Saturday, January 18, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Welcome to a snowy Caturday. It started last night about dinner time and it is still snowing now. Mum can't tell how much snow has fallen and Mr Nick hasn't been by to clear the drive. That is OK, mum isn't going anywhere.
Mum should go out long enuf to clear off the snow from the fevver feeders. But since it is still snowing right now I think that will wait.

Mum's brekkie is a limited edition, it has hearts as well as O's in it! That is cute. 
So much for the weekend. Guess we won't do much, but we have to watch feetsball tomorrow and is if The Pack gets to go to the Stouper Bowl!

Happy and safe weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Throw Back Thursday

Things are quiet here. Mum is getting out more, mainly to go to a place called Y so she can walk and not slip! She was able to walk a mile the first day, then yesterday she walked for a whole 30 minutes. Pretty good but she plans to not over do it.
 Don't worry, I am keeping an eye on mum and sitting on her so she does rest!
Today's throw back has Derby raiding the big cold box!

ManCat Monday

Monday, January 18, 2010

You see, wire telegraph is a kind of very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his had is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates the exact same way; you send signals here, they receive them there. - Albert Einstein.

OK Al, if you say so, but I have never seen a cat that had its tail in New York and its head in LA! That would be one long, skinny cat!

Feetsball Report - Divisional Playoff Edition.

On Caturday, The Colts and The Saints won. On Sunday Brett and them Vikings won, along with the Jets.

Chanpionships will be next Sunday. The Colts and Jets play, along with the Saints and Vikings.

Mum did lots of work on the blankie project and is now over half way done. She works on it lots while the feetsball game are one.
Me checking out the inside of the big cold box. I did gets some ham this weekend when mum had some in a sammwich this weekend. I also gots lots and lots of treats as mum uses them to keep me out of her yarns!

I also went outside this weekend, not on my own. Mum scooped me up in her arms and took me outside for a bit, said I needed some fresh airs. She did put my front paws down on that wet, cold white stuff. I want some green grass please. Mum says the green grass may be a few months away.

Good news is mum doesn't have to go day hunting on Monday. So extra time for me and extra treats too.

Monday, January 13, 2020

ManCat Monday

To others she may seem just a common little moggy, but to me she is my friend, confidante and comfort. - Author Unknown

The final thing on the weather guessers was 2 inches of snow! Enough though to make everything white! This was all we had by Caturday morning. Mostly rain but it did get a bit icy out. Didn't matter to us, we stayed home!
 Sunday AM. Not much snow which made mum happy. Mr Nick came by and cleared off the driveway. By the end of the day it had pretty much melted clear.
Mum went out and carefully tested the footing. Then cleared off the bit of the patio that she wants to. Enuf to get at the bird feeding stuff. With the rain and then cold temps then snow mum had to chip out the seed and add some non-frozen stuff so the fevvers could eat.

Here we are watching and waiting for the fevvers to show up and they did. One of our first takers a red-bellied woodpecker.

Sportz Report

The Pack - They pulled out a win on the frozen tundra of Lambeau field. They beat the Seahawks and will now go on the the championship game next Sunday in San Francisco.

Mum did watch most of the other three games. The early game on Sunday was wild! Lots of scoring by one team, then turn around and the other team. Lots of points, mum thinks they said the most ever in a playoff game.

So we will see next week if they can get to the Stouper Bowl.

Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Happy Caturday

HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hope you are all OK. Things are OK here, at least for now.

First the weather guessers are driving us crazy. They have been predicting a HUGE snowstorm yesterday into today. Well, yesterday is was super sunny during the day turning cloudy at night and then some rain and it may have gotten freezy, but mum obviously is not going out to check.
 Above, yesterday afternoon, below this AM.

Second part of the storm is supposed to come this afternoon which will be snow. Last night they said we could have 8-12 inches of snow, now it has changed to 2-6 inches. Still lots of snow but sheesh, make up your minds!

Mum is staying home today and tomorrow to be safe anyway. She was going to go to a memorial service down in Illinois and people were going to pick her up. But she wants to be safe and stay home. She sent a card out to the family the other day.

Mum also is starting to go out and about more. Yesterday she went and got her metal monster driving license renewed and went and joined the Y so she has a non-slickery place to walk this winter. 
 Mum it is going to be an icky day, come join me back in bed and sleep. Just let the snow come and it will be OK.
 Happy weekend all. Go Packers!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Throw Back Thursday

The big news of the week, mum no longer has to wear that clunky old boot for her ankle. She has to wear a brace if she is outside, inside the house she is good to go, unless she is doing the dungeon stairs.
Phew, now I can chill and rest. The last two months have been exhausting!
Today's throw back? Winter weather woes with Derby.

