Thursday, March 11, 2021

Puzzle Thursday

 Well, more than just puzzles this week. Mum took me off to see Mr Vet Man Dr Tom yesterday. Yes she had told me we were going to go, but I didn't get a chance to hide on her and miss the PTU. Matter of fact I was just sitting so nicely in  her lap when she said it was time to go. So into the PTU and off we went. Heck, it was first time ride in the new metal monster! 

Above, waiting to get carried out to the metal monster. Below, me giving mum the back of disrespect. Yep mum got to actually come inside with me.
So mum was sitting on the bench in the corner, I am still in the PTU. The vet tech came in to talk to mum. She was by the puter screen, mum was still sitting so they weren't close. They both had masks. Then the tech took me to the back where Dr Tom gave me the check up. They also stole my bloods. Dr Tom brought me back and talked with mum. Said he would call her with the results today sometime. Plus they scheduled me for a dental in the near future. Guess I am a senior kitty, so time for all of this stuff.
Me in the PTU and back in the metal monster all ready to get back home. We were only there about a half hour in total.
Me home and mum let me just sit outside for a couple of minutes for some fresh air.
Me later, you see where the furs on my neck are a bit funky. That is where they stole my bloods!

 Mum got a moovie of me when we got home. I don't hold this visit against mum. I spent lots of time in her lap later in the day.

 Just one puzzle today. Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask and get the vaccine when you can.



  1. I hope you get good results from your tests, Ducky!

  2. It's always good to walk the estate to check that everything is where you left it, Ducky - I know your mum reassured you, but still, you've gotta be absolutely sure. I'm so pleased that you didn't sulk and make your mum feel crummy about taking you to the v-e-t. That was very generous of you.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I'm sure your mum's lap was the best place to spend some post-vet time, dear Ducky.

  4. Hopefully your results will be okay. My cats don't like the vet either! Great video :-D Big hugs x

  5. We hope your test results are good Ducky and WOW, you're Mom got to go in with you, that hasn't happened here yet.

  6. It looks like you had to check everything was the same as you left it when you got home. I hope your results are all good.

  7. We don't know, Ducky. You look just a bit wary of your mum in that video!

  8. We are glad Mom got to be with you at the vet's and that the visit went quickly, Hope your bloodwork is good too !

  9. We (Ayla and Marley) had our vet visit last week. It wasn't TOO bad, but we couldn't have TBT inside with us. We missed his comforting touch and coos... But we got lots of attention when we got home and that helped.

  10. hoping your bloodwork comes out good!! Love the new PTU! Have to get Roary a new one because Levi broke our other one. Boy are YOU lucky Mom got to go in with you, I think we still aren't allowed to go in yet!


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