Saturday, June 15, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. It is starting off really nice here. Sunshine, gentle breezes. Mum got up and opened a few more windows. We can hear the fevvers singing too!

Mum left be alone yesterday for a pretty long time. She left early and didn't get home til almost dark. She went to play with racy cars for just one day. She had an OK day, but said she got wet cuz it rained up there. A few sprinkles the weather guessers said, mum says it was more than a few sprinkles.She took no pictures, didn't want to get the flashy box wet.

Today she will stay home with me, said she needs to use the grass eater today too. She has to check if it will rain here today, in case she needs to get it done afore it rains.
I will sit in the windows and watch the world go by. Happy Weekend.


  1. Ducky, we have cool temps and grey skies, with rain coming in soon. Enjoy your window whiffies!

  2. Enjoy your window day Ducky!

  3. We have sun at last today and the weather even got up to 61F! More rain forecast tomorrow though. I hope your mum can get the grass cut before it rains again.

  4. Dear Ducky this is such a beautiful photograph of you gazing out the window. The lighting is soft and perfect!

  5. You look splendid in your window, Ducky!


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