Saturday, April 20, 2019


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday! Mum is up early, so am I. It is bright and sunny. First after mum woke up we had a nice long cuddle in bed. Then the heaty monster started so I moved out to hang in the hammick for the early morning.
I guess we can call this Easter Eve. Mum has been good this year and hasn't even bought any candy or choc-o-late. She says that is better for her waistline!

It is supposed to be a nice weekend according to the weather guessers. Mum says she will be doing some work outside. Says she has a surprize for us including the girls outside.

Have a good weekend, and a wonderful Easter.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. As Ducky showed you we got more snow on Sunday. That is twice in the last week. I knew we came out of hibernation too early.

Although we are seeing a few more signs of spring. The lilac is starting to show green for the leaves that will soon be opening up. 
 A few new daffs that haven't been dumped on by any snow.
 Just a few spots where the four-sith-ia is about ready to start blooming.
 The tree guys showed up again to attack a couple of trees, our maple and one of our pine trees too. They were only hear for about a half of day. It was raining yesterday afternoon, so mum didn't go out to see exactly what they did.
 The goldy finches are still working on getting all bright yellow for the summer. Plus we saw our first Chip the Munk yesterday. I little fuzzy, mum took the pic at a distance and then biggified it.
Have a happy time, see you next week. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Sad day around the world as we see the pictures of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Mum was there back in September and she is happy she got to see it. The walls are standing, they need to get a roof back on, clean up the mess. It will take years, but it will be back.
Our snow is gone again. Got bright and sunny on Monday, warmed up nice. By late morning still some around, but by dinner time, pretty much gone!
Mum had to get a new grass eater, seems the old one had some serious engine issues. The old one didn't last more than 6 years! That isn't long enuf, these things take green papers to get and that probably means I get less treats!
I just sat in the window and enjoyed all the sun puddles that came through on a sunny Monday.

Monday, April 15, 2019

ManCat Monday

If a cat spoke, it would say things like, "Hey, I don't see the problem here." - Roy Blount, Jr

Well, we do have a bit of a problem. We keep seeing ads that say Winter is Coming. Heck, I don't even think winter wants to leave this year. We got more snow on Sunday!
 Mum, this is not right! She goes, I knows. Poor fevvers looking for foods to eat since the snow is covering the groud.
 Me with mum looking outside. Yep, she did leave me for racy cars this weekend, however she came home early. They combined things so they got done early, but mum left even afor it was done. Next year she says if they have an really early event and it is going to be cold, she will stay home. She doesn't like being cold.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Stay warm, we are hoping for sun to melt this new white stuff.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


This is how I feel toward mum today. Seems the racy car stuff is starting earlier in the year than it normally does.
It is supposed to be an icky, cold weekend. Don't freeze your backside off!

Hope the rest of you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. I knew we came back too early. Look at things on Wednesday! SNOW! Go away snow.
 Wednesday about 5 PM.

We did have some nice days on Monday and Tuesday and mum took advantage of that and got lots of work on here in the back yard. She didn't get all of the stuff done last fall, so had to do some extra cleanup now.
 These two are from Monday. Mum raked and then she started to pull up the old landscape fabric, but couldn't quite get it all up. Plus she was trimming back woody stuff along the fence.
 Tuesday she managed to get the rest of the big fabric section done, plus a small leftover bit. She has one more small part to get up if she can without disturbing flowers. Well done mum.
 A few more signs of spring, before the snow came. The bleeding heart starting to send shoots out, tulip blossoms and some sign of green on the lilac.

Don't worry, the snow won't last for long. Hoping for nicer weather again next week.

Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Monday, April 8, 2019

ManCat Monday

Show me a good mouser, and I'll show you a cat with bad breath. - Garfield

MOL, that is why I don't do get to chasing mousies. Although we rarely have mousies in the house anymore.

Me and mum had a quiet weekend. She did a library run on Caturday afternoon. She had a special book to go pick up that came from another library. She didn't want to keep it out from the other library for long. It was a travel book and she is already done with it and will take it back.
 Mum went off yesterday afternoon for a bit to hang out with her racy furiends. Seems the season will be starting soon. I hope not too soon the weather guesser says we might get snow this week. Not much but still, we want to be done with snow!

Especially if it gets as nice as they say it will be today. The weather guessers say it may be close to 70 today. WhooHooo, that means open windows for me.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Saturday, April 6, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday, first one of April. The weather continues to improve. Mum even sat outside yesterday without a jacket for a little bit.
I thought I would help outo mum and sit on  her while she worked on the puter. She says I feel so heavy when I sit on her boobities. She was working on her Christ-mouse list at the time. She went through the cards she got, makes sure nobody moved and to see if she got one back from them. Plus she found out a furiend went to heaven this past week. So she had that to go to and she could take her off the card list.