Finally Friday

Friday, January 9, 2010

OK mum is laughing and grumbling at the weather guessers on TV. They got the snow totals all screwed up and the places that were supposed to get the most are getting the least and vice versa. They said for us 6-11 inches, we maybe got 4.

Now they are saying 6-8, but they don't say if this is TOTAL snow fall or IN ADDITION TO what we already have. Mum says they need to be specific, but then we might be able to pin them down on something!
This picture is from our big storm in December, but mum thought it was pretty to show. One thing that made mum happy is that when she got home she parked the metal monster out on the street. When she got out she realized that someone had already cleared out the snow from the driveway. So mum just had to put the garbage can away, it was empty, then drive the metal monster in to its room.

Oh, mum is getting her coat and boots on, the big truck came and finally picked up our recycling. Mum can get that thing out of the street now.

Oh yeah, I found a cute new little ginger kittie from the UK, Maximus Spittimus. If you haven't stopped by to say 'hi' yet, please do so.

Me I thinks I will just nap.

Happy Weekend one and all.

Monday, January 6, 2020

ManCat Monday

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! - Theophile Gautier

A pic of me and one of Derby showing our gorgeous eyes. The picture of Derby is one of mum's favorites of him. 

 Quiet weekend around here. Mum watched the moving picture box and did crow-shay. Also worked on reading her last book from the library. She will go get more on Wednesday.

Sportz Report 

Mum watched some of the feetsball games. Mum is happy the Texans and Titans won. The Pack didn't play. They play on Sunday against the Seahawks at Lambeau.

That is it from  here. Happy week.

Saturday, January 4, 2020


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday.

Not much going on here at Casa de Ducky. We will be having a quiet weekend, heck, that is our life, kinda quiet.

Mum did do one new task this week. She very carefully went down the stairs to the dungeon. She hung on to the railing with both hands and did one step at a time. She checked out a few things, then came back up. Coming  back up was easier. This was a test run for when she will have to start doing her own washy stuff soon.
Mum started on another new blankie. That girl is on a roll, I think this is number 6 so far this fall. Plus she still has time to read and do other stuff.
Mum caught a pic of me with a water drop on the edge of my upper lip. She thought this was so cute. Yeah mum, I am always cute.

Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Throw Back Thursday

We made it to the new year. Me and mum went to bed early, slept our way in. When we got up we watched the purr-ade and then later the game. We are bummed as Bucky Badger losted the game by one point.

One of my first pics of the year. I invaded mum's lap during the feetsball game and while she was working on the crow-shay. She finished this blankie last night and will pick more yarn to start the next one.

Even a cute video of my paw on the blankie.

Our throw back is to early in 2010 and guess what, mum was working on a blankie! But this one she was knitting. It was for her first grand niece and she wanted it to be special. She doesn't make this pattern very often. You can see that Derby liked to assist her like I do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

ManCat Monday

Cats are peaceful and tranquil - they bring calmness with their serene personalities - Chris Evert
Yeah we are peaceful, except when we are not. Playing THoE or just chasing imagined prey around the house. Putting the bitey on our beans. Chasing the red dot.

Well we are into a new year. Mum finished her big fat book on New Year's night, now she is cracking on the blurpy blankie. She only had three stripes done when she restarted, she got 1 and a half more done when she took the picture Caturday night. Now she should have done by the end of Sunday 6 stripes.

There are a total of 20 stripes that gotta be done, plus the edging. Mum says with the feetsball playoffs she will have time to work and get this done. The blurpy will be here in April. Mum says Grampie told her they found out it will be a girl, so Uncle Stormie, who will be the Grampie to this new blurpy is calling it "Tinkerbell". Mum says she needs to find a Tinkerbell toy to include with the blankie.
I figured I can help too by sitting on it and getting it furrified. The little blurpy thing will have a kittie to live with, might as well get the blankie broken in by a kittie.
 Mum also took the Christmouse tree down, along with the other decorations. The snow guys are still out, but then there is still snow on the ground. I must be slipping, I haven't even knocked them down off the top of the TV this year.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - They won, beating the Cardinals. They will play next weekend in the play offs and, deja vu, play the Cardinals.

