Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm Temps, Open Windows

Mum has moved her outside furniture to the patio and is getting ready to sit outside. It is up to 70 F and it is just 11 AM. That is 20 Celsius for our furiends. Our first really nice all day with mum home. We can all enjoy it.

Lots of open windows and especially the big window that goes to the floor. We can sit here, watch mum, the fevvers and the chipmunk too. Mum says we won't be going out in our portable porch today. We can just enjoy the open windows.
Oh yeah, nice and warm. Fresh and warm airs in the house. Yummy. Mum even has the window open in the sleepy room all night long. We get the here the fevvers sing really early in the morning and they wake mum up.
We can plant a few purrs for our buddies Eric and Flynn's mum. She is a nice lady, we hope she is all better soonest. It is a good day to plant, things, they will grow fast. Healing purrs grow fastest of all!


  1. I am longing for some open windows here. It is still a bit too cool. Though dad and I did sit on the deck for a little while.
    My word verification is hottless!

  2. What a lovely day - I bet you have all sorts of great smells coming in!

  3. My mom love to do that too when she keep me indoor. Always lovely to get a nice fresh air ! I love it
    Enjoy your nice day buddies : )

  4. Great day for having all the windows open! Guess we have to enjoy it while we can.

  5. We had the windows opened today too!! Oh it was so good to whiff some fresh airs!!

    We love your header photo!!


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