Thursday, December 17, 2020

Puzzle Thursday

 Phew, just one more week to Christmouse Eve. Mum has been running around like crazy, but being safe doing so. She has been out and about dropping off peanut brittle with friends. They all wear masks and keep their chatting inside brief. Also sit on opposite sides of the room!

Mum even tried a new thing to make yesterday, peppermint bark. Hmm, bark? I don't see no woofies in here. Trees have bark but they are outside. Mum said she doesn't know why they call it bark, they just do. Mum said it was quick and easy to do. I was napping so I didn't help!


Well how about puzzles of cats who have zipped off to The Bridge. So today, the late grate Max the PsychoKitty and my bro Derby. Enjoy. 

preview110pieceAngel Derby preview100pieceDerby preview100pieceMax-laughing preview100pieceMaxMem


  1. My human says that peppermint bark looks so good!

  2. It's not like you to shirk your snoopervising duties, Ducky. That means that there will be not stray cat fur in the bark!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I'll bet the bark is really good, even without the woofie!

  4. #1 says it's really too bad your Mom can't transport some of her peanut brittle over this way!

    Tama and Genji

  5. That looks yummy! Our mom hasn't made peppermint bark in a while--in fact, she thinks the last time she made it was for our vet after she took such good care of Elliott's Unfortunate Ear Incident.


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