Thursday, December 31, 2020

Puzzle Thursday - Happy New Year's Eve!

 Wowza, we made it to the last day of this crazy year. Here's hoping that this upcoming years isn't quite so eventful. 

We got lots of heavy, wet snow Tuesday into early Wednesday. Mum got it all cleared off so that she can get out to do stuff. Driveway isn't completely clear as mum would like, but she is OK with that. Cuz we are supposed to get more snow from Friday into Caturday!

Me? well I just watched mum doing her clearing off. I can't help her do this stuff but I am sure to make sure she is properly snoopervised from the warmth of my spot. 

Mum does have a huge stack of books to read, seems she didn't expect to get them all two days in a row but that is OK. She already has one done which isn't in this pic, and some of these are such she can easily get them read in a day, two at most. 

Puzzles? Let's see what we got today. Well a pic of mum's pile of books. One each of me and Derbs and finally a vishus deer from Waffles and Ellie's yard. 

Enjoy, Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and get the vaccine when you can. 
preview120pieceIMG_3301 preview120pieceIMGP4092 preview108pieceIMGP7351-2 preview110pieceVishus Deer

Monday, December 28, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun. - Lloyd Alexander

Mum says no two cats can't live as cheaply as one but yeah there is more fun. Sometimes she thinks she might get me a fursib. She looks at the shelter site, but then never does anything! Maybe someday. 

Last Mini-Mancat post for this year. I think we are all going to be happy to see this year go away but we aren't sure what 2021 will bring us. It can't get worse can it? I sure hope not. 

Me and mum had a quiet weekend. She did a lot of reading, she has a couple of books to finish before she goes and picks up the next bunch this week. So what did I do, well I occupied her lap while she was reading and also for watching out the big windows for fevvers. Notice no snow at the time. 

Plus when I sit on mum I get lots and lots of love from her. It lets me know that mum loves me as much as I love her!

She even did a moovie!

Feetsball Report

From the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Woot, it was snowing during the game so it made it a purrty game with the snow. So a snow globe of a game. The Pack played well and scored often, but the other guys started to catch up once they figured out playing in the snow. However the Pack only allowed one touchdown in the first half and one in the second half. The Pack scored 40 points. Still top seed and we play Da Bears in Chi-town next Sunday. 

Stay safe, stay safe, wear a mask and get the vaccine when you can. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday and Happy Boxing Day for those of you who do boxes! I am not that big on boxes purrsonally. 

Me and mum had a quiet Christmouse. Strange cuz she was home all day. Under usual circumstances she would have taken off to have dinner with a friend. Can't do that this year, so she stayed home and cooked for herself, well I did get a little taste too. 

Ymmmm, roast beast, even better, beef tenderloin with mushed potatoes with cheese, sour cream and butter. Plus corn. All yummy per mum. I only wanted some of the beef and I did get a few bites. Yep, yummy. 

On Christmouse Eve mum did a shark coochie board. Huh? Charcuterie board is how it is supposed to be spelled. Heck, it is cheese, sausage, crackers, maybe some jam or fruit. Mum added in cookies and candy. Plus adult beverage. Derby used to love tasting mum's adult beverage at Christmouse time. Irish cream liquer. 

Last but not least mum has finally seen the conjunction of the planets, Jupiter and Saturn, so on Sunday she went out with the flashy box and tried to take pictures. Well, without a tellyscope she doesn't see as much. Without a tripod it is a little shaky but over all this was her best pic. 

Do you see them? Jupiter is right in the center and Saturn just to the right and down a bit. Hard to see? Yeah, so mum cropped it good so you only see the planets. Mum wishes she had a tellyscope. So go buy yourself one mum!

So that was our holly-day. Peaceful and quiet, no snow on the ground, but cold. Plus the days will start to get longer again too. Woot! Packers play on Sunday night so mum will have to find something to do on Sunday during the day. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Puzzle Thursday - Christmouse Eve

 Woot, Santa will be coming by really soon. I hope all my furiends get exactly what they want. I guess what I want is for everyone to be healthy again. And safe. Yep, healthy and safe. Mum wants the same so that things can get back to what passes for normal!

