Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow Fooling

OK mother nature, quit fooling with us! Last weekend we had lots and lots of open windows.
This weekend it is snowing, you can't really tell from this picture, it isn't sticking on the grass in the back.
But you can see the white stuff in our back neighbors yard.
This is from the kitchen window, it is sticking on this part of our yard. Yeck, pooey, phooey! Go away snow and cold, we wants open windows and warm, gentle breezes.

Since it so icky out, mum cleaned the house, then went through Grampie's stuff and was counting stuff for inventory for Uncle Flip so he can do the estate. Now she can read her book for a while. We on the other paw have better things to do.
Like to show off our belleh for some extra scritches or....
Take a nap on the bears. Hope your weekend is warmer and drier than ours!


  1. ACK! Snow is EVIL. You guys have the right idea for Caturday, just kick back and relax!

  2. Wow, that is some crazy weather you are having.

  3. MORE snow?! Mother Nature hasn't looked at the calendar lately, has she?

  4. We are SO dry here that we would welcome snow! All we have is wind. Hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing.

  5. Hi:

    Baby Miracle here. Momma told me all about you guys, even the part about Smiley Boy! We have that white stuff on the ground, I saw it from the glass and I ran to the wood stove to warm up. I am good at running!

  6. I know how you feel. Here we still have snow and today it is calling for a freezing rain storm. Thrilling.

    Keep your whiskers up, Spring is whispering!

  7. We had snow yesterday morning too. It melted pretty fast but just the idea....ugh!

  8. Dat was really weerd wasn't it! Dad came in da kitchen and mom lifted da curtain so he could see and he freeked out.

  9. We think Mother Nature must really be confused!!


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