Monday, March 29, 2021

Mini ManCat Monday

Cat: A pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings. - Oliver Herford 

Who you calling a pgymy? I am mighty, proud and a cat! I don't need to be a lion, I am happy and contented just as I am. 

Here is me with mum on Caturday evening watching bracket ball. The two teams we wanted to see win did not win, so now we don't need to watch any further. 

Mum got all carried away on Sunday with the laundry. She was washing everything she could get her hands on. Everything off of her sleepy spot. Blanket, sheets, the mattress pad. Then she grabbed her robe from the closet. Then she grabbed two throws that she uses a lot. And last, and certainly not at all least, she grabbed my heated cat cup! This was all in addition to the normal stuff she does every week like her clothes and towels. Yes she does wash at least her sheets every week too.

Sheesh, I will have to sit on top of the hot air blower thingy. Well I sit there sometimes anyway. It took ages for it to come back. She got the sucking monster out and picked up all of my shedded furs from the floor. Yeah, it is nice to have a cleaner floor. I will add more floof to it soon. 

Finally, hours later it came back. Mum said she wanted to make sure it was completely dry and it didn't dry fast enuf for her. Neither did her robe! I didn't head directly into it to check it out, but it wasn't long afore I headed in for a nice bath. 

Then when my bath was done. It was much longer than the video shows. I settled in for a nice nap. 

Ahh, naps and sunpuddles, Doesn't get any better than this. 

Last few days of March! Then really on to the spring month of April!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.


Saturday, March 27, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday! It is supposed to be a rainy day today, so me and mum will just be hanging out together inside. 

Mum got her shot on Thursday, she did really well and didn't have any sicky afterward. Her arm hurt a tiny bit but nothing super bad. The worse thing was her  hands were getting achy from not taking her stuff each day. She stopped as it was better to get the vaccine to work. Once she took her achy pills her arm felt much better. WooHoo mum, you are fully vaccinated!

Mum finished the above blankie on Wednesday and since it is supposed to be cool for another week so mum started another one. Since she wasn't taking her achy hand pills she hasn't worked on the new one for a few days.

So mum may watch a bit of bracket ball later today. The nephews school will be playing in the evening, Sister Jean's group in the afternoon. 

Everyone have a good weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Spring must really be here, we even had a thunder boom and flash last night. Just as me and mum settled down into the sleepy spot for the night. Plus we saw four robins all at the same time, so not just seeing the one robin over and over again. 

OK mum, time for some play and treats! Please?

Mum put out a new wind sock the other day. The St Pat one is done and the one with the Easter eggs is out. Nice and windy so it is flying well. 

With the warmer weather and rain, the daffs are really pushing up out of the ground. Soon we will have more flowers.

What is left of the crocus on the bottom and the new daffs on top.

Mum checked on the girls, they are not ready to make their debut for the season yet. Virginger is 15 years old now and well, she enjoys her comfort. She is thinking maybe she might just retire from the gardening snoopervision

Puzzles- One of Mr Cardinal, one of Virginger back when she first arrived in 2006 and one of sleepy me. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can (Mum gets her second shot today)

preview96pieceIMGP4663 preview80pieceVirginger2006 preview90pieceSleepyDucky

Monday, March 22, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

In the night all cats are gray. - Miguel de Cervantes 

Yep and mum makes sure she doesn't trip over me if she happens to be walking around without the lights on at night. She always says I better not trip her up or I may not have anyone to feed me!

It was a nice weekend. Windows open, mum used the griller machine both Caturday and Sunday to cook  her meals. 

This was Caturday's dinner. Mum found a bit of steak in the freezer so when she went to the food shop she got some small eggy plants and did steak and grilled eggy plant. 

 Me just waiting by the window while mum got settled in to eat her meal. Oh yeah, I scored!

Mum did watch some of the bracketball. Bucky Badger lost on Sunday, so we don't have them to cheer for. So maybe we will follow Loyola Chicago with the 101 year old nun who is the team chaplin. Why not! Go Sister Jean Go!

I kept invading mum's lap while she watched the moving picture box, plus she was trying to work on her crow-shay. Hey, I am more important that that yarn stuff you are doing. I need my scritches lady, so keep going. 

Mum is writing out a list of stuff she needs to get done tomorrow. The grass eater needs to get in for its pre-season checkup. One last book to get from the library too. Plus a few other odds and ends. I will snoopervise as best I can from inside. 

Happy week all. 

Stay safe, stay health, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.


Saturday, March 20, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here Happy Caturday. Happy first day of spring. We have been having pretty good weather, but super windy some days. All the snow is gone from our yard, mum did a special inspection to make sure. It may be nice enuf to have open windows the next few days. I hope so.

The flying boat races are over for now. The last race occurred on the afternoon of March 17 in New Zealand, which was the late evening here on March 16. Now all of the other races have been on the moving picture box. Live as it happened but not that night. Mum was not happy. She did find an app that gave the puter generated positions of the boats while they race, but it wasn't the same. At least she got to find out who won as it happened. She did finally find a video with highlights of the actual race a couple of days later.
The Kiwi's won and defended the Cup. Kiwi's is New Zealand. So we can do this again in about 4 years. There is even an official challenger for the next round, the guys from the You-Kay. You can see me waiting to watch with mum.