Mum says she will be working outside today. It will be warmish and mum feels it will be OK to start raking up the grass. Just gently, get the stray leaves and twigs up. Plus she hopes the sun comes out while she does this.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and Happy Spring. We girls have decided it is time to come out from hiding for the winter.
Glimmer, Trooper and I are hanging out on the storage box. Fleur has moved out by the crabby apple tree for now. Mum may move her if she is in the way when she has to use the grass eating monster.
We had a good winter, although it was a bit noisy at times. Once we got out we realized what happened. They stole some trees! Well, mum says they didn't steal them. They were so big they were getting mixed up with the electric wires. So wow, what a change. It will be much sunnier back here in the garden now.

We have color from the crocus blossoms. That makes us all happy. Plus we can see that the tulips and daffs are starting to come up too. Soon we will have lots of flowers. Mum says she thinks the grass is getting a little tint of green.
That is all for now, glad to be back for another year of showing off the garden.

See you next week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Monday, April 1, 2019

ManCat Monday - April Fooling Day

If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him.

I think a great deal about mum and it is good. Yeah, there are times she goes out and leaves me along. Heck, I just nap. I probably would be napping if she was home anyway!

Mum went to the final library event of the community read. First they had foods for the humans, more than enuf for mum to make dinner out of it. They they also had soda and popcorn for the moovie. Mum saw the original version of True Grit. Mum says the more recent version is a better copy of the book. You know John Wayne had to be the hero in the first one!
 Me just napping in the sun. Back to my summer spot for napping. Mum will have a bizzy week. Eye doc, election day, library stuff and a funeral too. She just found out a co-worker died and she was 3 years younger than mum! Wow. Mum doesn't think she had been sick, so don't know why, at least not yet.

Everyone have a wonderful week. Don't let anyone fool you today.

Saturday, March 30, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. We finally got rid of the last little bit of snow in our yard. Mum even put away the little snow person that has been sitting out. Says once we get no snow, they go back into hiding.

Plus I can report that the girls have made a brief appearance on the patio. They got a good look at the changes that happened while they were having their winter naps.

So mum has been trying to do little things outside, then she comes in and I am waiting for her. I don't always meet her at the door. Sometimes I do.

Just checking on what you might be bringing in the house. Shopping? Anything for me? Ahhh, lots of rolls of litter box paper. If you only would let me play with the stuff.
This was me the other afternoon while mum watched the basey-ball game, first one of the season that counts. I got bored and did a nose plant for a nap. Mum watched the game, she cheered (really yelling) at the good spots. They won, she was happy.

Last weekend of official counting of birds for feeder watch. Mum says she is now seeing female robins, not just the boys. How can you tell? The head color. Females have pretty much the same color as their body, the boys have darker heads. So now they can start making baby birds!

Our weekend is going to be a quiet one. Mum only has to show up at the final event of the big read it thingy here. Eat some snacks, watch a moovie. Everyone have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Mum had a talk with the girls, they will make their debut next Thursday. While mum had been doing a bit of stuff outside, it really hasn't been much.

Mum checked out the stump of the mulberry tree that they took down back in January. At that time they sprayed something blue on it, but that has washed away. Not sure what they sprayed. 
Beginning of the brush pile. Mum walked around and picked up stuff that had come down out of the trees on the windy days. Our village people will come and pick this up in May.
Snow is almost gone in our yard, this is all that is left of the snow now.
Today's throw back is Derby getting a box from his furiend Fat Eric. Hey, is is the cat who came before my sweetie Dora!

March 27, 2009

Local Cat Makes Good

A local kittie, Asia-Veau, is now the face on the can of senior Friskies! So I have a celebrecat nearby!

A little box showed up on the doorstep, mum brought it in but didn't open it for me right away. Said she need to go out and fluff up the grass outside before it got dark!
She finally came back in, it was from Fat Eric, our return treats for sending him Greenies. So we had some of these Waitrose cat treats. Waitrose is a store for those who don't know. Chocolates for mum and tea too. Fancy tea from the Duchy of Cornwall, from HRH The Prince of Wales. All organic and all and profits go to charity!
Oh cool, some of the cheese balls that I liked the last time, they are tasty and chewy.
Thanks so much Eric and your mum too. We will enjoy!

Well mum just has to get through today at hunting green papers, then we can snuggle for the weekend. They are talking rain/snow on the weekend, so that means mum will have to be inside.

Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Yes, flowers. Finally.The blooms opened this after noon. Nice to see a bit of  color again in our yard. Spring really is here!