saturday, June 29, 2019


HiYa  Ducky here. Happy Caturday.

Thanks for all the wonderful purrthday wishes and for stopping by. I had a wonderful time with all of you and I hope you had a wonderful time too.

I am taking it easy today. Oh, what am I saying, I take it easy every day! Mum not so much. She got out early and used the grass eater. Wanted to get that done afore it got hot today. It will be hot and sticky outside today. So she is done with that, drinking some cold water, then into the shower to clean up!
 Even my vet guy sent me a purrthday greeting. How nice of them to amember me.
 Me resting, yeah, I will be doing lots of this today. Maybe I can convince mum to come and take an extra nap with me too.

To cool us all off, mum pulled out a winter picture. No, I don't want it that cold. Mum prefers the 70's with not much hum-did-ity in the air. Fall is her kind of weather.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 28, 2019


WooHoo, I made it through another year. So that means I have been around now for elebenty years. Not bad for little old me! So, you know I have to cellybrate. So, settle in to PAR-TAY! Lots of foods, drinks and staff to get whatever you want.

Lots of meat and fishies. Buffets of all sorts of goodies. Don't eat too quickly, there is more than enuf to go around. The chefs will make more if we need it.

Lots of drinks, with and without nip infusion. Kittens, remember you only get milk or water!

Plus we can't have a purrthday without cake! So mum got three of them in so that you can have more than one piece.

So party one everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Garden Thursday

 Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. Mum was looking back and found a few pics we didn't post. So since not much new is happening in the garden right now, we will share these.
 Mum found one lily of the valley plant that actually had flowers. She was happy, she says this is one of her favs from when she was a little girl. She loved to pick them and loves the smell.
Then our climbing rose. Mum cut out a bunch of deaded stuff so at least it is green and it took furrever to see flower buds this spring. Now blooming.
 Plus a new shoot coming up on the other side of the fence. Mum has to be careful not to mow this off!
Stop by  tomorrow. We are cellybrating Ducky's purrthday! Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday This and That

 Me this AM in the front window. Mum hadn't opened it yet, she keeps it closed overnight. It may not get opened for long, going to be a hot and sticky day.

Mum did her charity event and she was home early! Seems they had no after party this year. Matter of fact the whole event wasn't that well attended with only 62 cars, usually it is more like 162 cars! So sort of a dull event. Half the cars were in one of the four groups. It rained. A couple of guys broke their cars and one brilliant guy with a Furrarri ran out of gas! Duh!!!
 Yeah it rained. Around lunch time, so most of that time mum could stay dry in their little shed. The afternoon you could see the thunder boomers coming in. Things were just about done, so they didn't get wet here. The jumped in the car and came home. Mum's furiends picked her up, she didn't even have to drive!
 They got a small bag of popcorn in their goody bag. Plus a lip balm, otherwise no good stuff and she is bummed on the no after party. That is when they get to stop and chat with everyone! New charity this year, maybe they didn't promote it well enuf!
Mum says she is almost ready for a nap this morning. She had a bizzy day yesterday.

Monday, June 24, 2019

ManCat Monday

A home without cats is like a garden without flowers.

Well mum has both, so this must be a really good place.  The roses are blooming from the climbing rose, the pee-o-knees are still blooming. A few others here and there, the next big thing will be the day lilies. Plus we have our fake flowers too!

Wow, Miss Cleo thinks I am a gorgeous hunk of ginger mancat! Thanks!

Me and mum had a quiet weekend. She did stuff around the house, some outside. She finished another batch of purple hats. She now has over 130! She is aiming to get 200 and I bet she will get there, but she needs to probably gets some more yarns to do that.

Mum is going to be bizzy today at a charity thing at the racy track. She will have to get up super early to get ready, but won't have to drive to get there. Furiends will pick her up!

  Yeah, we are cellybrating World Cat Domination Day. We rule the world, yes we do, even if we make you think you are in charge.
 Have a good week gang.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. We are up bright and early today. Mum has the front window open and we are enjoying a gentle breeze on the morning air.

Mum is up early to be ready to watch royal horse racing! Seems they like to put on the show from Royal Ascot of the horsies racing. So we will watch that. Plus we get to see HM the Queen getting delivered in a fancy carriage each day.

Plus mum says it will be time to work on weeds again today. She has tools to keep them down, but hand pulling at times is best. You want to try to pull them out with the root so they don't come back. Specially the thistles! She only uses the spray stuff on this one viney thing that she never seems to be able to get the roots out!
Look at this metal flower! Mum got it as a going away prezzie from the library board. Seems she won't be bored of the library any more. After 10 years she decided she had had enuf, specially of some of the other peoples. Mum says better to leave before she says something that she shouldn't to one of them.

Plus a pretty glass poppy flower dish for a birdie bath. Mum isn't so sure about this as we get sqwerls and raccoons to use ours. Mum is afraid they might knock it over and then we will have broken glass. Well, it could be a fancy water dish for me mum?!
I will let mum stew on that for a while, I will watch horsies and then nap some too while mum works on the weeds.
Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. Mum got bizzy doing things here this week. At least on the one day we didn't have rain. What did she do, she weeded. This cool weather and rain have been so good for those old weeds to grow.

 This was all weedy, thistles and such. But there is still lots of this little stuff that has to go. Mum wants to spray stuff on it, but so she doesn't kill the good stuff needs to do it on a no wind day.
 Here mum removed the bazillion sunflower plants that the birds had started. It was getting so mum couldn't step without stepping on the plants. Still more to clean up here too.
 The far end where mum put the tarp down to kill all the junk underneath. She had picked up one edge to get rid of the standing water puddled up. We don't want to be breeding mos-skeetos here.
 Here you can see some of the stuff left but you can also see the huechera or coral bells that are sort of purple.
 Then the astilbe, mum can see the start of the flower buds coming. Yay, the weeds didn't win!
 Here is the back of the metal monster all filled up, plus more that she still had to shove inside. It got rainy, so mum didn't have a chance to be able to work a bit more on this.
 That is is for this week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.