Thursday, June 20, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. Mum got bizzy doing things here this week. At least on the one day we didn't have rain. What did she do, she weeded. This cool weather and rain have been so good for those old weeds to grow.

 This was all weedy, thistles and such. But there is still lots of this little stuff that has to go. Mum wants to spray stuff on it, but so she doesn't kill the good stuff needs to do it on a no wind day.
 Here mum removed the bazillion sunflower plants that the birds had started. It was getting so mum couldn't step without stepping on the plants. Still more to clean up here too.
 The far end where mum put the tarp down to kill all the junk underneath. She had picked up one edge to get rid of the standing water puddled up. We don't want to be breeding mos-skeetos here.
 Here you can see some of the stuff left but you can also see the huechera or coral bells that are sort of purple.
 Then the astilbe, mum can see the start of the flower buds coming. Yay, the weeds didn't win!
 Here is the back of the metal monster all filled up, plus more that she still had to shove inside. It got rainy, so mum didn't have a chance to be able to work a bit more on this.
 That is is for this week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. We need to do some weeding here!

  2. Weeding isn't much fun, so it was very disciplined of your mum to get stuck into it.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Is she going to spray die-weed-die stuff? Even without a breeze, that stuff is very bad for the environment; mice eat sprayed seeds, and the poison will kill the birds that eat the mouses. I managed to pull the weeds in one bed, that we see when we look out the kitchen window. Am hoping to transplant a whole pile of native plants there soon, so next year, it will just be a bed of pretty things.

  4. Good for Mom, we never seem to get rid of our weeds here!

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  6. Your mom did a pawsome job weeding ! Purrs

  7. hay ewe gals tell mum ta use full strenghtz vinegar on de weedz...trooth
    ....driez most oh em rite up ....we got thistle N clover like therz noe two morrow....hope de week iz good.....happee dayz ~♥♥

  8. Your mum has been very busy with all those weeds. We have had lots of rain but cold temperatures. The flowers don't like it much, but the weeds seem to thrive on it.

  9. I'm glad we live in a condo so Mum doesn't have to worry about such things. I really don't think she'd know a good plant from a weed. MOL

  10. Your mum needs a tool for that so she doesn't need to break her back or spray (the one that kinda looks like a stirrup on a pole). Our mom used to have one when she had the house. The yard there was one weed-o-palooza!

  11. Oh yeah, we have serious weed problems here too. Dad is gonna cover them with um, "stuff that covers them" so they will die so he can plant flowers again there next year.

  12. Happy First Day of Summer. Your mum has been working very hard getting all those weeds out. We are going to try that cover them with tarp in our garden. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals


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