It got all warm for a day, it rained. Heck we even had lightning and thunder Wednesday morning. However it got clear at just the right time and mum finally got to see the two planets that are so close together. With her own eyes. She even took the binoculars out with her. So she is happy and it got cloudy again shortly after she saw it. 

Plus today I will share a classic pose of me and Derby. This is one of mum's favorite pics of us. Her two mancats at peace, just a bit of snoozing. Plus later she added the Merry Christmouse banner. 

Another classic of Derby playing well, Rudolph? Not the slimy lawyer guy but the reindeer. So Derby the red-nosed reincat. Mum even updated the song for him. 

Derby, the red-nosed reincat had a very shiny nose. 
And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows. 
 All of the other reincats used to laugh and call him names. 
They never let poor Derby join in any reincat games. 

Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say: 
Derby with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" 
Then all the reincats loved him as they shouted out with glee, 
Derby the red-nosed reincat, you'll go down in history!

preview110pieceDerby-reincat preview99pieceDDChristmouse
Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

The beauty of silence is not lost on a cat.

Ahh, peace and quiet. Mum likes it too. We is both comfortable not having lots of noise, don't have to have the radio, stereo, moving picture box on. You can hear yourself think!

So where was I the other night thinking? Under our little sparkly tree. Still and moovie version. 

Mum has done lots of foods shopping and the big cold box is full. Lots of goodies for us to eat over the next week or so. Mum will be cooking this week. She even ran the cleaning cycle on the big hot box on Sunday. Get that all clean for the holly-day foods to cook. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack played on Caturday night and won of those black panther kats. I don't think mum paid attention to the game. First Miss Lynn called and they chatted for a long time. Then when that was done she checked and found a message that she got hacked on BookFace. 

Mum took care of the hack, logged out of everything, changed her password, then sent messages to ignore the message so they didn't get hacked. Sheesh, lots of work but she hadn't been hacked before cuz she changes her passwords often. She also makes her passwords long and crazy. Her new password according to this chart will take millions of years to figure out! 

Plus mum has been watching racy boats of all things. Coming in from the other side of the earth down under in New Zealand. Oooh. our furiend PoppyQ lives in New Zealand. Pretty cool to watch as these boats seem to fly across the water. These races were not on live, mum hopes as they get to the finals they will be live on the moving picture box. There afternoon of the next day is our evening the day before!

Mum finished the blankie she was working on and started on the next one. She put on her calendar thingy when she started, it took her 17 days to make the blankie. She doesn't even do this every day, but when she starts to crow-shay she moves right along!

So the finished blankie and the yarn for the next one. Yeah, she started up right away on the next one, gotta keep her hands bizzy!

Hmm, that is a nice color against my furs. I doubt mum will let me keep it!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask. 

Saturday, December 19, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday! It is a gloomy day here so far with clouds and such and even a few snow grains falling. But it is supposed to be a bit warmer today so that white stuff can melt. 

Mum completed all of her peanut brittle drop off visits. All properly social distanced and such. She came home from one with a plate of home made cookies and caramels. She did eat one caramel so far and pronounced it delish. 

One of the things we do on the weekends is count the fevvers for Project FeederWatch. It is a way to help the bird scientists know what birds are hanging around and how many of them. Somehow they take all the data from people all over the US and figure things out. Well, we have one puzzle they can figure out, why isn't a crazy robin going south for the winter. Yep, we still have one hanging around, first birdie mum saw this morning. Just sitting in the crabby apple tree. Finally it moved down to get brekkie from the feeder and take a drink of water before flying off. 

Me? I'm not doing much, just hanging about. Watching things outside, napping, bugging mum. Since she was off visiting more this week I had lots of quiet time. Today mum says we will be watching feetsball. First Bucky Badger plays, then The Pack will play tonight in a rare Caturday game. The game is on the special network for most of the country, but here they have to put it on free TV for us! Cool. 