Brett and Them Vikings - Beat the Giant guys who haven't been playing well. Heading for the playoffs as the #2 seed and get next weekend off. If the Pack wins next weekend, then they will play the Vikes.

The Colts - Lost playing in the snow at Buffalo, didn't play all of the good guys again this game. Heading for the playoffs and the #1 seed and gets next weekend off.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you cellybrated but didn't get crazy and do anything stupid. Me and mum spent last evening quietly. Today we will watch the Rosie purrade and then the Rosie Bowl game too. Bucky Badger is playing.

Monday, December 30, 2019

ManCat Monday

It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see. - Eleanor Farjeon

Ha! Made ya look! Mum sees me staring off at things but she gets wise and doesn't always follow my gaze. Someday the boogie man will get her!

Miss Megan wanted to know about the soup from Caturday. It is called Sherried Tomato Soup. It is a creamy tomato soup and easy to make. Tasty too! Mum had some for lunch along with a grilled cheese samwich.

Me buried under the blankie while mum works on it. Below she took a pic of me under the blankie by taking a picture of the mirror. It is fuzzy as mum cropped it a lot so you can really see me. You can see her clunky boot too.
The inside of the yarn she is working on.
We are going to enjoy the last few days of the year, hope you do too.

Sportz Report

The Pack -The won, but it was ugly. They played poorly especially in the first half. But they did win, so that means they get next weekend off afore they have to play a playoff game.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy last Caturday of the year! Just a short while we will have a new year to hang out in.

Mum gave me the other half of my Christmouse prezzie which was a nip nanner. Oh yeah, it is good to have some fresher nip. Mum even said we could get a new one sent every few months from the A to Z store with auto-delivery. She didn't do that.

Thanks mum and she even made a moovie of me and it was so long she made it into two parts.

Otherwise me and mum are just hanging out. She is reading her books and working on the crow-shay. She does so much crow-shay these days she gets these blankies done quickly. Here is the finished product from the other day and she has a good start on a new one with the same colors.
 Why the same colors? Well she finally got around to organizing all of her yarns and discovered she had lots more yarn of the same color. Top shelf on the left. So she figures she should use it up. She is happy cuz now she can more easily see what she has afore she goes shopping again. 
 She even got ambitious and made some soup with a new recipe. Makes a lot of soup and it didn't take her long to do it. Those the the recipes that are good, plus it tasted good too. This was the prize winner from the soup contest at the race track back in September.
That is about it for this Caturday. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Happy Day after Christmouse! I hope you all had a good day. Me and mum spent it quietly at home, her with her footy up as usual. She did make a nice dinner for herself of cornish hen and I corn casserole.
Rather than cook the whole corn thing she just did a small  bowl, she saved the rest to cook another day. She hopes it will turn out nice. Below is the finished product. I did get a taste of the chick-hen.
My prezzie was a new beddie! It is even a heated on so I don't have to spend the entire time on my hammick. Mum hasn't tested it yet and neither have I!
Right now it is just sitting near the  hammick. I did sniff it, but that is all.

Happy Boxing Day and Happy Kwanzaa for those who celly-brate that way and those days.
Our throw back is Derby with his Christmouse stuff from 10 years ago.

Saturday, December 26, 2009 

Boxing Day

Hope everyone had a good Christmouse. I claimed the box that one of Grampies prezzies came in, he thought it was funny I was just sitting on top of the box. Mum said if I could I would have been in the box. But then Grampie's new shirt would have had cat fur on it!
So then mum mput that box away, but I still have a few to choose on the table. This one is nice and it was from my Secret Paws Laila and Minchie.
So I got a few cool things, first a new red dot toy, the old one wasn't working well. Mum showed it off to Grampie and I did my best to catch the red dot. He couldn't believe how I chased it around.
Then I got a bunch of new mousies, a whole big package of 12! But mum only took two out of the package for now. But they are both fevver butt and leather butt mousies!
Here they are up close, the black ones have fevvers and the grey ones have leather. I was on my last fevver butt mousie, so I am happy I gots more.
We had a wet and white Christmouse here. The ground was white but it mostly rained from the 24th and 25th. Only started to get white stuff again late on the 25th and today more white stuff.

Mum did venture out today for the sales but only bought some lights to put on the patio. Now she can see when she has to do birdie food when it is dark outside. Otherwise she has been reading lots as she has a very fat book to finish, I have been napping lots.