Friday, April 29, 2011

Remembrance Weekend

We are joining Kashim, Othello and Salome in a Remembrance Weekend. To all of our furiends who have gone before us to The Bridge. We miss you, we remember you, we will never forget you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Thursday

Lots of purrs to all those affected by the nasty storms way south of us. Our weather may be cool but at least to be safe we just need to be inside. We don't have to hide from nasty winds and rain.

Mother Nature is keeping us cool this year, so some of our plants are taking their own sweet time getting to look pretty.
Our four-sith-ia
The hi-ya-cinths are just getting opened up!

So not much to show you this week. Maybe next week some two-lips might be open!

We will be joining our UK pals Alfie and Milo for their Royal wedding street party. Hope to see you there. Mum says she will not be getting up early to watch. She will check the highlights later in the day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HiYa, Ducky again. Mum brought in the mail today and there was a package. Royal Mail it said. Well if it is our invite to the wedding on Friday, it is a bit late! Mum won't have time to shop for a fancy hat to wear, let alone get there!As we we looked at the package it mum said it was from my little sweetie Dora! How cool, she had her mum send us a couple of goodies.
Food treats, a toy, card and sweets for mum.
See the cute little card? Sort of looks like my tortie terror herself. Thank you Dora and your mum too.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Farewell Sweet Lady

We will miss you. We will treasure the Secret Paw stuff we got for Christmouse from you. See you at The Bridge some day.

Mini ManCat Monday

I understand now why the Egyptians worshipped cats: They had no choice! - Pooky

Hiya, Ducky here. Hope everyone had a good Easter! We did, we got extra nibbles fish on Friday, steak from the grill, ham on Sunday for Easter dinner. It was really nommy.

Alfie and Milo wanted to know what yak was. Derby does it all the time and he did it good on Caturday evening. Yak'd up on mum's rug in the bathroom, so she had extra laundry to do! So much for taking it easy on Sunday.
It was sort of nice over the weekend. Warm enough to open the windows a little bit but not everything wide open. The sun played hide and seek with the clouds.
Our winter bird, the junco's, are still hanging about. So now we really know spring is late. They don't want to go back to Canada or the Arctic for the summer. Guy, please go north, we want warmer and bright sunny weather.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter


Don't put all of your eggs in one basket

Walk softly and carry a big carrot

Everyone needs a friend who is all ears

There's no such thing as too much candy

All work and no play can make you a basket case

A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention

Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits

Some body parts should be floppy

Keep your paws off other people's jellybeans

Good things come in small sugarcoated packages

The grass is always greener in someone else's basket

An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare

To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell

The best things in life are still sweet and gooey

Happy Easter from Derby, Ducky, Mum

P. S. We now have our own Easter Bunny. Mum says it belonged to her mum. The eggs are as about as old as mum is.
When she was a little wafer they colored eggs, but before they colored them they poked holes in them, blew out the insides, then did the color. So very carefully preserved for ages to come in the family.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden Thursday

HiYa, Ducky here.
Mum went day hunting like usual today, so we figured we would have a long quiet day to just nap and play. Then a truck showed up, yakked up in our driveway! Then a bunch of guys got out of the truck and moved the yak to the garden.
Mum said hooray when she got home, now she doesn't have to do all this work. Derby said it would take her days to get this done, these guys had it done in a flash!

Does this let us join the Society of Feline Gardeners? I hope so!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mother Nature &^%$#^

Yes, more of the white stuff today. Our poor daffs are getting snowed on and droopy! Yeck, yeck and more yeck! Spring, where did you go?

So we nap and snuggle to stay warm.

Monday, April 18, 2011

ManCat Monday

A cat's purr: Most effective stress medicine known.

You better believe the above, the power of purrs. They are good for you.

It is Monday again. Mum will be off to day hunt as usual, hopefully all unstressed since we purr on her so much. Ducky and I can nap the day away.

Our snow didn't last long on Caturday, and was melted by later in the day. Sunday it was sunny but furry windy and not really warm. Mum stayed inside with us, we napped, watch some of the crash car race. Mum readed her book and cooked some later in the day. The weather guesser says we may get snow overnight. Bah!
So we hope that all of you have a good Monday and a good week.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow Fooling

OK mother nature, quit fooling with us! Last weekend we had lots and lots of open windows.
This weekend it is snowing, you can't really tell from this picture, it isn't sticking on the grass in the back.
But you can see the white stuff in our back neighbors yard.
This is from the kitchen window, it is sticking on this part of our yard. Yeck, pooey, phooey! Go away snow and cold, we wants open windows and warm, gentle breezes.