Less than a week to Christmouse. Be Good Kitties and Humans. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your mask. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Puzzle Thursday

 Phew, just one more week to Christmouse Eve. Mum has been running around like crazy, but being safe doing so. She has been out and about dropping off peanut brittle with friends. They all wear masks and keep their chatting inside brief. Also sit on opposite sides of the room!

Mum even tried a new thing to make yesterday, peppermint bark. Hmm, bark? I don't see no woofies in here. Trees have bark but they are outside. Mum said she doesn't know why they call it bark, they just do. Mum said it was quick and easy to do. I was napping so I didn't help!


Well how about puzzles of cats who have zipped off to The Bridge. So today, the late grate Max the PsychoKitty and my bro Derby. Enjoy. 

preview110pieceAngel Derby preview100pieceDerby preview100pieceMax-laughing preview100pieceMaxMem

Monday, December 14, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

God must have been pleased with the creation of cats. After all, He gave them nine lives.

As far as I know I still have all nine of my lives. At least mum hasn't threatened to take one from me. Every now and then she would tell Derby if he would keep up being crazy cat she would take one of his lives! I know he losted at least one when be broked her Galileo thermometer many years ago. 

Here is as much snow as we got, mum said maybe an inch but a heavy, wet snow so mum just shoved it off the drive and patio as best she could on Caturday afternoon. Sunday morning where she shoveled  was dried clear, that is all mum asks for. Supposed to get a bit warmer in a few days so it will likely all melt. 

Mum did get bizzy on Caturday afternoon and made her peanut brittle. She made three batches which was one bag of the peanuts. Mum was happy that she got all of the batches to be good ones.  She usually messes up her first one. What ever she has will get divided up to the various peoples that will get some. She has one little bag all set up for the lady who cuts her head fur. Then two more smaller ones for two friends who will get their stuff today. At least three more people to make little bags for. 

Above you see the first two batches, one in the bag and the second cooling on the sheet, below is the last one. Phew, she didn't make nearly as much as usual, but she says that she doesn't need as much anymore anyway. 

Feetsball Report

Me and mum watching the Pack play in Dee-troit. They won again but there were times mum was yelling bad words again at the moving picture box. 

With the win The Pack is now the number one seed for the NFC. Should this hold through the last few games, that means they will get a weekend off. Plus the road to the Stouper Bowl will go through Green Bay!

Have a good week everyone. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask!

Saturday, December 12, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Day is starting off all gloomy with a snowy and rainy morning. It has been doing this since last night, some rain, some snow. It is the whitest we have been all season so far. Mum looked at the weather radar and lots of snow area, but we seem to be in the area where it shifts back and forth. 

The one thing is that with a bit of snow on the ground we can see the fevvers on the ground to count them for our weekend count. Mum made sure the feeders got topped off late yesterday afternoon. All ready for the little guys to stuff themselves. 

Mum caught me chill-axin in my cup with the sparkley tree going. On dark days mum turns the lights on the tree early to help brighten up things. Life is bummed enuf these days, we need brightness.

I made an unscheduled appearance on the web the other night. Mum got on a video call for her racy group. It was the annual meeting. No dinner with awards this year. I decided it was a good time to go sit on mum while she was on the call. So I wandered over and sat on her boobities! Mum could sort of see the screen but the camera on mum's puter caught me too! One of the people on the call said hello to me and mum got an email from another saying she saw me! Hey, I was the hit of the meeting. Well, at least I think so. Sorry, no pic!

Mum says she is going to make some peanut brittle soon and then will take it to her furiends and hand it over safely. I hope she amembers how to to this, she didn't make any cuz of her broked ankle last year. 

Mum got her Christmouse cards done this past week too. Of course I had to snoopervise the whole operation or it wouldn't have been done correctly. 

That is about it for now, guess we will both watch the snow fall, nap, read books, goof off and whatever else we feel like. 

Happy Caturday!

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your mask.