Saturday, September 29, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. It has gotten much cooler here so mum turned on the heaty monster last evening. So you know where I went, yep, the hammick by the heaty spot.
Mum is pretty much back to her normal routine. She helped at the library book sale the past two days, she said they had sold a lot of stuff. Last day of the sale is today, but mum won't be working the sale today.

Mum will be getting her flu shot today, use the grass eater and then off for dinner with Miss Lynn,

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Garden Thursday

Yes, we are back! Mum saw lots of purrty gardens while she was in France. Way more to see than our little humble place.

Mum went off to help at the community garden, it is pretty much done for the season. They harvested all of the food that were there and starting pulling out the plants.
 They left the flowers for now in the beds so people walking by have something nice to look at yet. They haven't frozen, so still blooming nicely.

At home the sedum's are getting pinker and pinker. These are sort of floppy this year. Oh well, they still look purrty
 While mum was gone the naybor went to town cutting down, and really cutting back the shrubs on the lot line. They are their shrubs so mum doesn't work on them, but they also cut out a tree that was growing in mum's lilac. Mum sort of misses the greenery between the houses, plus it was a way to not look at them or have them see us. So less privacy for now. Oh well, it is staying inside time coming soon anyway.
Plus some nice garden pictures France. This is the Tuileries Garden in central Paris where mum had lunch with #1, the Chan's mum. 
 A little ducky!
 Much bigger duckies and a fishy too!
A magpie. 

That is all for this week, see you soon. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Monday, September 24, 2018

ManCat Monday

There are three basic personality factors in cats: The kind who run up when you say hello and rub against you in cheap romance; the kind who run away certain that you mean to ravish them; and the kind who just look back and don't move a muscle. I love all three kinds. - Eve Babitz

Derby was the first type, he as always hanging about and and loving on people. I am sort of a mix of the other two. I loves my mum, others not so much. Although with mum gone I did get friendly with my two caregivers. Yep, I let them pet me! Miss Kellie even sent mum a video, but we can't get it to work here in the blog, so Mum will work on it to get it loaded somewhere you can see it.

I have been hanging by mum as much as I can, to the point I think she is getting annoyed at me. Well sorry deary, you leave me for over two weeks I am going to hang by you, sleep on or by you as much as I want. I am even coming in the kitchen every time she goes there hoping to get gooshy foods.

One of the coolest things that I cared about mum's trip is that she got to meet fact to face the The Chan's, Tommy and the V's #1 face to face. I had her take some treats for them and they selected some stuff for me too.
 Treats and toys and a couple of little things for mum. Are you sure the bag is empty? Yeah, it is.
 Thanks very much gang. I will work on these treats once I finish the open bags that Miss Kellie brought me. She even brought me a few new toys. She is now my new best buddy other than mum!
Mum got all of the clothes washed that she took with her, so getting more back to normal here. But she still has to go through all of the stuff she bought there. Stuff for her and stuff to give to other people. This is what the spare bed looks like.
Mum has some small books about the places she saw, specially the churches and museums. Stuff for gifts for Miss Kellie and Miss Jane for caring for me, a few small things for others. Magnets to put on the cold box, book marks and post cards. Even a couple with cats!

So things are slowly getting back to normal. We hope to have a quiet week and mum hopes her body clock gets on local time soon too.

Happy week to you all.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


HiYa Ducky here! I have been sitting on mum as much as possible to keep her from going anywhere. Although she does have a few places to go she hasn't been gone long. I allowed her out to get foods for herself and get all the snail mail. Plus she got the grass eater out to even out that. It rained here and the grass grew while she was gone.

Today I am giving her purr-mission to help kids learn how to drive a bit better. She helps out with this every year. Says she chases pylon cones.

Mum said I could share a couple of pics from her trip. So here it goes.
 Mum soaking up the sun on the sun deck. She said they had nice weather for the most part.
 The captain of the ship. Mum says they called him JB for Jean-Baptiste. Mum thinks he was very good looking.
Front shot of the ship she was one. Not a big thing, mum says it was quite comfy.

Mum is thinking she will do a blog to show more pics from the trip, but that will take time to set up. So stay tuned, we will let you know when it is ready.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


She is home, finally! She went off to the land of gay Purr-eee! I have been sitting on her and getting lots and lots of cuddles and pets. Mum will update later when she has time to go through her gazillion of pictures that she took.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Happy Caturday. Hope everyone's weekend is getting off to a wonderful start. Mum is up early, said she has a lot to do today. Something about going places and meeting people. She says it does not involve racy cars!

So we are taking a bit of a sabbatical, umm, mum I don't know what that means. Oh, we are taking some time off. Not to worry, we will be back soon, in time to cellybrate Tock-Tober. Mum promises lots of fun pics too.

In the meantime I will be taking lots and lots of naps.