Monday, April 4, 2011

ManCat Monday

A cat's a saint when there are no mice about. - Japanese Proverb

You can see big changes on our blog. Mum got a picture that fits just nicely in the header with both of us in it. Took her a year to do this. Plus last weekend she went through our links to other blogs. If kitties hadn't posted in over 9 months or so, we removed the links.

But then now we have been meeting new furiends and comrades who have joined in our fun community. We just wish we had more time to visit.
It was a cold, cloudy weekend for us. We tried to stay warm, snuggle, watch fevvers. Mum did a tiny bit of work outside and fluffed the grass up in spots.

On Sunday, she slept in, yes really slept in. Then while reading her newsy paper decided to get to the arty museum to see them do stuff in flowers. Mimic the art or colors in the art. Mum says most were a bit much, too over the top. Here is a simple one that looked nice.
Then on the way home it got all stormy for her. She could see a lot of lightning as she drove home, then it started to rain, then hail. Lots of hail. So much the road got furry slippery, so she got off before she got hit or spun out on the freeway by the crazy driver people. It was so bad and she couldn't see far ahead either. Plus she was driving more into the bad part, by getting off the freeway she drove out of the icky hail sooner.
Here she was stopped and took a picture of the hail on the street. We were home, we didn't get much of anything. Oh good. We can just start to see the little crocus flowers just pushing out from under the leaves. Yay, new flowers.
Another of our furiends needs our purrs. You got 'em Ginger Jasper!
Happy week to all. Mum probably won't watch the last of the basketball tonight. But it will be a dogfight. Huskies versus Bulldogs.


  1. Love the new header--who can resist two orange boys snuggling? We heard about that exhibit, but it sounds a little too much for us.

  2. The noo header is gorjuss. We never know wot to do wiv links when cats have stopped blogging ~ maybe a time limit is a good idea.

  3. Your new header made us all go "AWWWW" boys look so cozy and comfy.

    We are having wild wether here too, with WIND and crazy temperature swings. We're happy your Mum made it home safe to you and the pretty spring flowers.

  4. dogfight...MOL

    Love the new header - you two are adorable. Glad your mom made it home OK!

  5. Wow, it sure was a busy, wild weekend--at least weather-wise!

    We like your new header photo, it looks great!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  6. We like your new header image. Nice and large. But, of course, it should be that way.

    That's big hail. It's been a long time since we've had that kind of hail ... that was in the day when Dino & Pebbles were young meezers. Glad your mom got home safely. It's like driving on marbles.

    Art exhibits can be disappointing, especially if written up as being "very impressive" by the newspaper.

    Have a good week ahead.

  7. We luvs your new header! We be guessing the 'sassy' one is the one who has to keep his eyes just barely open so as not to miss out on anything?

    It was rainy and cold here all week but got nice enough on Sunday to open the windows for a snifferoo of Spring.

    Teri said the only time she ever spun out on the road was during a hail storm--like ball bearings to drive on!

    We also never know what to do about our ever increasing blogroll. Google only lets us follow 300 (probably good they have a limit) so from time to time, we delete a few that either never visit us or that we have lost interest in. But it is very hard to keep up visiting and commenting...but we hate to miss out on anything!

  8. You header is wonderful!!!
    Two snuggly boys!

    The rest of our "Finally" post is up.
    Mom inadvertently hit publish while she was getting ready to put it together, and you saw it in the minute it was up before she caught it! It wasn't supposed to publish until today, you saw it yesterday before mom could catch it!

  9. We love your new header.
    We made a new links list a while ago for Rainbow Bridge kitties and for blogs that haven't updated in a long time. That way, if they do ever update again, we will see it.

  10. You two look very good on your header! And wow--what weather we have been having! Stay warm and dry--all of you!

  11. We love the new picture! Great job to your mommy.

    We are still updating our links. It is slow going because mommy is trying to visit with the blogging time we have and then she doesn't get to update. Maybe someday.

    Thanks for the info about the flip. We are going to look into it.

    Glad you got to sleep in with your mommy on Sunday. I got to nap with mine!

  12. I like the new header picture. It is hard to visit everyone now -- not like in the beginning when we could visit everyone in less than 20 minutes. But it's good to have so many good cat friends out there.
    --Jasper McKitten-Cat

  13. We love the new header. Glad your mom got home safely. Must have been a scary trip, though.

  14. We really like the picture in the new header. Thats a GOOD one...

  15. LOVE your new header!! KYOOT KYOOT KYOOT, as Skeezix would say!!

    Besides, who can resist an orange boy? Or two?

    Conner @ Cyclone Cats


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