Since it so icky out, mum cleaned the house, then went through Grampie's stuff and was counting stuff for inventory for Uncle Flip so he can do the estate. Now she can read her book for a while. We on the other paw have better things to do.
Like to show off our belleh for some extra scritches or....
Take a nap on the bears. Hope your weekend is warmer and drier than ours!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sitting in the Window

Sitting in the window watching all the fevvers fly by
Sitting in the window watching all the fevvers fly by
Brother you don't know a nicer occupation
Matter of fact, neither do I
Than Sitting in the window watching all the fevvers
Watching all the fevvers, watching all the fevvers go by

I'm the cat that got the cream
Haven't got a bird but I can dream
Haven't got a bird but I can wish
So I'll take me down to Mainstreet
And that's where I select my imaginary dish

Sitting in the window watching all the fevvers go by
Sitting in the window giving all the fevvers the eye
Brother if you've got a rich imagination
Give it a whirl, give it a try
Try Sitting in the window watching all the fevvers
Watching all the fevvers, watching all the fevvers go by

Saturday and I'm so broke
Haven't got a bird and no joke
Still I'm living like a millionaire
When I take me down to Mainstreet
When I take me down to Mainstreet
And I review the harem
Parading for me there

Sitting in the window
Watching all the fevvers go by
Sitting in the window
Underneath the springtime sky
Brother, you can't go to jail
For what you're thinking
Or for the woo look in your eye
You're only Sitting in the window
Watching all the fevvers
Watching all the fevvers
Watching all the fevvers
Go by

Monday, April 11, 2011

ManCat Monday

A cat is nature's Beauty. - French Proverb

Since we kitties are nature's beauty, we know all about decorating the house. We can give you lots and lots of tips. So today, for our buddy Alfie, we are joining in Shabby Chic Day.
Our tip comes to help you put the rugs on the floor to add interest.
This is how mum like the rugs, flat, boring, dull. No sense of adventure.
This is how we prefer them. Askew, rumpled and fun. Places to where our toy mousies can hide, then we can pounce on them when we find them.

Here you can see Ducky hard at work getting the rugs, just so. Fun to play with, tunnel under, and just right for us. This is much better and as soon as mum makes them boring, we go right back to making them fun.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm Temps, Open Windows

Mum has moved her outside furniture to the patio and is getting ready to sit outside. It is up to 70 F and it is just 11 AM. That is 20 Celsius for our furiends. Our first really nice all day with mum home. We can all enjoy it.

Lots of open windows and especially the big window that goes to the floor. We can sit here, watch mum, the fevvers and the chipmunk too. Mum says we won't be going out in our portable porch today. We can just enjoy the open windows.
Oh yeah, nice and warm. Fresh and warm airs in the house. Yummy. Mum even has the window open in the sleepy room all night long. We get the here the fevvers sing really early in the morning and they wake mum up.
We can plant a few purrs for our buddies Eric and Flynn's mum. She is a nice lady, we hope she is all better soonest. It is a good day to plant, things, they will grow fast. Healing purrs grow fastest of all!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Weekend

We are happy the weekend is here. Mum spend time outside cleaning up parts of the garden. Cutting up some branches so they stack up nice until the pickup next month. Took the last of the flower stalks out of the garden.

All of the old birdy food, sunflower seeds got scooped up. Then mum came in and scooped our boxes out too. Guess she was in a scooping mood.

The terminator came to visit on Thursday, we all heard something running in the walls or attic. The guy didn't find anything big, most likely mousies looking for a place to have their babies.
When the guy was up in the attic you could hear him doing stuff. Ducky's tail got all poofy. Mum would prefer that the only mousies in the house are our toy mousies.

Oh, and it is supposed to get all nice and warm by Sunday. That means open windows!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Higher and Higher

Another place to be up high! hehe.

I freaked mum out this morning. She was sitting on the human litter box when up I jumped. She finished her bizness and went to get the movie machine to get me in action. But she didn't let me stay there. She can reach me here and she brought me down. Said the box on the wall is not meant for kitties to jump and sit on.

Monday, April 4, 2011

ManCat Monday

A cat's a saint when there are no mice about. - Japanese Proverb

You can see big changes on our blog. Mum got a picture that fits just nicely in the header with both of us in it. Took her a year to do this. Plus last weekend she went through our links to other blogs. If kitties hadn't posted in over 9 months or so, we removed the links.

But then now we have been meeting new furiends and comrades who have joined in our fun community. We just wish we had more time to visit.
It was a cold, cloudy weekend for us. We tried to stay warm, snuggle, watch fevvers. Mum did a tiny bit of work outside and fluffed the grass up in spots.

On Sunday, she slept in, yes really slept in. Then while reading her newsy paper decided to get to the arty museum to see them do stuff in flowers. Mimic the art or colors in the art. Mum says most were a bit much, too over the top. Here is a simple one that looked nice.
Then on the way home it got all stormy for her. She could see a lot of lightning as she drove home, then it started to rain, then hail. Lots of hail. So much the road got furry slippery, so she got off before she got hit or spun out on the freeway by the crazy driver people. It was so bad and she couldn't see far ahead either. Plus she was driving more into the bad part, by getting off the freeway she drove out of the icky hail sooner.
Here she was stopped and took a picture of the hail on the street. We were home, we didn't get much of anything. Oh good. We can just start to see the little crocus flowers just pushing out from under the leaves. Yay, new flowers.
Another of our furiends needs our purrs. You got 'em Ginger Jasper!
Happy week to all. Mum probably won't watch the last of the basketball tonight. But it will be a dogfight. Huskies versus Bulldogs.