I had a comment the other day about the library. It is open, now fully opened, at least for now. So a year ago they totally closed for about 6 weeks. Then only open for curbside pickup. Then partially open, then fully open, then back to partially open. Back to curbside open early this year, now finally back to fully open but they are asking that you don't come in and hang out all day. Plus no in person programs, they are all on line. Mum has gotten used to just putting the books she wants on hold. They find them either in our library or one close by. Then mum just zips in and picks up her books. Saves her time!

What she is hoping for next month is a chance to have a face to face visit with her home delivery patron. Miss Edie is in her 90's and mum says she is super sharp brain wise. She has missed visiting with her, but mum has written her a note every month to keep in touch.

Mum did watch a bit of bracketball last night. Bucky Badger won, woohoo. Not sure when they play again or who they play. At least they get to play this year. 

Guess that is it. Happy Weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Woohoo, happy Friday Eve! Mum was out with a guy who is going to work on the garden. She thought all the snow was gone but then she saw a tiny patch still there. Soon it will all be gone. Well, all the big piles have to melt and that will be a while. 

Mum has been a little bizzy, going places for short times. Like yesterday she got the library books for her old person to drop off. Mum asked if once she was vaccinated would she be allowed to actually in person visit. She was given a tentative yes for next month, but the lady was going to check with the owners. Mum hopes so, she would like to see her lady. 

Me just chillin' on mum's lap, nice place to hang out. At least if mum isn't bopping up and down to do stuff. Some days she just won't sit still and make me a lap. 

Puzzles, some outside garden stuff and me!

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can. 

preview99pieceCrocus preview99piecewaterdrops preview99pieceCrocus preview99pieceDuckyFace

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St Gertrude's Day


Yep, I like this lady saint. She likes cats and gardens. Oh yeah, there is that guy named Pat that gets all the attention, we like this lady better.  

Me and Derby from years ago with mum adding lots of shamrocks.

Our fav cat Skeezix. He was one lucky cat to dress up all the time.

We had a tiny bit of snow late Monday, it melted on Tuesday. We want to be done with that white stuff. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

With my cat, I don't need an alarm clock. I just wish I could figure out how to turn her off on the weekends.

MOL, I usually don't wake up mum any day of the week. She is pretty good about getting up at a decent time most days. Even after staying up late watching flying boats and hiding the hour in the clock. 

Here is the blankie mum finished last week and she took the final shot and put it away in the closet. She has lots of finished blankies hiding there.
The griller machine got used on Caturday afternoon. Mum got a nice burger done and ate it with a nice salad.

Had a nice day yesterday. I took advantage of the sunny day to get some zen moments. Nice to have a good spot to just chill out.

The other day I mentioned mum was done with blankies and would start on hats. Well, she did do a few hats, but then pulled a bunch of yarn out to start another blankie. Says there is too much sports on to watch, so good for blankies. Hats she has to pay attention while she does them for counting stitches. 

Happy week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Saturday, March 13, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. I am feeling just fine after my visit with Dr Tom. He called mum on Thursday to let her know all of my blood tests were normal. Woohoo, I am doing just fine. I lost a bit of weight but he is hoping that during my dental he can tell if my mouth is sore in case I have a bad tooth. Nothing he could see at the appointment that look wrong with my mouth. 

Another WooHoo for the griller machine getting rolled out into place as well. Mum fired it up yesterday just to make sure it would work. Heat it up and get the cooties out. She plans to cook on it later today. 

Mum finished this blankie and has moved on to making hats again. Less warm yarns in her lap as it get warmer. I help to keep her nice and warm too. Mum should go and count how many blankies she has done since October. I am sure it is lots.

Spring flowers! Our first ones of the year. Mum has checked on stuff outside and says she sees lot of new green stuff coming out of the ground. Yay for spring, although the weather guesser is saying we could have snow on Monday! Ick!

We also have some sads. Our little buddy Genji at The Poupounette has left his #1 and taken off to The Rainbow Bridge.  His #1 always called him The Shining Prince, so "Goodnight, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

Mum is a bit sleepy this morning. She is staying up a little bit later than usual to watch the flying boat races. Yeah mum, no worries, we can have a nap this afternoon. Plus today is the day to hide the hour in the clock, so less sleep tonight too. However, the sunsets will be later!

Happy weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask, get the vaccine when you can.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Well, more than just puzzles this week. Mum took me off to see Mr Vet Man Dr Tom yesterday. Yes she had told me we were going to go, but I didn't get a chance to hide on her and miss the PTU. Matter of fact I was just sitting so nicely in  her lap when she said it was time to go. So into the PTU and off we went. Heck, it was first time ride in the new metal monster! 

Above, waiting to get carried out to the metal monster. Below, me giving mum the back of disrespect. Yep mum got to actually come inside with me.
So mum was sitting on the bench in the corner, I am still in the PTU. The vet tech came in to talk to mum. She was by the puter screen, mum was still sitting so they weren't close. They both had masks. Then the tech took me to the back where Dr Tom gave me the check up. They also stole my bloods. Dr Tom brought me back and talked with mum. Said he would call her with the results today sometime. Plus they scheduled me for a dental in the near future. Guess I am a senior kitty, so time for all of this stuff.
Me in the PTU and back in the metal monster all ready to get back home. We were only there about a half hour in total.
Me home and mum let me just sit outside for a couple of minutes for some fresh air.
Me later, you see where the furs on my neck are a bit funky. That is where they stole my bloods!

 Mum got a moovie of me when we got home. I don't hold this visit against mum. I spent lots of time in her lap later in the day.

 Just one puzzle today. Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and get the vaccine when you can.